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Well with the recent USSC decision for presidential immunity is a sad day for America. Its just the first step completed by “His”. USSC for Project 2025.Should the Cult win and get both houses then he could admit the GQP version “The Enabling Act” of 1933 of Hitlers Germany. That would end democracy in this county like it did in Germany. Is America potentialy ready for North Korea line of sucession for its leaders? You know Jr, Jared ,Eric and then the first woman “President” Ivanka? Barron would be in thier somewhere. I just hope people vote as democracy depends on it. His followers are so deep in the cult that they claim he left office and observed the transition of power. What was Jan 6th then? He has to leave office after his coup failed as he had no choice as he would have been removed by the feds otherwise.



Give me a sec to think. I need to make a list. Two.

The genocide in Gaza, the Middle East tinderbox, Bezalel Smotrich, the lost proxy war in Ukraine, relations with Russia, the danger of nuclear war, the fate of NATO, China, the threat of war with Iran, the emergence of a new world order, Europe’s turn toward populism, third world debt, global inequality, the sharply worsening climate crisis: It is a start on the foreign side, in no particular order.

Inter the endless alia in these United States, I’ve got social and economic inequality, money in politics, our drift toward late-imperial bankruptcy, the corruption of the judiciary, the housing crisis from hell, Julian Assange and press freedom, the creeping censorship regime, widespread drug addiction, immigration, the price of eggs, the Pentagon budget: I will leave out Taylor Swift and stop here.


Need help from one of you cyber experts. I’ve got that pesky comment tech problem again. Thanks!!!!