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T and R x 2, and Our Medal of Honor for Hosting the Nest goes to Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Great news out of TX. Also, Val Demings is pulling even with Rubio, and FL Primary Day is next Tuesday, 8/23. Of course, I’ve already voted. 🙂


Hi Orl!
Can you please bottle some of that energy of yours and send it up? 😀

I’m really rooting for you down there in FL!!


Heading for a repeat of this debacle in MA in 2020 with a moderate Dem edging out a field of more progressive candidates (with only 22% of the vote!!). Can’t any of these progressive candidates in NY10 drop out and endorse one of the others for the greater good of what they claim to support?


Jake Auchincloss narrowly edged out Jesse Mermell and a crowded field of fellow Democrats to win Tuesday’s primary in Massachusetts’ 4th District to pick Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III’s successor.

Auchincloss, a Newton City Council member who had the backing of a super PAC that collected political money from his family members, is poised to go to Congress next year from the deeply Democratic district that Kennedy ditched in favor of running for Senate. Kennedy lost his primary challenge Tuesday to incumbent Sen. Edward J. Markey.

In the Democratic primary, Mermell came in a close second in the nine-candidate race, and the race was too close to call until Friday. Auchincloss took 22.4 percent of the vote to Mermell’s 21.1 percent after the vote-counting stretched through the week.

Now that Auchincloss is ensconced in his seat he has no challengers this year. It will be a crying shame if NY10 goes this way too.


jcb, it’s so bad down here that even the Demo trash you point out up in your state looks like manna from Heaven here. 🙁 No lie.


Wi running a close 2nd, Blue state by population Fascist Red by gerrymandering. All we have left is state wide Govt,etc, Senators and President. If Michael wins, Vos will do more damage to that.


But if you’re an unhinged conspiracy theorist with malignant anger management issues and a monstrous grudge, here’s your gun!

DOJ: Marijuana users are ‘dangerous to trust’

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA — Department of Justice attorneys defended the federal law that bars marijuana users from buying guns this week. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried sued the Biden administration earlier this summer, arguing the policy violates the rights of medical marijuana patients.

In a motion filed Monday, attorneys stated “marijuana use impairs judgment” – as Florida’s Board of Medicine puts it, “the ability to think, judge and reason. It is therefore dangerous to trust regular marijuana users to exercise sound judgment while intoxicated.”


Paul ADK

I’ve never even heard of this! Funny… I guess cannabis users just aren’t lining up to shoot, well, much of anything. Maybe that’s the answer, right there. Flood the country with weed.


LD will find this interesting https://labornotes.org/blogs/2022/08/game-and-tech-workers-drop-u-word

At noon on July 17, my co-workers and I at the video game studio Tender Claws stepped away from our desks.

Two of our work-from-home colleagues walked into the office unannounced; our out-of-state colleagues joined virtually on a laptop. We passed out a letter and read it aloud together: “Dear management: we are proud to announce we are forming the Tender Claws Human Union.”

Two weeks later we obtained voluntary recognition, making Tender Claws the fourth video game studio with a certified union in North America. Our company is small, with a unit of just 11 workers, but our victory joins a nationwide wave of organizing in games and tech.

Before 2020 there were virtually no unionized workers in these two industries. Today there are more than 3,000 of us in the Communications Workers (CWA) alone.

Case in point: on the very day we delivered our petition, quality assurance workers at Blizzard Albany launched their own union drive. This small unit would create a second union toehold in gaming giant Activision Blizzard, known for titles like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.


Game workers make our living building video games. We create 2D and 3D art, compose audio, run quality assurance tests, code game functionality, write character dialogue, design game mechanics, perform customer service, and manage communities of game players. Through our labor, our industry has become a financial giant, forecasted to generate $200 billion this year.

Workers in high-tech jobs are often stereotyped as a ping-pong-playing elite, but the reality is more complex. Some in our industry do make six figures, but many are paid well below the cost of living in the country’s most expensive cities. And most quality assurance and customer service workers barely clear the minimum wage.

From Google to Activision Blizzard, our workplaces are divided between full-time employees and an underclass of temps, vendors, and contractors. Work-life balance is notoriously poor for both groups due to “crunch,” long stretches of overtime in the months or years before the launch of new software. And harassment and discrimination run rampant in workplaces traditionally dominated by straight white men.

We unionized Tender Claws as a wall-to-wall unit to reduce crunch, bargain for sustainable career development, and diversify our hiring process. Tender Claws was founded with the intention of being a progressive workplace, and management has made many efforts to act fairly, but we aren’t immune from the dynamics of the industry. The vision of a better workplace can only be fulfilled when workers ourselves have a direct say, through our union, in the decisions that affect us.


The problems in games and tech aren’t new. Workers have been organizing informally for decades, using salary spreadsheets, class action lawsuits, whisper networks, press exposés, and more recently, walkouts. Some of these standalone actions have yielded moderate wins, and over time they’ve developed consciousness in the power of collective action across our industries.

When you work in a zero percent unionized industry, it can be tempting to remain in this realm of informal organizing. A one-off action has a clean start and end, and feels less risky than organizing a union. It’s easier to get co-workers to commit to do something only once, and you can get away without forming a proper leadership structure.

But this cuts both ways. Standalone actions are easier because they don’t fundamentally challenge the balance of power between workers and management. It’s hard to hold on to the wins. The moment things cool down and managers no longer feel watched, they can quietly retaliate against troublemakers and restore the status quo.


The lack of free national healthcare is a big motivator in these strikes. These young workers are the 1st century version of serfs. If you’ve served your working career in a “Right To Work/make Serfs” state, you know. 🙁



Ahh we never learn, the Vietnam pull out was a fubar just like afganistan.


If even Florida is in play. Hope for orl.


Rubio has his hands tied on the GOPukes’ Big Issue down here: Law and Order. Demings served as Police Chief in O-ville for years. Mason-Dixon and Quinnipiac are the best polls in calling this state.


Out of curosity why isnt the Gov race closer like these? In WI the Gov Eledction has coattails


I haven’t really heard much about polling in the joke/Governor race. The two top tier people running on the Dem side are Nikki Fried and ex-GOPuke Crist. We’ll find out soon enough. 🙄


LOL. DOV was NOT pleased by this article.


The seething has probably just gone underground (except for smug snobs with big platforms like DOV). The KHive are #ImStillWithHer nasties on steroids.


Is DOV, Denise, the bigmouth one over at TOP? I went over there recently, and barely recognize it now.


Pretty sure. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to TOP, but my last experience when DOV targeted me is still very fresh in my memory. She’s a bully.

I made the mistake of going to twitter & searching KHive today, would have been far better off catching up on laundry, tbh, a lot less depressing.


There are some really awful Republican candidates this year


I never joined Twitter. I am glad! What a cesspool.


This is my extent of social media as it goes


Walker is a walking, talking poster child for M4A. He would get the help he needs for CTE


I want a lot of things, Herschel, but how are you going to do it?