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This is an interesting tidbit, considering I couldn’t find any info in the NYT:



The Guardian has the text of Beto’s answer here.

Don midwest
Don midwest

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Truth isn’t truth.

The first line in Paul Krugman’s column yesterday.

In short, if you followed the evolution of the G.O.P.’s position on climate change (not that Republicans believe in evolution, either), you shouldn’t be surprised at the party’s intellectual and moral collapse under Trump. For Republicans, ignorance has been strength for a long time.

And as he lashes out, with no regard for law or the Constitution, will other Republicans try to hold him back? All the evidence suggests that they won’t.

The denial of science is related to fake news and other lies.

The G.O.P.’s Climate of Paranoia

I found out about this article from tweets by Bruno Latour. He has said for years that The New Climate Regime has been the most important political actor for the last 30 years. He says that Krugman has finally figured out that climate has overturned politics. Also he notes that US has never had a plan for land. And the global land grab has put indigenous communities in the cross hairs, and all of us as chemical pollution changes us all the way to our genes.

@BrunoLatourAIME Aug 21, 2018

Krugman confirms today that the denial of climate change is the mother of all fake news. Long before Trump, the GOP has declared that ‘its kingdom was not of this world’ mixing up Christian ideals and denial. The rest of the planet is ‘left behind’. https://nyti.ms/2nRKWHc

@BrunoLatourAIME Aug 21, 2018

Climate denial by Trump -the only coherent plank of his chaotic platform- tends to show that this is not an aberration but that it reveals the truth of a country which never knew how to settle on a legitimate relation to its land.

@BrunoLatourAIME Aug 21, 2018

It appears that this is the first time Krugman http://nyti.ms/2nRKWHc recognises that the new climatic regime explains a lot of the political landscape, rendering obsolete most positions taken during the old climatic regime.


Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Clean Up the Swamp


thanks. couldn’t get it last night. she’s got good stuff here.



Good stuff! I’m glad that DSA is being so active now, taking advantage of still being somewhat ‘under the radar’, because I do worry that there will be some kind of pushback in the future.



Say it, brother. Amen!


Ryan Grim has an interview of Acampa Najjar, Dem candidate running against Duncan Hunter.



Was glad to see this from Warren:

Democrat Ben Jealous has a real shot at getting elected Governor of Maryland in November – and we can turn the state blue again.

I’m all in for Ben – and that’s because he’s spent his life fighting for working families. He’s not afraid to stand up to giant corporations or Donald Trump.

Ben Jealous is the progressive leader that Maryland needs – and I know he’ll make a terrific Governor.

But let me be clear: Ben’s facing a tough uphill battle. Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan has a $9 million war chest stuffed with money from powerful interests.

Will you pitch in $3 – or whatever you can afford – directly to Ben Jealous’ campaign for Governor of Maryland? It’s going to take a grassroots army to stand up to the powerful interests who want to see Ben lose.


I hope Bernie can help out in late Sept.


While this clip is comical of Trumpers, what’s not being reported or shown on MSM is the protesters outside of the building where Trump’s rally was being held last night.


Gay Frogs For Trump? That sounds…homophobic?


They look like idiotic, empty-headed, redneck wannabes


The #Resistance Has a New Grift, and Liberals Are the Perfect Mark

Brennan is a man who lied to Congress and the public by claiming that America’s drones have never, ever killed a civilian. Only bad guys, you can be sure! But that will be forgotten because Donald Trump stripped him of his security clearance, which will make it incrementally harder for Brennan to convert his retirement into a sinecure fooling various northern Virginia defense contractors into paying him for copy-and-pasting the CIA World Factbook into a PowerPoint.

On Thursday, Brennan’s brass was polished by William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral who oversaw Operation Neptune Spear, the nebulous operation to kill Osama bin Laden that has spawned thousands of bar-stool tall tales by guys who claim they were the trigger man. He did the “I am Spartacus” routine and praised Brennan as “a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question.” Brennan, again, is a documented liar and prevaricator who used those very sacrosanct codicils of classification and security clearance to mislead the entire nation about America’s conduct of war. Surely he meant well.

The liberals who fall for this sort of thing, who abandon all skepticism of the military and intelligence entities in America as soon as the wrong party gets into the White House, are only partly to blame. They are victims, really, of our deranged national culture of politics as consumer choice, party as lifestyle and preference. They now find themselves atomized, without any route for collective action beyond chipping 10 bucks into the crowdfunding bucket; they can evaluate politics only superficially, and so anyone who says bad things about bad guy number one is good enough.

Trump—for all his obvious intellectual deficiency—is a far sharper judge of character. He is a con man, and he can spot a con. He has judged these men with an almost admirable precision. He knows how badly they want to be on TV.


Good one pb.


Cenk did a good interview of this JD candidate from MA-01


Social Activism and the Economics of Mental Health

…in a context of strife, non-political community work could be said to provide a neutral space which opens up a civic domain in which we can come together and leave politics at the door; a place where we might give it all a rest and just concentrate on something fun like bowling.

There is some mileage in this view. It’s true that not everyone wants to talk politics with their neighbours, but all political silence has a cost. After two years of field work, the American Sociologist Nina Eliasoph concluded that volunteers often work to keep their conversations neutral, taking care not to sour the mood at meetings. Yet to disengage on social questions is to accept a type of disempowerment, a self-removal from the scene. For Eliasoph, social activists have something valuable that community workers do not—a willingness to recognise complexity, challenge authority, and relate deeply with each other. To confront political issues is only to recognise social reality.

While a focus on the economics of depression might push some right-leaning volunteers out of the meeting room, single-issue activism can still be reasonably inclusive. In contrast to party membership, which might require the broad embrace of a cluster of divisive policies, social activism hones in on a cause. A single issue can provide a point around which diverse people might coalesce, even when they agree on little else. At best, activists enjoy the community advantages of a cell in Putnam’s honeycomb. They can be tightly bound together as friends, but they also have a critical awareness of cracks in the overall social and political structure.


i sometimes wish we were all closer geographically. we’d have a good time!

but our diversity is cool, too.


I agree. 🙂 However, we represent all 4 parts of the country when you stop and think about it. LOL.


When Truth Isn’t Truth

The moderator, Chuck Todd, responded: “Truth is truth.” Then, Giuliani said: “No, it isn’t truth. Truth isn’t truth.” Giuliani went on: “Donald Trump says I didn’t talk about Flynn with Comey. Comey says you did talk about it, so tell me what the truth is” and then added “we have a credibility gap between the two of them. …
Let’s unpack that exchange. Giuliani’s first statement conveyed that there are many versions of the truth, and denied the existence of any underlying factual reality.

Todd pushes back, saying: “Truth is truth”—referring to truth as what physically happened in reality, independent of anyone’s interpretation or spin. Giuliani disagrees, stating “truth isn’t truth”: he denies the existence of anything that really happened, implying that it’s all about different interpretations and the one who determines the interpretation wins. …

People who are not experts in climate change are thus exposed extensively to false information due to the huge megaphone of the fossil fuel industry. Such exposure triggers the “illusory truth effect,” a psychological phenomenon where the more we are exposed to a lie, the more likely we are to believe in. Indeed, research on climate denialist messaging demonstrates that exposure to such information substantially reduces both people’s belief in human-caused climate change and the truthfulness of climate science. …

Giuliani is in the same boat of peddling doubt as a strategy. His denial of an underlying truth of reality uses the same strategy used by deniers of climate change and links between smoking and cancer. By conveying that there’s no truth, whether in the courtroom or in the lab, peddlers of doubt like Giuliani destroy our ability to make the kind of sound decisions on which democracy relies. …

To preserve our democracy from destruction by such tactics requires an organized effort to unite all who care about truth across the political spectrum. Regardless of what Giuliani states—or what the industry-funded “scientists” claim—truth is truth, and it must be protected for the sake of our shared future.


Would love to get Wi60’s take on this:

Real Progressive Change Is Happening From the Ground Up

In Wisconsin, a new model for building power is blazing a trail for progressive change.

the media are missing a critical story of these primaries: Progressive populists are beginning to build for real power, starting from the ground up. One needs only to look to Wisconsin to realize the remarkable change that’s happening inside the Democratic Party.

Wisconsin Citizen Action is challenging this (big money, right wing) distortion of democracy. It supports organizers to create membership organizations—“co-ops”—particularly in targeted rural and small-city areas outside of deep-blue Madison. The co-ops sustain permanent organizers on the ground, while building a cadre of volunteers.

The permanent presence makes it easier to identify and recruit true progressive champions, often from their own membership. The co-op then helps run true grassroots campaigns. Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin (an affiliate of the national People’s Action) said that canvassing is entirely different when it is done by local volunteers rather than by paid outside canvassers hastily assembled for an election. The relationships formed in the election help build the co-op that stays in place not only to build greater power but also to keep the officials they help to elect accountable.

To hold candidates accountable, Citizen Action WI went through an arduous—sometimes painful—process of creating a remarkable, detailed, eight-year reform agenda, the Rise Up Platform, From Protest to Power. Key reform areas include education (free public education from preschool through college or advanced training), health care (moving to Medicare for All), a just sustainable economy (including a $15 minimum wage, worker empowerment, investment in areas vital to workers from daycare to mass transit, and the transition to a “low carbon economy”), criminal-justice reform (an end to mass incarceration and a focus on restorative justice). The platform lays out broad goals and specific bold reforms in each area.


something to look into, for sure.


Right now Madison and some of Dane County is flooded– literally!


wow. a crazy summer. a woman at the dental office said her car was covered in ash this morning. i got stung by one of the many ground bees around here this summer while washing my car after my root canal–haha! not my morning for fun. :O) i’m fine.

but i’m staying inside until winter, sadly, for my yard. Between the smoke and the bees, though, fuggedhaboudit.


Do you think the smoke makes the bees more aggressive?

You’ve had quite a day pb! I hope you get some enjoyable down time.


i bet the smoke does do that. people too. 😉

yes, looking forward to maybe just vegging in an early bedtime.


Yea in WI we get the annual Aug attack of the hornets looking for any fruit bush or tree that has ripening fruit, they go after soda if your having a cookout too


No!! So much flooding.


Yes the Madison area got between 11 to 14 inches of rain, tropical storm type totals. Weather gurus say the combination of unusually high dew points and low pressure made this possible. These totals are close to normal amounts for the summer months of June ,July and Aug. combined!!!!


wow! and hurricanes in Hawai’i.


Gotta admit I missed this group and story, so gotta look into them more as well; a couple points that are spot on as Wi is no different than other states in the US rural voters =R, that campaigns from the national groups have a short presence and are their to get the vote, then the issues and the people in the rural areas are forgotten about. I do feel that if local personal can keep their boots on the ground year around with candidates and that familiar faces from the area show up at the voters front door that share the same problems in there area it may help. and finally I agree that the unions no longer have the local resources to help, Walker did a lot of damage to them locally and it shows in the membership. As the article said it wants to have a year around presence an in Wi, case it would have to be in all rural areas in all 72 counties. Milwaukee and Dane are basically “suburb” counties


I found a new climate (& energy & justice) writer today.

And she goes off!

Here’s one more in the thread:

Eastern Kentucky’s Struggle With Water Symbolizes America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

But local communities are starting to take back control.



Economic war on Iran is war on Eurasia integration

The die is cast. China not only will continue but also will increase its purchase of Iranian oil and gas.

The Chinese auto industry – currently with 10% of the Iranian market – will simply take over as the French leave. Chinese companies are already responsible for 50% of auto parts imported into Iran.

Russia for its part has pledged to invest as much as $50 billion in Iranian oil and natural gas. Moscow is very much aware of the Trump administration’s next possible step; imposing sanctions on Russian companies investing in Iran.

Washington simply can’t “not do business” with China. The entire US defense industry is dependent on China for rare earth materials. Since the 1980s, US multinationals set up their export supply chains in China with direct encouragement of the US government.

The EU for its part has enforced a Blocking Statute – never used before, although in existence for already two decades — to protect European companies, even coming to the point of imposing fines on businesses that pull out of Iran because of plain fear.

In theory, that shows some balls. And yet, as EU diplomats in Brussels told Asia Times, there’s a major conditional: US satrapies/vassals abound across the EU, so quite a few EU-based companies, as in the case of Total and Renault, in the end, will simply roll over.

Meanwhile, what Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said about US unilateralism – the world “is sick and tired” of it – keeps echoing all across the Global South.


I had no idea….

Let Us Now Praise Infamous Animals

In the summer of 1522, Chassenée was called to the ancient village of Autun in Burgundy. The old town, founded during the reign of Augustus, had been recently overrun by rats. French maidens had been frightened, the barley crop destroyed, the vineyards placed in peril. The town crier issued a summons for the rats to appear before the court. None showed. The judge asked Chassenée why he should not find his clients guilty in absentia. The lawyer argued that the rat population was dispersed through the countryside and that his clients were almost certainly unaware of the charges pending against them. The judge agreed. The town crier was dispatched into the fields to repeat his urgent notice. Yet still the rats failed to appear at trial. Once again Chassenée jumped into action. Showing tactical skills that should impress Gerry Spence, Chassenée shifted his strategy. Now he passionately explained to the court that the rats remained hidden in their rural nests, paralyzed by the prospect of making a journey past the cats of Autun, who were well-known for their ferocious animosity toward rodents.

In the end, the rats were spared execution. The judge sternly ordered them to vacate the fields of Autun within six days. If the rats failed to heed this injunction, the animals would be duly anathematized, condemned to eternal torment. This sentence of damnation would be imposed, the court warned, regardless of any rodent infirmities or pregnancies.

There were many such trials. Jeffrey St. Clair then compares this with the modern way:

Recall the death warrant issued in 1903 against Topsy the Elephant, star of the Forepaugh Circus at Coney Island’s Luna Park. Topsy had killed three handlers in a three-year period. One of her trainers was a sadist, who tortured the elephant by beating her with clubs, stabbing her with pikes and feeding her lit cigarettes.

Tospy was ordered to be hanged, but then Thomas Edison showed up and offered to electrocute Topsy. She was shackled, fed carrots laced with potassium cyanide and jolted with 6,600 volts of alternating current. Before a crowd of 1,500 onlookers, Topsy shivered, toppled and died in a cloud of dust. Edison filmed the entire event. He titled his documentary short, “Electrocuting the Elephant.”

Topsy received no trial. It was not even imagined that she had grievances, a justification for her violent actions. Topsy was killed because she’d become a liability. Her death was a business decision, pure and simple.

So what happened? How did animals come to be viewed as mindless commodities?

It’s a looong article, but here’s a sample, where St. Clair talks about historian Jason Hribal’s book, Fear of the Animal Planet:

Hribal skillfully excavates the hidden history of captive animals as active agents in their own liberation. His book is a harrowing, and curiously uplifting, chronicle of resistance against some of the cruelest forms of torture and oppression this side of Abu Ghraib prison.

Hribal takes us behind the scenes of circus and the animal park, exposing methods of training involving sadistic forms of discipline and punishment, where elephants and chimps are routinely beaten and terrorized into submission.

We witness from the animals’ perspective the tyrannical trainers, creepy dealers in exotic species, arrogant zookeepers and sinister hunters, who slaughtered the parents of young elephants and apes in front of their young before they captured them. We are taken inside the cages, tents and tanks, where captive elephants, apes and sea mammals are confined in wretched conditions with little medical care.

He also tells the tales of animals that rebelled and usually died in their revolt.


Interesting read, I just skimmed it for now but will re-read more thoroughly shortly. My birdies are descending on the deck wondering where their peanut butter mash is.


Good read!!!


This reminds me of a novel I read a few years ago. It was called Water for Elephants. It was a great story about the abuse that ran rampant in traveling circuses back during the Great Depression. Rec’d it for sure.



California Fire Dept Says Verizon Throttling During Deadly Wildfire ‘Has Everything to Do With Net Neutrality

Williams’ rebuke of Verizon and the Republican-controlled FCC’s net neutrality repeal came just a day after the Santa Clara County Fire Chief Anthony Bowden accused Verizon of throttling in a court filing this week. Bowden says his department was forced to pay the telecom giant to stop the throttling, despite having an “unlimited” data plan.

“In the midst of our response to the Mendocino Complex Fire, County Fire discovered the data connection for OES 5262 [a fire department vehicle that is ‘deployed to large incidents as a command and control resource’] was being throttled by Verizon, and data rates had been reduced to 1/200, or less, than the previous speeds,” Bowden wrote.

“Verizon representatives confirmed the throttling,” Bowden added, “but rather than restoring us to an essential data transfer speed, they indicated that County Fire would have to switch to a new data plan at more than twice the cost, and they would only remove throttling after we contacted the department that handles billing and switched to the new data plan.”


The Militarization of Police Does Not Reduce Crime

Please note the word “not”, as in armed to the teeth police do NOT reduce crime.

New research finds it does reduce public support for law enforcement.

Militarized policing REDUCES public support for law enforcement.

The militarization of America’s police has been hotly debated in recent years. Critics argue that effectively turning cops into soldiers risks alienating them from the communities they supposedly serve.

New research provides evidence supporting such warnings. It finds the use of SWAT teams—perhaps the most common and visible form of militarized policing—neither reduces crime nor enhances public safety.

It reports this aggressive approach to law enforcement is disproportionately used in minority communities. And finally, it finds portraying officers in military gear decreases public support for the police.

Curtailing militarized police may be in the interest of both police and citizens,” concludes Jonathan Mummolo, an assistant professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton University. His study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

I know that I’d rather do without looking outside my window and seeing a version of the attached picture. Stolen car and all.

militarized police.jpg

yes. face masks say they are strangers to us. they are supposed to be our friends and protectors. same for swat gear. it’s crazy and i can imagine that some who might have been drawn to real service no longer are, which is a shame.


Another fad bites the dust?

Coconut oil is ‘pure poison’, says Harvard professor

While I find Karin’s characterization a bit much, I’ll give her that she sure knows how to work today’s headline journalism!

Considering that coconut oil is saturated fat, I’ve always been suspicious about its widespread acceptance. At least it’s not animal fat? I’d think when seeing it all over.

Other organisations have issued similar warnings. “Coconut oil can be included in the diet, but as it is high in saturated fats should only be included in small amounts and as part of a healthy balanced diet,” the British Nutrition Foundation said. “There is to date no strong scientific evidence to support health benefits from eating coconut oil.”

Personally, I use a bit of butter for flavor, but try to use olive oil as much as possible.

I read once that any oil/fat that is solid at room temperature should be avoided. Where olive oil doesn’t work for a recipe I use canola oil, which I’ve recently heard can also be a problem. So hard to navigate! But this writer pooh-poohs those recent flashy anti-canola oil headlines (phew):

Forget what you’ve heard: Canola oil is still a healthy choice

I’ve been recommending canola oil because, of all the cooking oils, it is lowest in saturated fat. Cutting down on saturated fat is one part of a cholesterol lowering diet. And except for flaxseed oil, it is the highest in the anti-inflammatory omega 3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA).

Compared to other vegetable oils, canola is second-highest in plant sterols, which are helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Hopefully Sheah Rarback won’t turn out to be a canola oil industry shill! God I hate being so cynical. But until I hear more, olive oil & canola oil are my two fave oils (with a touch of butter when appropriate).

Thank you for reading my food comment, lol, I love nutrition-related topics! 🙂


We use mainly olive followed by canola and some flaxseed ,costs more of course.


Flaxseed so high in anti-oxidants! How does it taste in cooking? I’ve never tried it as an oil.


To me better than i expectee but low temp cooking use


This picture is freakin’ scary. I hope that it doesn’t hit as hard as they’re forecasting!


I honestly wish that the U.S. would just back off from Cuba for a minute. It looks like David vs. Goliath to the rest of the world.


At least they wouldn’t be able to use this ploy on Bernie??



Dakota Access Protester Reaches Plea Deal in Riot Case

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — An American Indian activist accused of inciting a riot during protests in North Dakota against the Dakota Access oil pipeline reached a plea deal with prosecutors Tuesday under which the charge will be reduced to disorderly conduct and he’ll avoid jail time.

The deal awaiting a judge’s signature called for Chase Iron Eyes to serve one year of probation and pay $1,850 in fines and fees. In return, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a criminal trespass charge.

Defense attorneys called the agreement “a major victory” for their client. Prosecutors Brian Grosinger and Chase Lingle didn’t immediately comment on their decision not to take the case to trial in November as scheduled.

Iron Eyes could have faced five years in prison if convicted of the felony riot charge filed after a February 2017 incident in which he and 73 others were arrested after erecting teepees on disputed land. Authorities said the land was owned by Texas-based pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners. Protesters said they were peacefully assembling on land they believe rightfully belongs to American Indians under old treaties.

While that’s a major relief, the way he’s been treated is nothing short of egregious.


Silver lining?

EPA Backs Away from Climate Regulation, Opens Door for Legal Challenges?

The announcement of the new rule drew immediate threats of legal challenges from New York and other states. New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood said she will lead a coalition of 17 states, Washington D.C. and six cities and counties to challenge the proposal if it is adopted. The EPA is required to solicit public comments and hold a public hearing before finalizing the rule.

But the new plan could also be used to bolster the legal arguments in several different kinds of climate lawsuits. In the liability suits filed by more than a dozen communities across the country against the fossil fuel industry, the industry has argued that because the Clean Air Act gives the EPA jurisdiction over carbon emissions, the courts are not the appropriate place to seek climate remedies. So far, that argument has helped convince two federal judges to dismiss lawsuits by San Francisco, Oakland and New York City against major oil companies for their role in climate change.




Oh geez.


I missed this. I hope it’s true! From last week:

Judge Orders Full Environmental Review of Keystone XL in Nebraska

TransCanada’s long-gestating Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands pipeline was dealt another setback after a federal judge in Montana ruled Wednesday that the Trump State Department must conduct a robust environmental review of the alternative pipeline route through Nebraska.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris sided with environmentalists, landowners, and tribal plaintiffs in their challenge to the Trump administration. Pipeline opponents argued that the State Department’s approval of the KXL was based on an outdated Environmental Impact Statement from 2014 of the original route, and accused the administration of trying to short-cut the permitting process.

Morris ordered the State Department to conduct a thorough Environmental Impact Statement for the “Mainline Alternative” route, approved by Nebraska officials in November, to supplement the 2014 review.

In his decision, Morris said the State Department has the “obligation to analyze new information relevant to the environmental impacts of its decision,” according to Courthouse News Service.


Latest WI Marquette Poll
Walker-Evers tied at 46 %
Senate Baldwin -Vukmir 49%- 47%

800 people polled by land line-cell phone 48% responded as R voters 42% as DE voters 10 % didnt give a preference.
Turnout will be the key for Evers as being tied in a poll that leaned R in its sampler and considering that he running aginst the incumbent pretty good news. Baldwin is in some danger and will need a turn out for Evers to carry her as well. The poll was taken before the latest Trumpcorp henchmen being found guilty.

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