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I’ll start with a fun Elton Dua combo


Now, the musician has linked with Dua Lipa for the new collaboration “Cold Heart” — a song that might sound a little familiar to John fans. That’s because it’s actually a mash-up of his 1972 hit “Rocket Man” and 1989 song “Sacrifice” (from where the song gets its new title), remixed by Australian trio PNAU. John takes the “Sacrifice” lyrics while Lipa sings that iconic chorus to “Rocket Man.” And the song also comes with a music video featuring an animated Lipa and John performing alongside stop-motion animated dancers, in outer space, of course.


chills n thrills! made my day. ty💫🪐💫


glad you haven’t been blown away orl!!!😘

t&r, too🌈🐻‍❄️❤️

Don midwest
Don midwest

Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid 19 is too inexpensive and too good and is being attacked by Big Pharma. Their roadblock is a kind of huge RCT, Random Controlled Trials, the kind of RCT with a big budget. Some MDs can make $100,000 per year participating in them.

The effects of the vaccine continue to wear off. Israel, who got a sweet deal to take Pfizer vaccine is being overrun with break through cases (breakthrough after vaccine) and going for booster. Title of article

Israeli Health Payor Study Reveals Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness Wanes Greatly for 60+ at 4.8 Months

In any case, RCT are but one element of evidence. Here is a diagram of the other elements with a review of the data

Summary of the Evidence for Ivermectin in COVID-19
Based on the totality of the evidence, the FLCCC strongly recommends ivermectin be used in both the prevention and treatment of all phases of COVID-19 in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people

The FLCCC is the organization pushing ivermectin among other elements in protocols.


They have lots of info on their page and have an update each Wed evening at 7 PM EST. Last week it was oversubscribed but the session was posted the next day and is on the web site. They changed their protocols because delta is more agressive.


I’m liking Kunce. Former military who tells it like it is.

I’m Lucas Kunce. I spent 13 years as a Marine officer and served two tours in Afghanistan.

For decades, politicians lied to us about the mission and so-called progress in Afghanistan. I was there. I saw it for myself. We spent $6.4 trillion on a war for nothing. Meanwhile, back at home in Missouri, my community was being gutted by multinational corporations and failed politicians.

That’s why I’m running to flip Missouri’s open U.S. Senate seat. Here’s what I stand for: No more wars for nothing. Yes to nation-building here at home. Abolish corporate PACs to save our democracy, and enact a Marshall Plan for the midwest to rescue our economy.

It won’t be easy to win. I’m not a career politician with a rolodex of wealthy donors to rely on. But if enough regular people donate online, I know we can pull this off. And we’re already breaking records in grassroots support. So, what do you say? Can I count on you to chip in a few bucks (or more if you can swing it)?




The other day, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis likened mask and other health mandates to “medical authoritarianism.” The Republican added that we may be witnessing “the most significant threat to freedom in my lifetime, certainly since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

Because DeSantis was speaking in the hermetically sealed-off information universe of Fox News, such drivel was certain to elicit approval. But outside of that universe — with DeSantis and Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott actively thwarting local officials from protecting their constituents with mask mandates — a backlash to these antics may be brewing.

A new Axios-Ipsos poll probes public sentiments on this in a novel way. It asks respondents about state laws that prohibit local officials from creating mask requirements. Both DeSantis and Abbott have sought to do this, albeit by executive order.

The result: 66 percent of Americans oppose such state laws, and only 33 percent support them. What’s more, the poll also finds that a whopping 77 percent oppose efforts to withhold funding from school districts and local governments that implement mask mandates.

This fills in our understanding of public opinion. Polling has already shown that large majorities favor mask mandates when asked. This new data shows that equally large majorities oppose efforts by governors to actively prevent local officials from implementing such measures.

Meanwhile, other polling shows the potential for backlash to these GOP antics. Ron Brownstein obtained data from numerous pollsters and found that sizable majorities of vaccinated Americans want tougher requirements imposed on those who refuse to get vaccinated.

That polling, Brownstein reports, also finds that large majorities of vaccinated Republicans also hold the unvaccinated responsible for the recent surge in covid cases and believe the delta variant will lead to a worsening of the pandemic.

Democrats should do more to speak to this relatively silent majority of Americans. This is a group loosely composed of people who believe, variously, that local officials should use their power to help communities collectively defend themselves against a highly contagious disease, that those who refuse vaccines are putting the rest of us in peril, and that GOP governors thwarting collective action, far from being heroic freedom warriors, are misusing their official powers.

Speaking more directly to this silent majority’s political aspirations and values would highlight the broader ongoing radicalization of the Republican Party and the massive public dangers it poses. It might potentially mobilize these relatively less noisy constituencies, putting more pressure on GOP governors and others who are actively blocking progress.




The grim reality is that a huge section of the American labor force – between 25% and 40% – made more on unemployment than they ever have working full-time at a minimum wage job. $7.25 an hour is $290 a week before taxes, compared with the $300 in weekly federal benefits that pandemic unemployment assistance provided. Nor does this account for the additional weekly state benefits that those on unemployment received.

In our current milieu, “labor shortage” has become doublespeak for a stubborn reluctance on the part of politicians and businesses to address poverty wages, the remedy for which has been to let pandemic unemployment assistance expire so that workers are desperate enough to go back to the exploitative conditions that billion-dollar companies insist are necessary to keep the economy running.

Rather than succumb to mainstream accounts that our “labor shortage” is the consequence of welfare-induced idleness, we should have an honest discussion about how we’ve allowed the essential workers who uphold our standard of living to be abused for so long while the mega-wealthy billionaires whom they work for realize their infantile fantasies of starting colonies in space.



Krugman with a good one


I say go for it. The Republicans certainly will in states they control. And compared to some of those Republican state districts, these NY districts aren’t even that wonky.


As the finger pointing begins with Afganistan does it surprise anyone that the US failed. (Govt) Afganistan was to be another nation build in a nut shell to get access to thier minerals. The US govt cant even address the the following at home, Infrastructure, climate change, M4A, encourage voter supression, police brutality sex scandles and pay offs by corporations to elected officials just to name a few problems at home. So the puppet Govt the US installed follow many of the same examples the US practices and people are wondering why thier plan failed in Afganistan. How can you expect nation rebuild when you cant do it at home!!!!! Politicians and the media are complaining about the Afgani corruption in the news, Maybe they should take a strong look at our Govt and the example they set to begin with.


Federal water shortage is declared for Lake Mead (its started)

Nevada will begin 2022 under a federally-declared water shortage and will have to reduce its annual usage by 7% — or 21,000 acre-feet, which roughly equals 6.8 billion gallons.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation confirmed today what it has been forecasting for some time: Lake Mead’s depth by the end of this year will dip below 1,075 feet, the trigger for declaring a shortage for the Lower Colorado River Basin. The river provides water supply to 40 million people in the West.

“The announcement today is recognition that the hydrology that was planned for years ago, that we hoped we would never see, is here,” Reclamation Deputy Commissioner Camille Touton said.

The Bureau, which operates Hoover Dam, releases 24-month projections for the Colorado River Basin every August that establish the coming year’s releases from the Lake Mead reservoir. The lower basin includes Nevada, Arizona, California and Mexico.

Although this is the first official shortage, the region has been under sustained drought for more than 20 years and the persistently dry conditions gradually brought Lake Mead to historic lows. In June, it tied the record low 1,071 feet. Currently, it’s at 1,068 feet.

By Jan. 1, according to the Bureau’s latest predictions, Lake Mead could be a hair under 1,066 feet.

The shortage will lead to cuts in Arizona and Mexico. Arizona will cut about 18% of its annual Colorado River allotment next year, while Mexico will cut about 5%.

The bureau declares a shortage with the input of the seven states that rely on the Colorado via a negotiated joint drought contingency plan that the states signed in 2019.

The shortage runs for one year, renewable annually depending on conditions. It would be repealed when the depth of Lake Mead returns to 1,075 feet as of an official August reading.

The Las Vegas valley relies on Lake Mead for about 90% of its water. However, residents won’t see rate increases or usage restrictions as a result of the shortage. Aggressive conservation and water recycling efforts have kept water consumption well under Nevada’s river allocation and under the cap the state will face with upcoming cuts.

Nevada’s Colorado River allotment is about 300,000 acre feet per year. The new cap will drop down to 279,000 acre-foot, but the state used about 256,000 acre-feet of water in 2020.

In other words, Nevada has “pre-conserved,” and water deliveries in the Vegas region will not be reduced, said John Entsminger, general manager of the Southern Nevada Water District.

“We have been preparing for more than two decades to respond to shortage and the inevitable impacts of a hotter and drier climate,” he said.

The shortage only applies to the Lower Basin. But Pat Tyrrell, who represents Wyoming on the upper Colorado river commission, said the states upstream of Glen Canyon Dam — Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado — are concerned with the state of its southwesterly neighbors.

“We Upper Basin states understand the risks and the vulnerabilities we face in the Colorado River due to the millennium drought we’re in and a potentially hotter and drier future,” he said. “We appreciate the Lower Basin will be dealing with shortages which threaten to get worse. Unsatisfied demands are situations with which the Upper Basin is very familiar, and it is unfortunate the entire basin is in this position.”

Entsminger said the water district has invested nearly $1.5 billion in infrastructure to maintain access to the area’s primary water supply in addition to its conservation protocols.

“We must adapt to the new reality of a warmer, drier future,” he said. “Every community, every sector, every industry that uses Colorado River water must do more to conserve and protect this critical water resource upon which 40 million Americans depend.”


depressing due to inaction on climate chaos.


Karma is unrelenting

Sen. Andre Jacque(R) of De Pere is hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19

In recent months, Jacque has been one of most outspoken lawmakers against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and has authored legislation that would bar government officials or business owners from requiring Wisconsinites be vaccinated against COVID-19 or show proof of vaccination to access services.

Jacque also opposed the statewide mask mandate implemented by Gov. Tony Evers and joined legislation to end it.

He did not immediately say whether he had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Just heard that Abbot from TX has it as well



shamanic dreams to you…💜🐆🌝


Wikileaks tweet August 18 2021:

Jessica Corbett’s 8/17/21 Common Dreams article:
“Investors in US Weapon-Makers Only Clear Winners of Afghan War”
featured Julian’s 2011 tweet
It was published today by Consortium News


but how will we pay for it? said nobody ever.



a seat that Nina might run for?


Glad she’s running but don’t think she has much of a chance against Tim Ryan.


I don’t think so either, but good to know there’s a new name out there.