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Corporate Media Aren’t “The Press”, And They Don’t Deserve Your Sympathy

Contrary to ignorant claims made by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the First Amendment doesn’t give rights to US citizens, it sets limits on the government’s ability to limit free speech. It doesn’t matter that Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, his press freedom is just as constitutionally protected in the United States as anyone else’s. He is just as much a part of the press as CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or any of the other corporate media outlets currently shrieking bloody murder claiming Trump’s criticism is “inciting violence” against them. Which is really weird considering how many personnel from these corporate media outlets have actively called for Assange’s actual, literal assassination. Where was the outcry then?

The absolute gall of these corporatist hobgoblins to speak of themselves as though they provide America a service it needs, as though the world wouldn’t be vastly better off if they all went out of business tomorrow, is astounding. You want to know what would happen if these giant corporations folded? It would become harder for the military-industrial complex to manufacture support for its corporatist bloodbaths, a few plutocrats would lose a lot of money, some companies would have to find other television programs to advertise on, and people would start thinking for themselves. That’s it. The press would remain perfectly intact, just minus a few cancerous tumors.

Corporate media are not “the press”. They are a part of the press, and for that reason enjoy the same constitutional protections as all the other parts of the press, but they are by far the least healthy part. As much as I dislike Trump, his administration has undeniably been great for shaking up the media war and creating enough movement to force a lot of the lies and manipulations to stand out against the background. It is only a matter of time before people just can’t stomach these obsolete dinosaurs anymore and they finally fade away once and for all.


This is making the rounds..modern day Mr. Thurston Howell IV


Just when you think that the situation in Syria can’t get any worse. Now this!


The head of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia told Reuters on Wednesday that Turkish military deployments near Kurdish-held areas of northwestern Syria amounted to a “a declaration of war”, signaling the risk of a major confrontation.

Asked whether he expected a conflict with Turkey in northern Syria, where the two sides have exchanged artillery fire in recent days, Sipan Hemo accused Turkey of preparing for a military campaign.

“These (Turkish) preparations have reached level of a declaration of war and could lead to the outbreak of actual clashes in the coming days.” he said. “We will not stand idly by against this potential aggression.”

The YPG is spearheading the U.S.-backed campaign to capture Islamic State’s stronghold of Raqqa, some 200 km (125 miles) to east of the Aleppo region where tensions between Turkish forces and the Kurdish YPG have been mounting in recent weeks.


About that lovely picnic in the Hamptons over the weekend. Allegedly this is what Ivanka was doing…from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Ivanka Trump defends paid leave plan in Wall Street Journal

Ivanka Trump has met with Democratic and Republican lawmakers on the issue. The program has limited GOP backing, but more modest tax policies could be included in a Republican tax overhaul effort.

Wonder what if a few bottles of Dom Perignon with their fried chicken persuaded Charles Koch (who lines the pockets of many in Congress) to make concessions on Trump’s skinny budget? Paid leave? That would be for the professional classes, not those who work at fast food outlets.

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