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I definitely have no use for the alt-right, the far right, etc as part of any political strategy. That’s of course different than the average ‘misled’ Republican who should be ‘brought into the mix’.

One with the alt-right and other extremes are that theres no common ground issues to agree on other than the media/establishment sucks, and even that is for very different reasons. It’s literally a deal with the devil without even gaining some awesome Banjo/fiddle/guitar playing ability.

It’s in the same playbook as hiring David Brock or Theresa May’s power-holding deal…. just unsavory all around.


PS: I absolutely despise H.A. Goodman and am pretty convinced he purposely stokes divides between not only the Bernie/Hillary camps but the various independent media outlets in general. I’m not sure if its just for his own personal agenda (views, getting on media outlets, etc. etc) or if theres a bigger purpose to try and help the other side… but… don’t like him. It’s made me kind of cut back on my visits to Tim Black’s page, which is a shame because I really like him.


I’m still working my way through that mess. I’m not yet convinced that Progressive Army has conducted themselves well in this. (Benjamin Dixon, who I like, even made a mocking joke about kangaroos the other day! Juvenile and petty.)

I follow almost all the characters in this twitter drama, except HA Goodman (who is too over-the-top for me and I don’t trust him), so these last couple of weeks, with all this divisiveness going on between people I like, has been a big downer.

I used to follow Cernovich too (just to keep an eye on what was going on over on the right), but one day he tweeted something so nasty that I had to unfollow for my mental health.

@IndyMama, who says she is black, said something about how Caitlin was “swarmed”, how Progressive Army, in her view, over-reacted and I agree. The way a certain segment piled on Caitlin was atrocious, was a way to shut down the conversation, and was also a bit suspicious, imo.

It didn’t take too long for me to wonder if I was in Hillary supporter purity land! Was surreal. Saw one person say something about how Caitlin is Australian, so why should we listen to anything SHE says, smdh.

I love Anoa, but she too perhaps could have handled the controversy better imo. There are plenty of other POC who think that the real opposition is pretty happy when we all just stay in our politically correct zones and snipe at each other. Not going to get much done that way!


Caitlin wasn’t advocating ceding power to white supremacists.


We’re supposed to worry about giving tools for establishment Dems to attack us with? When the DNC gives money to David Brock orgs??!



Well I’m not really a fan of hers so this behavior does not surprise me.


I happen to be a fan of Caitlin Johnstone. I do not agree with her (or anyone as a matter of fact) 100% of the time. Heck I don’t agree with Bernie on all issues.


My thoughts as well. you would have to be a complete Drone to agree 100% with anyone Yeah that includes Mrs WI58 🙂


Caitlin is scheduled to be on Jamarl Thomas’s show tonight at 8pm.

I may be able to see a bit of it. If so, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Oh, this looks like a better link in case you are interested, the last one was the preview bit.


2 points from the interview.

1) First that I heard of Jamarl Thomas. I like his interview style and I will become a follower.

2) I like Caitlin even more from what was lengthy and informative interview.

It was worth my time.


My main takeaway from the interview came during the part where she talked about the parliamentary system they have in Australia (and of course in Canada, the UK, etc) where not only are alliances common, but they are often necessary in order to get anything done.

With so many parties, sometimes three or even four or more groups clump together to pass something they all want.

Caitlin specifically talked about their Green party (I believe it was) allying with the Motoring Enthusiasts Party senator on something.

Now chances are that the senator representing the ‘Motoring Enthusiasts’ is far more benign than Cernovich, and allying with that party on anything is less likely to be used as political fodder by opponents, but it illustrated her perspective somewhat.

Here, with what is essentially a two-party system, we have fewer avenues available to ‘get things done’. And, of course, for decades it’s been voting for the least evil as a result of those constraints. And it hasn’t worked out well for those of us on the left at all.


You wonder why CNN is tanking in the ratings game.

And he just got a promotion.


Pulllease NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That little pissant DC bureau chief of Breitbart has said they want to destroy the MSM, and intend to be placed to provide the information the American people will still need in their absence. Thanks anyway, but CNN is tons better than Breitbart, and the left is so disorganized and fragmented, they will never be in the position that Breitbart is.

I’m not a fan of Caitlin, and I certainly do NOT think ANY alliance with the alt-right is EVER okay.

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