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Two questions, three doors: thoughts in the closing days of the campaign to defeat “right to work.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the value of unions online and on doors this election season, and I’d like to address two questions that continue to be voiced.

The first question is why nonunion workers should vote to defeat right to work. Whenever it is raised, I often hear what is called the fair share argument. That’s the explanation where union defenders say, “What if you joined a country club or a homeowners association and you refused to pay their dues? How successful do you think you’d be trying to pull something like that? And can you honestly state that someone should have the right to do that?”

Let’s forget for a moment that it’s not a good idea to equate being in a union to being in a country club (it doesn’t exactly push back against that elitist tag that they always try to pin on us) or that substituting “homeowners association” for “country club” when talking to people on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder isn’t really any better. No matter how you slice it, it’s still those of us who have lecturing those who don’t have about why the system shouldn’t be changed, and that’s not exactly a winning strategy.

Now, I sure don’t want to knock anyone’s hard work—and if that argument is working for you on the doors, then God bless you, and keep doing what’s working. But it seems to me that we often miss opportunities to discuss how we can challenge existing power structures and create meaningful change. So indulge me for a moment…


Plain Talk: Get ready for Walker’s next dirty tricks

OK, they apparently do this all the time — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a wee bit slimy. Mahlon Mitchell, one of the eight Democrats running in Tuesday’s primary for the spot to take on Scott Walker in November, wondered what a guy with a video camera was doing following him around like a puppy dog while he was on the campaign trail the other day.
So he confronts the guy, asking him who he works for and how much he’s getting paid. Not as much as you make as a firefighter, the guy answers and heads for his car. Mitchell turns a camera on him and videotapes him taking off. Turns out the guy is a consultant to none other than our governor, Scott Walker.His history on the campaign trail goes way back to when he was a student at Marquette University running for student government president. Under the rules, neither he nor his opponent were to campaign until after registration week, which started Feb. 3. Walker, however, was caught campaigning 10 days before and was chastised for violating the rules. Later in that campaign, which he lost, he and his supporters were suspected of trashing copies of the student paper, the Marquette Tribune, which had endorsed his opponent.That was small potatoes compared to what came later. After he was elected Milwaukee County executive, Walker’s office came under scrutiny by the Milwaukee County district attorney. Six of his political associates, including three key staff members in the exec’s office, wound up being convicted of crimes ranging from violating laws forbidding political campaigning while on the government’s dime to stealing thousands of dollars from a fund for families of soldiers who had been wounded or killed.

Hopefully the people of WI will get up off their asses and vote this time. it will take a presidential election turnout to get this employee of Koch industries out of office. WI deserves a real Governor!!!!!



Good commercial. Andrew Gillum is young. That matters to the young folk. Education Reform/Abolishing Charter Schools, Legalizing Pot, and Cleaning Up our Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Oceans, Water Retention Sites, and Sinkholes are three big ones for the generations living here. Mr. Bragging Blowhard Greene is starting to stumble. Hope it continues as I equate him with Orange Blob and Sick Rott. I won’t vote for him under any circumstances! I hope AG wins but I don’t bet on it. This state set the standard for political corruption years ago. 🙁

Don midwest
Don midwest

Will dems blame the Green Party?


and by the way, elections are stolen in OH all the time. These 2 men from central ohio have written 6 books about elections and were personally kicked off DK/TOP by Kos himself

An open memo to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted re: 12th District special congressional election — from Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

First, let us consider that Ohio, and U.S. elections in general, are undemocratic. They fail the basic tests of transparency by allowing private, partisan, for-profit companies to secretly program the computer voting machines.

In all seven counties that comprise the 12th Congressional District in Ohio, easily hackable Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines were used. Many of the counties used the notoriously rigged Diebold AccuVote TS touchscreen voting machines.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey co-wrote an August 2017 editorial in the New York Times calling for the use of open source software in electronic voting machines and ending the use of DREs. A day prior to the 2016 presidential election, Woolsey told Fox News: “If I were a bad guy from another country who wanted to disrupt the American system…I think I’d concentrate on messing up the touch-screen systems.”

The system of reporting the continuous vote count tallies on election night needs to be more transparent as well. As you recall, in 2015 there were numerous reports from election observers that the vote tallies were flipping on television news sites supplied by the county boards of elections.

Columbus Free Press election observers reported that during the continuous vote count reporting they were monitoring on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, they observed instances in which the number of precincts increased, but the vote count did not increase. Also, they noticed that vote counts would increase, but the number of precincts stayed static.


I just learned that there is an agency that is, ostensibly, trying to rein in ocean floor mining.

Underwater seamounts need to be studied as mining interest grows

Seamounts are large underwater mountains found throughout the world’s oceans. Home to deep-sea corals, mollusks, crustaceans, and large schools of fish, they are often classified as biodiversity hot spots. And yet these vital ecosystems remain poorly studied. By one estimate, less than 4 percent of the world’s seamounts have been directly sampled.1 In the Western Pacific Ocean, the mineral-rich crusts of these mountains are attracting the interest of potential deep-sea miners.

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is responsible for managing the mineral resources of the high seas “for the benefit of mankind.” Under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, the ISA is tasked with both managing seabed mining and protecting the marine environment from harmful effects of that mining. The authority is drafting rules that will attempt to honor both imperatives.


I hope this agency has some teeth!


One good fact that the ocean has: homo sapiens can not breathe underwater like a fish.


The announcement comes amid the release of a trove of documents related to Kavanaugh’s time in the White House. Democrats argue that it is a “mad rush” while Republicans are saying it is time to get on with the process.

The committee has received the largest number of Executive Branch records ever for the consideration of a Supreme Court nominee, according to the press release sent by Grassley’s office.

Grassley said the committee has received more than 184,000 pages of records from Kavanaugh’s work as a White House lawyer and for his work for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

The chairman said the committee still expects to receive hundreds of thousands of additional pages of documents.

Looks pretty discouraging so far. And right before midterms. The Dems need to show some serious spine! The fact that this guy played such a huge role in Starr’s report to impeach Clinton is also highly unfortunate.

Who the hell needs to hear about Monica Lewinsky right now?? Grrrrr


Can we stop pretending the Dems are an opposition party please, they are owned by the same people but just play a different part in this kabuki, there will ALWAYS be ‘just enough’ dem votes for anything the establishment wants and any pretense otherwise is just playing their role.

The continued pretending they are an opposition party when they arent helps keep the establishment propped up, so its better just to be straight about it and completely expect the expected that he will be confirmed with the cover for any dems being “they are from red states/districts” so people can begin to see the script in advance and easier come to realize they are being played.



Heather Heyer’s mom tells crowds in Charlottesville ‘it’s not all about Heather…it never was’

Speaking at a makeshift memorial, (Heather’s mother Susan) Bro said “It’s not all about Heather … it never was.” She said her daughter would be saying “focus on the issues, quit looking at me and focus on the issues.”

“We have a huge racial problem in our city and our country,” Bro said. “We have got to fix this, or we’ll be right back here in no time.”

“The world went crazy when Heather lost her life, and that’s not fair, because so many mothers lose their children every day, and we have to fix that. I don’t want other mothers to be in my spot,” she said, her voice breaking with emotion. “I don’t want other mothers to go through this.”


This video footage just wrecked me. I knew that it was going on, but to see it in action just wrecked me.


heartbreaking. how can the world allow this carnage and theft in this supposedly new day and age?

i watched some of the “history” shows about kings of old, and i’m starting to think “same old, same old.” those in power think they are honestly superior beings and they are not answerable to us–we are discardable and it seems to cross borders, with the supplicant countries doing the powerful countries’ bidding, just like of old.


This illuminates why so many Irish people feel solidarity with indigenous people and with Palestinians.

Choctaw Native American leads Tipperary famine walk, compares to “Trail of Tears”

A member of the Choctaw Nation has compared the plight of the Irish as they took to the roads in search of food and shelter during the Great Hunger to the heart-breaking “Trail of Tears” which his people were forced to undertake under the orders of Irish-American President Andrew Jackson.

Waylon Gary White Deer of the Choctaw First Nation, who recently made his new home in Co Donegal, was the guest of honor at this year’s Famine 1848 Walk in Ballingarry, Co Tipperary, commemorating the enormous act of kindness from the Choctaw Nation people when they raised funds for the starving and dying Irish despite their own pain and suffering.


This, though, was a healing balm for me. There are so many good people out there too.


omgosh. wet eyes.

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