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Don midwest
Don midwest

This morning Juan Cole has an article on the attacks on religious images and cultures and ISIL and other things. Remember in the Old Testament they destroyed the pagan Gods. Bruno Latour points out the the secularization project was never complete. And the article today by Chris Hedges is about the Christian right wing. Among the idols they want to smash is science.

Bruno Latour put on a thought exhibit at the innovative German project ZKM and the book published related to the exhibit, had over 100 contributors and was published by MIT press and was over $1,000 to buy. The exhibit was in 2002. I just looked it up and you can get a used copy through amazon for $180 or a new one for over $300. This is not on my bookshelf.

In fact in the Columbus Metro library for a region of well over a million, there is not one Latour book in the collection. This book is available at Ohio State Univ but I have not pulled it off the shelf yer.

Here is an explanation of the project


Iconoclasm is when there is a clear intent for the destruction or the demise of an image. Iconoclash is when there is an uncertainty about what is committed when an image –from science, religion or art- is being smashed. The paper presents the rationale and the scene of an exhibit taking place in Germany and which aims at turning iconoclasm –and more generally the critical gesture- into a topic rather than a ressource. It contrasts the different pattern of confidence and diffidence into image in the three contrasted realm of science, religion and art. It offers a classification of the iconoclastic gestures and introduces to the catalog entries.

In the work of his AIME project, 15 modes of existence, there is an excerpt from the exhibit. There is a longer treatment at the link below this. Here is a link to that material


a rough classification of the iconoclastic gestures

Now that we have some idea of how the material for the show and the catalog has been selected, it might be useful for the reader as well as for the visitor to benefit from a classification of the iconoclashes presented here. It is of course impossible to propose a standardized, agreed-upon typology for such a complex and elusive phenomenon.

It would even seem to run counter to the spirit of the show. As I have claimed, somewhat boldly: are we not after a re-description of iconophilia and iconoclasm in order to produce even more uncertainty about which kind of image worship/image smashing one is faced with? How could we neatly pull them apart? And yet it might be useful to briefly present the five types of iconoclastic gestures reviewed in this show, for no better reason than to gauge the extent of the ambiguity triggered by the visual puzzles we have been looking for.

The principle behind this admittedly rough classification is to look at:

– the inner goals of the icon smashers,
– the roles they give to the destroyed images,
– the effects this destruction has on those who cherished those images,
– how this reaction is interpreted by the iconoclasts,
– and, finally, the effects of destruction on the destroyer’s own feelings.

This list is rudimentary but sturdy enough, I think, to guide one through the many examples assembled here.

What is iconoclash?


Bernie to speak at NAACP at 2:40 ET


It will be interesting to see the crowd’s reaction.




Nina Speaks about Our Revolution to The Root.com

A Bold Sista: Move Over, Bernie Bros. Nina Turner Is the New Head of Sanders’ Our Revolution

The Root: Sen. Turner, congratulations! You’re now head of Our Revolution, replacing former Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver. What are you going to do to keep that revolution going or, hopefully, add to it?

TR: A lot of black folks have criticized the Sanders campaign and, by extension, Our Revolution for the lack of engagement with black folks. Bernie did terrible with African-American voters in the South, and his economic message, to many people, lacked an important racial component. How do you plan to address that now that you’re head of the movement?


NT: I’m glad you asked that; really I am. When I talk about working families, I’m talking about black people; when I’m talking about health care and a living wage, I’m talking about black families. For me, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are the base of the Democratic Party, so there is no integration of black people; we are a part of this. That’s part of why I’m here.

But also, we have to demand more from our leaders, and we have to talk about system. The system of racial oppression in this country. The systems of abuse in government. That’s what I think the senator didn’t get enough credit for. He talked about systemwide problems, and that’s where black people suffer the most. Black folks catch more hell than anybody in this country except for our Native American brothers and sisters.

TR: What about hiring, though? Last fall, half the staff of Our Revolution quit over the organization’s initial leadership and lack of diversity. How do you plan to change that? Are you hiring more African-American staff? Hiring more African-American outreach and consultants?

NT: Yes, sir. We have a small staff but a very diverse board. The staff is mostly women of color. Mostly black and Hispanic women. I don’t rubber-stamp anything, though. It’s a process, and I’m there making sure every step of the way we’re including the base. This is personal for me as well.

We are unapologetic about our support of progressive candidates across the board, and many of them are African American. Look, it matters to us, black people. We can be socially conservative, but we are forward-thinking, forward-moving on issues that face this country. We all want a better quality of life. We supported [Chokwe] Lumumba running for mayor in Jackson, Miss. We endorsed him. We’re working with the mayoral candidate Randall Woodfin for Birmingham, Ala. We have an unapologetic progressive agenda.

TR: Some Sanders supporters are still mad, claiming that the entire 2016 election was a farce, and that the Democratic Party is essentially the enemy. Do you have a position on the DNC fraud lawsuit in Florida right now, where supposed Sanders supporters are suing the party to get back their donations (not to mention other, more outlandish claims)?

NT: I believe you should do everything to win, but not anything to win, you know? That’s what we want to do as well. We’re going to go, we’re going to work, but some of the things that happened [in the 2016 primary] just aren’t the way we should be doing things. Our Revolution has no formal position on the DNC fraud lawsuit. That doesn’t mean that some of their complaints don’t have merit, but we don’t have a formal position.

TR: Any last words to make sure the audience knows about your new leadership style that they don’t already know?

NT: I want people to say: “That’s a bold sista out there. She’s authentic. She is who she is and she speaks the truth.” Our Revolution is committed to transforming this country at the grassroots for all ethnicities.


This is great, considering how one of The Root’s columnists was very critical of Bernie’s outreach to the AA women’s vote just a few days ago.


a) am glad they’re talking up Nina
b) didn’t appreciate the ‘move over Berniebros!’ part though.

This was my answer to a commenter in a thread featuring this story:


Tell it.

I think they’ve made themselves abundantly clear by now, don’t you? They’ve had nine months to admit they’ve been doing everything wrong and make the massive, sweeping changes they’d need to make to earn back support and trust, but they have not, and they will not. The trajectory of the Democratic party will not change at all. If you don’t like it, too bad, because Trumpy Trump Trump Trumpetty Trump Putin.
One of the most exciting developments in our society over the last couple of years has been a greatly expanded mainstream understanding of the concept of gaslighting. Plainly unaware of this, ol’ Chuck and Nancy are calmly holding your hand and telling you that you imagined the whole thing, that it was all that sweet, precious little imagination of yours getting you all confused again. They haven’t been fucking you over your entire life and deliberately obstructing all grassroots efforts to give you the same basic social safety nets accorded to everyone else in every other major country on the planet — you only thought that in your silly little mind.

But you know better than this. By now you’ve come to understand the textbook abuse tactic of gaslighting, and you can see through the fog of their manipulations. Something very drastic is going to have to happen on a grassroots level, America, and the Democratic party’s leaders have just told you in no uncertain terms that they’re going to fight you with every weapon in their arsenal if you try to do it anywhere near them.

Dem Leaders Reiterate That They’ll Be Changing Absolutely Nothing


Interesting tweet. Notice who isn’t in the picture.


Who? lol, sorry, already tired from this week.

I’d love to see someone show up in turquoise. 😉


I guess Bernie. Though he is part of the Better Deal rollout video from the Senate


Why mess with success? The corporate R-D party is doing rather well.


While opposition to the AUMF (and more undeclared wars) goes unnoticed.

Part of why the recent AUMF developments received such meager attention, perhaps, is because Lee stressed that the issue was more about a structural problem implicating the entire political system, than anything narrowly to do with Trump. Presidents in both parties have now used the AUMF to justify as many as 40 military actions, which is indicative of a systemic malady that can’t be attributed solely to Trump — as such, the issue gets less public attention and attracts less outcry than it otherwise might if some salacious Trump-specific angle could be highlighted.

When I asked Lee whether concerns about Trump’s “temperament” may have impelled her Republican colleagues to consider constraining his war-making powers, she responded:

LEE: I think it’s important that members of Congress really understand that we have a constitutional responsibility to represent the people of our districts and the country, and that on issues of war and peace, that’s our job, and we haven’t been doing our job…

The first thing we have to do is realize that we have to do our job, and that regardless of who the president is — Congress has to assert its responsibility. This was true under President Bush, President Obama, and now President Trump.


Chuck Schumer and the Current Political Winds (commentary by Secular Talk)


Would this be the height of absurdity if it happens or what??!




Just when you think the Republicans can’t possibly bottom themselves, they manage to do it.


Upon arrival at the Lufthansa check-in counter at Dulles International Airport, an airline employee informed the group that the Israeli government had told the airline not to let them board.

“Israel denied me the ability to travel there because of my work for justice for Palestinians, even though I’m Jewish and a rabbi,” said Rabbi Alissa Wise. “I’m heartbroken and outraged. This is yet another demonstration that democracy and tolerance in Israel only extends to those who fall in line with its increasingly repressive policies against Palestinians.”


(an IL DSA group)


Better Healthcare(ingredients) better Pizza( Healthy people)


If I lived in a dry environment:

Foraging for Saguaro Fruit: An Annual Tradition

Each year the Tohono O’odham pick saguaro fruit to make jams, wines and for use in ceremony

“It’s possible to live off of nature’s bounty,” writes Carolyn Neithammer, author of “American Indian Cooking,” (Bison Books, 1999) “but it’s not an easy way to make a living. While our landscape can be productive, there is a difference between eating for pleasure and eating to survive.”

Native Americans in this part of the Southwest did both when it came time for the seasonal saguaro cactus harvest, partly to fill up the food locker and partly to invite the arrival of the rains to nourish other crops.

Tribal elder Edward Encinas said: “The desert returns to life with the arrival of the rain. We gather the saguaro fruit to make jam and process some into wine as part of our rain fest ceremony to give thanks to the Creator for Nature’s bounty.”


Government, Indigenous leaders herald health agreement that will dismantle ‘colonial’ system

The investment comes after the province heard from the community about a serious need for trauma and mental health supports, including from about 380 people seeking counselling.

The move comes after doctors working in Ontario’s north sent a letter to the health ministers demanding a transformational approach to a broken system that often leads to mental health crises.

I’m so happy to see this effort to address indigenous health issues. Such a long time coming!

I know this is happening in Canada, but I think, hope, that this endeavor will bleed into this country.



Love this tweet, Dems answer to problems these days does seem to be tax credits to companies:


Here’s an interesting one. If nothing else, gives an example of the sort of thing that can happen. Hang in there for a couple of minutes:


Is Ryan Stone still running? I haven’t seen anything from him in a while and his FB page is down.

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