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Paul ADK

I see that Alaska has a new Democratic Representative in Congress. And a Native American woman, no less!!! Is anyone out there still believing the corporate media narrative that the GOP has a lock on the midterms? Just checking.

This was a special election, in a very red state, and the former Republican governor and vice presidential candidate was defeated. People are ticked off, and this is before the next round of January 6 hearings. I’m just not seeing a GOP lock on anything.


Me, neither. +270!



California took some of its most aggressive steps yet to fight global warming as lawmakers passed a flurry of new climate bills late Wednesday, including a record $54 billion in climate spending, a measure to prevent the state’s last nuclear power plant from closing, sharp new restrictions on oil and gas drilling and a mandate that California stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by 2045.

The bills, passed around midnight at the end of a frenzied two-year legislative session in Sacramento, marked a victory for Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who has sought to portray himself as a climate leader as he has raised his national profile and begun drawing speculation about a possible White House run.

Mr. Newsom upended the legislative session in mid-August when he urged lawmakers to pass several major new climate bills. In the end, all of his proposals passed but one: a bill to strengthen the state’s 2030 target for slashing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, which fell short by four votes in the State Assembly.

“Together with the Legislature’s leadership, the progress we make on the climate crisis this year will be felt for generations and the impact will spread far beyond our borders,” Mr. Newsom said in a statement.

The new actions by California, the world’s fifth-largest economy, add momentum to growing efforts nationwide to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of oil, gas and coal that are overheating the planet.


T and R x 2, and thanks Ms. Benny!!☮️🙂👍🏅for you and jcb for hosting, too. 👏


Extremism: the world has for the most part
Iran-the muslim extremists that have “their” version of the Muslim Faith
Afganistan – The Taliban they have “their” version of the Muslim Faith
US of A we have the Evangelicals (or as i call them the Tailbangelicals or Yell Quaida ) and they have “their” version of Christianity.

What all 3 have in commom is if you dont belive in “thier” God or religeous practices thier is no room for you- Period. They also are famous for cherry picking phrases out of their religious texts and preverting them to meet thier narratives.

So in Texas a school ditrict recently approved that “In God we trust” signs can be posted in schools in the district. Soooooo.

‘In God We Trust’ signs in Arabic rejected by Texas school board :

npr.org/2022/0… (FYI i posted just the link on the bold) The info below is an FYI.

No one better share this with thier school board;

The numbers that are used worldwide nowadays are basically Arabic numbers. They were actually developed by Arabic Muslim scientists who revised the Indian version of numbers that contains only nine numbers. That took place during the 8th century (771 A.D) when an Indian Gastronomist came to the Almansour royal palace with a book – famous at that time – about astronomy and mathematics called “Sod hanta” written by Brahma Jobta around 626 A.D. Almansour ordered to translate the book into Arabic and explore more sciences. The numerics were found to be more practical that the Roman numeral system was and adopted by Europeans as the numerical standard to use.

Their goes the math courses in that district is guess??


The ancient Persians (now Iranians) and Egyptians contributed quite a bit to the science/at we know as Mathematics.


I remember our math teacher in high school telling us how algebra was developed by the Arabic people. Al jebr or something like that it was called. Not to mention Arabic numerals. I guess that was well before the Crusades.





Wonder whose bribes are sticking out of their back pockets and satchels?


Three guesses – and the first two don’t count.



From pledging his support from across the ocean to attending a transport rally in London in person, United States senator Bernie Sanders has backed UK unions fighting for improved pay and conditions.

Mr Sanders, 80, who represents the state of Vermont, addressed the Save London Transport rally, organised by unions including the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), in central London on Wednesday.

It comes after the RMT claimed a long-term funding arrangement announcement by the Government and Transport for London on Tuesday will attack Tube workers’ pay and pensions, warning it will lead to strikes.

Mr Sanders, who competed for the US Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020, said: “Let me thank the RMT for inviting me to be with you this evening, it is in truth a real honour and I want to convey to you my belief that millions of working people throughout this country are proud of what you are doing, they’re proud of their fight for justice and we stand with you.

“What is going on today in the UK is no different than what is going on in the United States of America, same bloody thing.

What you are seeing is people on the top, people who are phenomenally rich, are becoming richer, you are seeing a middle class continue to shrink and you’re seeing millions and millions of people living in abject poverty.

“In the year 2022, we cannot allow that to happen, whether it’s the UK or the United States, working people all over the globe have got to stand together.”

He added: “Our job right now internationally is to stand together. Our job right now is to bring people all over the world together, to make it clear to the oligarchs that their day and their power is ending.”

Mr Sanders met with RMT general secretary Mick Lynch, with the pair embracing at the rally. Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Lynch told the PA news agency: “It’s great that the senator’s come over, he reached out to us – coming here to express his solidarity for workers in the UK but also around the world, and in his own country, the USA.

“I think Sanders moved the debate in the American democratic primaries, he’s made (President Joe) Biden bring forward a very brave pro-union agenda and many people on the union side are pleased with some of the measures that President Biden has brought in, and Bernie Sanders is responsible for that.

“But he’s also responsible along with others of generating a new wave of trade union activity, with new unions, new union activists from a diverse background, getting to grips with some of these corporate profits and corporate rip-offs that are going on in the States.

“And we can learn from that over here, I’m sure that they can learn from what we’re doing, so we’ve got to make those connections and make our movement international.”

On what Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer could learn from Mr Sanders, he said: “He’s got to be in sympathy and empathy with working people and their problems, show working people that he understands their issues.”


According to Progressive Brits, Starmer is their equivalent to the Turd Way DNC. Piss on him and them!