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HomeUncategorized8/12 News Roundup & Open Thread – Bernie’s 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights Town Hall, Sanders @ The Iowa State Fair & More
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From NYT email on the Des Moines forum on guns:

Nearly two dozen presidential hopefuls descended on the state fairgrounds this past week in Iowa. If a rival to Joe Biden is to emerge in the primary, it is likely to happen there.

Implied is that currently, Biden has no rival. Can they get any more obvious or oblivious? Stupid question. Of course, they can (cf. 2015-16).


The way Biden has tied himself to Obama has turned the race into a proxy fight between Obama and everyone else. If Biden fails it will make Obama look bad by extension, so TPTB will fight tooth and nail to prop Biden up.


Didn’t HRC also run on propping up Obama’s legacy? That worked well.