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In New Hampshire, the campaign has been dialing back the number of big rallies and large crowds — something Sanders was famous for in 2016 — for more intimate gatherings throughout the state.

Utilizing Ben Cohen, who is a national campaign chair and cofounder of Ben & Jerry’s, the campaign has held “ice-cream socials with Bernie” all across the state.

Caiazzo said the strategy is to hold smaller events with a compact schedule to make it more personal for Sanders and voters.

“No rallies, no big podium,” he said. “Let’s give them a chance to meet him.”

At these meetings, Sanders has been asked to autograph forearms, take family pictures, and pose for hundreds of selfies. Caiazzo said the one thing the Vermont senator will not do is hold people’s babies, out of fear he will drop them.

“We know we can fill the stadiums, let’s go roll it back, let’s do it the Vermont way,” he added.


I’m hoping that the campaign has a plan to build up to the larger crowds in a kind of stepping-it-up process.


Bernie’s op ed on affordable housing. He is definitely drawing more on his past for this presidential campaign.


I was born and raised in a three-and-a-half room apartment in Brooklyn. My father was a paint salesman who worked hard his entire life, but never made much money. This was not a life of desperate poverty — but coming from a lower middle-class family, I will never forget how money, or really lack of money, was always a point of stress in our home.

My mother’s dream was that someday our family would move out of that apartment to a home of our own. She died young, and her dream was never fulfilled. But during her life, at least our family was always able to afford a roof over our heads, because we were living in a rent-controlled building. That most minimal form of economic security was crucial for our family.

Today, that same ability to obtain affordable housing is now denied to millions of Americans. In the United States, more than 11 million renter families pay more than half of their limited incomes on housing and utilities. Even worse, on any given night, there are more than half a million Americans who are homeless.

Though this is the wealthiest country in human history, wages have stagnated at the same time many locales offer almost no affordable housing. Make no mistake about it: this crisis is enriching Wall Street investors and real estate speculators — and making it impossible for many families to survive.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Indigenous people under threat around the world

China does not consider Uyghurs as an indigenous group

They have been subject to “re education” for some time and there is some international outrage of the Chinese government

I looked them up on wikipedia and found out how complex this Turkic language group is and the year of 842 AD is but one example of how long they have been around.

On the other hand, a couple of people I know have been very involved with Tibet and how the Chinese are wiping out that culture. A Han Chinese can go there and marry a Tibetan and get a life pension. The destroyed the Mosque and then rebuilt some of them for tourism. They are extracting resources from Tibet.

Long introduction to this disappointing article that 50 ambassadors are supporting the Chinese government, and this includes many Muslim countries as well.

Fifty ambassadors throw weight behind China on Xinjiang


Good poll for Bernie. The only downer was the close race with Trump, but Biden and Bernie both lead by two shooting holes in Biden’s electability argument.


In Emerson’s latest poll, former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead the Democratic Primary by a significant margin. Biden’s numbers increased slightly to 33% from the last Emerson national poll in which Biden received 30% of the vote. Sen. Bernie Sanders had the largest bounce of any candidate, increasing by 5 points to 20%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped a point to 14% and Sen. Kamala Harris dropped 4 points to 11%. The only other candidates above 3% are Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 6% and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke at 4%.

Sanders re-established his lead among 18-29 year olds receiving 36% support among that age group, in the earlier July poll Sanders was at 24% of the vote among 18-29 year olds. Warren follows him now with 17% of the youth vote, followed by Biden with 12% and Buttigieg with 10%. Among 30-49 year olds, Biden leads with 24%, followed by Sanders with 21%, Warren with 14% and Harris with 10%. Biden has a greater lead with those age 50-64 with 46% support, followed by Sanders with 15%, Warren with 14% and Harris with 13%. And then among those over the age of 65, Biden also leads with 51% support, followed by Harris with 11%, Warren with 10% and Sanders with 8%.

In potential head to head matchups, President Trump runs slightly closer to some of his potential Democratic opponents than in previous Emerson polls. Biden and Sanders each lead Trump by 2 points at 51% to 49%, Warren is tied at 50% with Trump, and Harris and Buttigieg both trail by 4 points, 48% to 52%.

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