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Those numbers are backed up by the fact that Buttigieg has also become the toast of campaign contribution bundlers—and not just those with ties to the last two Democratic presidential nominees. Donors on Wall Street and, particularly, in Silicon Valley, appear to favor the South Bend, Indiana mayor more than both Biden and California native Kamala Harris. The question is why—what does Big Tech expect from Mayor Pete?

To some extent, Buttigieg’s growing popularity with the tech sector stems from his growing popularity with white, educated, and affluent voters. Buttigieg is polling reasonably well, despite not resonating at all with many voters of color. For big donors wary of the party’s turn to the left—and of Warren’s and Sanders’s promises to change the regulatory environment—Buttigieg is an exciting new candidate. At 37, he’s also one who has a long career ahead of him regardless of how this primary shakes out: For business elites, getting in early with a politician can pay off in the long-run. Finally, with Biden’s support appearing to be relatively soft, Mayor Pete also represents the presidential primaries equivalent of a “safety school.” If the former vice president falters, or if his campaign continues to resemble a never-ending apology tour, donors are investing in contingency candidates, and right now that means Buttigieg and Harris.

That is a fine place to start, although it notably stops well short of the more ambitious and sweeping proposals laid out by Sanders and Warren. In a later interview, Buttigieg said he would look at controlling tech with a “spectrum” of approaches, using fines and regulations, which might—or might not—include breaking up companies. Again, the mayor’s pitch was light on specifics.

That may help explain why Silicon Valley donors have shrugged it off. Or, it might be because Buttigieg appears to have directly called potential donors, telling them that he’s in their corner regardless of what he says in town halls or on a debate stage.

It’s the sort of private backchannel a tech-savvy candidate shouldn’t expect would stay secret in the social media age. But maybe that’s part of the point. If Buttigieg wants to have another fundraising quarter like this last one, the right people need to know where he really stands. Silicon Valley knows a friend when it sees one.


The rich man’s Andrew Yang, is he?



The latest weekly Morning Consult poll shows Biden falling after the debate, Harris rising, and Bernie, Warren, and Buttigieg about the same.

Biden 31 (down -7 since the debate)
Bernie 19 (0) He’s been at 19 since May 5th
Harris 14 (+8)
Warren 13 (0) Warren did more rising pre-debate
Buttigieg 6 (-1)
Everybody else 3 or less.

When you look at second choice voters, it confirms that Biden/Bernie and Harris/Warren have the most voter overlap. Second most are Biden/Harris and Bernie/Warren. Warren/Biden have some voter overlap. Harris/Bernie have the least voter overlap. Buttigieg voters have Harris/Warren/Biden as second choice in that order.

Bernie now has the highest favorables of any candidate at 75 (Biden at 74). They both have unfavorables of 18.


Warren is at 7 and Buttigieg is at 2. Both these campaigns have much less black support than they do overall.


The latest Morning Consult weekly tracking poll, conducted July 1-7, found Biden’s first-choice support among black Democratic primary voters has dropped 8 percentage points, to 38 percent, since a poll conducted in the week before the first primary debates. Over the same period, California Sen. Kamala Harris increased her first-choice support with the key Democratic demographic by 7 points, to 16 percent, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) gained 4 points, to 21 percent.

Among the youngest black voters, ages 18-29, Harris — with 7 percent of the first-choice vote share — is roughly tied with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for third place. Biden is in second place, with 26 percent of first-choice vote share, trailing Sanders by 10 points. The findings mirror the overall population of the youngest Democratic voters, among whom Sanders leads Biden by 14 points.


Not a great poll for Bernie, but it was kind of an outlier with his support earlier.


Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a commanding lead ahead of his Democratic presidential opponents, according to a new poll.

An Emerson Poll found that Biden had support from 30 percent of respondents, beating out Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who all tied for second place with support from 15 percent.

Since the last poll released in June, overall support for Biden had dropped from 34 percent, but he extended his lead over Sanders, whose support fell from 27 percent last month.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) trailed the top four with support from just 5 percent of respondents.



President Trump trails former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a 2020 mockup, but the incumbent Republican has taken the lead against other top-tier Democrats seeking the presidency, according to a new Emerson poll.

Trump now leads South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) by 51 to 49 percent, after trailing them in last month’s Emerson poll.

Sanders leads Trump by by 51 to 49 percent and Biden leads the president by 53 to 47 percent.

“It looks like Trump was a winner from the Democratic debate, as his head-to-heads tightened by about 5 points against all the leading Democratic candidates,” said Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson Polling.



Indeed, for months now we’ve heard about moderate Democrats upset that they’re being overshadowed by nonwhite women commanding disproportionate amounts of national attention.

I’m bored with the folk tale of Nancy Pelosi in which she drives the aspiring tyrant Donald Trump mad by using ironic turns of phrases such as “self-impeachment” while providing him more money to mistreat migrant kids he has ordered to be ripped out of the arms of their parents. I’m tired of acquiescence and appeasement being portrayed as audaciousness. Find cowardice a more fitting costume already.

Granted, Nancy Pelosi used to be that person. As Maureen Dowd notes, “in her first moments on the floor of the House in 1987, as the plague decimating gay men raged, she defied the advice of Democratic elders and sang out that she had come to Washington to fight AIDS.”

That was a long time ago, though. Now she is a Democratic elder denigrating the young women following in her footsteps by daring party leadership to be bolder in its approach and to fight harder and smarter for those in need. Unlike Pelosi, they are not interested in catering to the interests of centrist white folks while migrant kids sit in a cage soiled in urine. If she can’t see why their perspective matters and learn to treat the nonwhite women leading the future of the Democratic Party with greater respect, she should go and find a more appropriate place to be a relic.



So why do we continue to hear and use the same old “right” and “left” labels?

I suspect it’s because the emerging oligarchy feels safer if Americans are split along the old political battle lines. That way, Americans won’t notice they’re being shafted.

In reality, the biggest divide in America today runs between oligarchy and democracy. When oligarchs fill the coffers of political candidates, they neuter democracy.

The oligarchs know politicians won’t bite the hands that feed them. So as long as they control the money, they can be confident there will be no meaningful response to stagnant pay, climate change, military bloat, or the soaring costs of health insurance, pharmaceuticals, college and housing.

There will be no substantial tax increases on the wealthy. No antitrust enforcement to puncture the power of giant corporations. No meaningful regulation of Wall Street’s addiction to gambling with other peoples’ money.

Big corporations will continue to get subsidies. The largest banks will continue to be too big to fail. CEO pay will continue to skyrocket. Wall Street hedge fund and private equity managers will continue to make off like bandits.

So long as the oligarchy divides Americans – splits off people of color from working-class whites, stokes racial resentments, describes human beings as illegal aliens, launches wars on crime and immigrants, fuels fears of communists and socialists – it doesn’t have to worry that a majority will stop them from looting the nation.


I have often been surprised by Newsweek’s coverage this season; it is not nearly as rabid as (for instance) MSNBC or even CNN. And they actually mention the name Bernie Sanders, who everybody else treats like Voldemort (he-who-must-not-be-named).


who everybody else treats like Voldemort (he-who-must-not-be-named)

hahaha, that’s a good one Tyrannocaster! it’s true!



Seems reasonable…


Ohmygawd, where’d you find that??


Nearly 20% of Americans say that it’s acceptable for business owners to refuse to serve Jews if doing so would violate their religious beliefs, according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute.

The 19% who said such discrimination was acceptable is up from 2014, when 12% thought it was okay.

Support for the idea has more than doubled in the last five years among some of the largest Christian groups in America, including white evangelical Protestants (12% to 24%), white mainline Protestants (11% to 26%) and Catholics (10% to 20%).

Men (22%) were more likely to agree with the idea than women (16%), and Republicans (24%) supported it more than
Democrats (17%).

Don midwest
Don midwest

this shows the consequences of attacking “the other”

and the rabid Zionists are not helping the cause of support for the Jews

are the Jews going to abandon the democratic party? The right wing wants them to switch to Republican party

or Republican front team, shouldn’t even call them a political party, they are a faction


They act like a cult.



We are all voting for “someone else” in Harry Enten’s (hairy and tents) poll that leaves Bernie out.


Now up to 50%. I like Someone Else’s policies; he is remarkably consistent.



The comments for Enten’s tweet are hilarious.😁😜👌

Just a few of the better ones.


Bernie’s op ed in Fortune


A decade ago, America committed trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street banks, whose greed had cratered the economy. Now, it is time to commit a fraction of that to cancel the student debt that is crushing 45 million Americans and dragging down our economy.

Let’s be clear: The younger generation was dealt an enormous blow by the Wall Street crash of 2008 and the Great Recession that followed. Millions of them saw their parents lose their jobs, homes, and life savings because of the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior of a handful of financial executives.

While those financial executives were rescued by the government, young people were told to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps—specifically, by getting a higher education. But as financial support from state governments declined, millions of them graduated college or dropped out of college with suffocating and oppressive debt.

In the wealthiest country in human history, it does not have to be this way—and in fact, it was not this way for earlier generations.

If we do not act boldly, our younger generation will have a lower standard of living than their parents and grandparents did. We cannot let that happen.

It is time to end the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation—the millennial generation—to a lifetime of debt for the “crime” of doing the right thing: getting a college education.

Wall Street will almost certainly fight us at every turn, as will the student loan servicers who make big profits off the status quo. But I am confident that if we stand together and build a grassroots movement, we can treat education the way we should: as an inalienable human right.


Wow, facing the lion in the lion’s den!

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Sioller and others have noted that the dem president candidate will have to run against Obama’s record

This is from John Paul Roberts’s web page which I sometimes went to in the past. He has a post related to a book today.

Obama: Front Man for Washington’s Imperialism

this is most of the article

Obama was the “drone king” whose regime bombed 7 Muslim countries, overthrew the democratic government in Hondurus, overthrew and murdered Gaddafi, tried to do the same thing to Assad in Syria, overthrew the democratic government in Ukraine and demonized Russia and the Russian president, tried to undermine and overthrow the democratically elected Latin American presidents Morales, Chavez, and Ortega, constantly lied through his teeth, and met with the approval of the military/security complex and global capitalists. Topping off these criminal events, Obama’s regime adopted the policy of murdering US citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. Execution orders were issued every Tuesday as Obama with CIA director John Brennan at his side chose presumed terrorists from mug shots and biographies prepared by no one knows who. “Some were just teenagers like a young girl who looked ‘less than her seventeen years.’”

In the name of preventing atrocities, the Obama regime committed mass atrocities. One consequence was a massive flow of refugees into the US and its empire of peoples who have every reason to hate Americans, Europeans, Australians and Canadians for sending soldiers and bombs to destroy their homes and murder and maim their family members.

Obama was the perfect front man for a cruel empire. Being partly black, he could be presented as humanitarian and considerate of the dark-skinned peoples the George W. Bush regime had ground under the American boot. Being a one-term senator from Illinois, he had no following and no independent political base, and thus had no ability to stand up to powerful organized interest groups. Installed in office, he delivered the violence and mayhem that the ruling oligarchs wanted as they destroyed independent governments, controlled oil flows, and sought to establish Washington’s and Israel’s hegemony over the Middle East.


Much truth, but it makes me sad sometimes how this is the legacy of the man who once wrote “Dreams From My Father.” What the hell happened to that guy?


Maybe he just lied.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Is this the end of the Seth Rich story?

I followed it and some plausible people were behind the murder for the data of the DNC emails, but for sure I was not aware of the depth and breath of how the right wing ran with the story.

Given what they did in the past on Clintons, including Benghazi, no surprise that they would take anything they could find and run with it.

Exclusive: The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. A Yahoo News investigation.

Don midwest
Don midwest

curious that the Yahoo link did not come up with a search on Seth Rich. I got the original link from Marcy Wheeler to the Yahoo exclusive report.

Yahoo is a competitor of Google so I went to duckduckgo to see what I could find. They did have three tweet like links at the top that included the yahoo story but I went down and found this article from Conservative Daily News.

Seth Rich and 4 Others Killed within 6 weeks of each other

May 26, 2017. Their page says that it had 406 shares and 2223 views

could this be an attack on Hillary?

Clinton Body Count adds five in six weeks

Seth was one of five people who died in a six-week period who were all connected to Hillary in some way. The others were:

Victor Thorn, a 54-year-old Clinton researcher who wrote several books on Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and drug running through Mena, Arkansas. He was found dead from a gunshot wound on a mountaintop near his home. He once said, “if anyone tells you I committed suicide, don’t believe them. I would never commit suicide.”

The very next day Shawn Lucas, a prominent lawyer who delivered a subpoena to Debbie Wasserman Shultz in a class action lawsuit on the primaries being rigged against Sanders was found dead on his bathroom floor faced down. Medical examiners tried to say it was a heart attack, but his girlfriend said he was in perfect health.

Joe Montano a Filipino American and aide to Sen.Tim Kaine died at age 47 of a heart attack a week before the Democrat convention and right before the Wikileaks e-mails came out. What did he know if anything?

United Nations official John Ash died when a barbell fell on his neck right before he was to testify against Hillary in a bribery scandal and was connected to a Chinese official who was being tried on smuggling in millions of dollars to here. He had been previously connected to Bill and Hillary in the Chinagate scandal when Bill was president. Ash’s death was first ruled a heart attack but later changed to a barbell accident just like in the plot of a Columbo episode.


Yes, an attack on Hillary for sure. That’s the kind of web site that likes to use that super wide-eyed photo of AOC all the time to make her look crazy.

I have to admit though, there sure are a heckuva lot of coincidences around the Clintons. Can certainly understand why so many people get caught up in it.


I know you respect Ms. Wheeler, Don, but I don’t trust her anymore. I used to.

But this isn’t about her here, other than her being the source of that link.

So, I went to that link and, well, I don’t recall even once during the aftermath of Seth Rich’s murder anyone talking about a ‘team of assassins’ (and I was reading a lot about it then, was hoping for the case to be solved). That so-called Russia-sourced article sounds like sensationalized crap. I certainly never saw it back then. Did many people wonder if it was a hit? Yes. But not like that click-bait article portrayed it. Not that I saw anyway, even from the most hardcore conspiracy-theorists.


Don midwest
Don midwest

and earthquakes effect on nuclear reactors

there is an anti nuclear site, nuclearhotseat which had made a podcast every week for the last 7 years.

Harvey Wasserman has his own show and has been an anti nuclear activist for over 40 years.

Harvey Wasserman the author of the article below about the potential damage from earthquakes on nuclear sites has been an anti nuclear activist for over 40 years. He now live in LA and has a radio show on public radio which is also broadcased here on the low power FM liberal station here. He lived here for many years here in Columbus Ohio and with Bob Fritkas wrote 6 book on election integrity.

I trust both of their judgments. I read the comments to this article and many of them say BS, BS, BS.

The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone

Many of the reactors are 40 years old and are at their point to be shut down but they are keep going and many have inadequate maintenance.

The likely human death toll would be in the millions. The likely property loss would be in the trillions. The forever damage to our species’ food supply, ecological support systems, and longterm economy would be very far beyond any meaningful calculation. The threat to the ability of the human race to survive on this planet would be extremely significant.

The two cracked, embrittled, under-maintained, unregulated, uninsured, and un-inspected atomic reactors at Diablo Canyon, near San Luis Obispo, would be a seething radioactive ruin.

Their cores would be melting into the ground. Hydrogen explosions would be blasting the site to deadly dust. One or both melted cores would have burned into the earth and hit ground or ocean water, causing massive steam explosions with physical impacts in the range of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The huge clouds would send murderous radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere that would permanently poison the land, the oceans, the air … and circle the globe again and again, and yet again, filling the lungs of billions of living things with the most potent poisons humans have ever created.


And even with the release of Chernobyl, the tv series, we keep the blinders on.


I thought we got RID of Paul Ryan.

Oh, and she also said “I’m done with him”, just like she did with Trump. IT’S YOUR JOB, #%$^&*!


Eat cake and have positive thoughts.


surely, we’d have to start hearings if this proves true. or they should just arrest him.

since we can’t do it for dying immigrant children.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Epstein case could open up a lot of stuff because many high profile people connected including Trump and Clintons.

In the excitement, I didn’t realize that 2 weeks ago that everything was fine with Epstein and keep your hands off

In the 35-page motion, filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia, federal prosecutors said that there is no legal basis to invalidate Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement — and they warned the federal judge in the case against doing the same.

that is the Trump justice department

Jeffrey Epstein plea deal must stand, prosecutors tell sex abuse victims

We now have the case opened in SDNY and was discussed on democracynow today and many other places.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I found out about this from Frank Rich who wrote for NYT for decades. He posted this last year

In 2008, America Stopped Believing in the American Dream
By Frank Rich

This is part of the big deal why Trump was elected. Remember when Hillary tried to say that the American Dream was still alive.

My hero Bruno Latour says that the end of modernity, namely there is no earth that can satisfy the growth of population and progress, that has been such a profound change and had been the major driver of global politics for the last 30 – 40 years and national politicians don’t have a clue

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Stoller has made several comments that the dems don’t like to wield power

he just tweeted this

it seems that there are many issues that require the power of politics

if the establishment party just wants to go along to get along, they are in the way

as it said in a recent article about Pelosi, new politicians like AOC want to defeat republicans, not work with them.


Yes, that has been a consistent refrain from Stoller, and it’s hard to argue against it. Every day Pelosi, Neal, Hoyer, or Nadler (or Schumer) seem to validate his point. Nancy was on the job today.


I am cheering for his opponent in the primary.
comment image?resize=807×807

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death



Trump’s response To Bernie and AOC’s climate emergency proposal.

comment image?resize=807×807




I haven’t been able to keep up today, so don’t know if this has been posted yet.

But, please go to this poll if you have a twitter account and I think you know which selection to make.

Hint, the fourth option is winning with 52% of the votes (with over 42k votes cast).


(and the person in second is Elizabeth Warren with 20% right now)


Bwah ha ha Ha! 😜


Get him on the debate stage. It only takes $1.



When the DNC says he can.


We will see how wide that net is


On July 18, CNN will air a live draw to determine the specific candidate lineups for each debate night.

The campaign representatives also learned on Tuesday that candidates will be given 60 seconds to respond to a moderator-directed question, and 30 seconds for responses and rebuttals.

In addition, the campaign representatives were told:

Colored lights will be used to help the candidates manage their remaining response times: 15 seconds = yellow; 5 seconds = flashing red; no time remaining = solid red.

A candidate attacked by name by another candidate will be given 30 seconds to respond.

There will be no show of hands or one-word, down-the-line questions.
A candidate who consistently interrupts will have his or her time reduced.

Questions posed by the moderators will appear on the bottom of the screen for television viewers.

CNN and the DNC will also be casting wide nets to gauge voters’ concerns and interests in the weeks leading up to the debate, the CNN spokesperson said.


joke. dnc disgrace, having so many that there us no time for ANY depth.



Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders weighs in on former Vice President Joe Biden’s apology for working with segregationist Senators.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT): In terms of Joe Biden, look, I think that Joe Biden, Joe has talked about his early days in the Senate when things were civil. But underneath that so-called civility, there was an incredible oppression and ugliness and attacks against the African-American community.

You see this when your Congresspeople are so nice, how are you, how is your family. And yet, they are supporting efforts that literally terrorized 30, 40 years ago the African-American community. So it is one thing to work with people, I do, of all political differences. But it’s another thing to boast about a civility which really masks some very ugly policies.



Ross Perot once gave Bernie Sanders a sword. The Vermont senator and 2020 presidential hopeful revealed as much in a tweet eulogizing Perot—the boisterous Texas billionaire, philanthropist and twice-failed presidential candidate—who passed away on Tuesday at 89.

While praising the late Reform party candidate for being “a champion for veterans’ rights” and being “ahead of his time on disastrous trade policies,” Sanders kind of buries the lede by neglecting to explicitly mention the sword, which appears in an attached image. Perot apparently gave it to Sanders while the latter was still in the House. He discussed the gift, and playfully threatened a reporter, in a 2015 New York Times interview:

Mr. Sanders is also not much of a favorite of Capitol Hill reporters who have grown used to his grumbling expressions of displeasure at the political nature of their questions. Asked about a gleaming “Excalibur” hanging on a wall in his office, Mr. Sanders made it clear he knows his reputation.

“That is from Ross Perot,” Mr. Sanders said. “He said: ‘When media gives you a problem, take it out! Threaten them!’ ” (It was actually a gift for his work on the veterans bill.)




A carpet and tile extractor?


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