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Daily Kos Under Fire After Editor Smears Nina Turner

Armando Llorens, a contributing editor for Daily Kos, is under fire after posting several tweets smearing Nina Turner

Bernie Sanders supporters have a complicated relationship with Daily Kos. In 2015 and 2016, Sanders regularly won the site’s biweekly straw poll by incredibly large margins. Despite these victories, Daily Kos didn’t endorse Sanders.

By March, the website endorsed Hillary Clinton in an effort to shift focus towards the general election. Around the same, Daily Kos began banning users who posted criticism not deemed “constructive.” As a result, many Sanders supporters left the site.


I haven’t login at dkos in well over a year. And the last was to see if I had been bojoed.


I wandered over there to check out Benny’s comments. Man, even all the usernames I didn’t know slammed Armando big time. He is a long time birdbrain. Probably why Markos tolerates him.


Sure, DK. Keep pretending like you have not encouraged this behavior in all your readers and posters. Armando was just a cheerleader, and you have plenty of those while he is on vacation.


You are wrong about dkmich!

I left this bought and paid for propaganda site. If you are looking for me, I can be found at caucus99percentdotcom


I was referring to Daily Kos, not dkmich. I follow her on Twitter because of her comments when I used to go to DK. I do not always agree but find some real pearls from her like the one I posted.

The context of my comment should have made that clear, but I guess not.


But less than two weeks before Labor Day, when presidential campaigns traditionally kick into high gear, there are signs of a disconnect between his relatively rosy poll numbers and excitement for his campaign on the ground here, in the state that begins the presidential nominating process.

In conversations with county chairs, party strategists and dozens of voters this week at Mr. Biden’s events, many Democrats in Iowa described a case for Mr. Biden, the former vice president, that reflected shades of the one his wife, Jill Biden, bluntly sketched out on Monday. “You may like another candidate better, but you have to look at who is going to win,” she said, citing Mr. Biden’s consistent lead in early surveys.

A Monmouth University poll from this month showed Mr. Biden leading with the support of 28 percent of likely Iowa caucusgoers — virtually unchanged from the same poll’s results from April.

But Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth’s Polling Institute, who recently spent time in Iowa, said those numbers did not give the full picture of Mr. Biden’s support in the state.

“I did not meet one Biden voter who was in any way, shape or form excited about voting for Biden,” Mr. Murray said. “They feel that they have to vote for Joe Biden as the centrist candidate, to keep somebody from the left who they feel is unelectable from getting the nomination.”


and they feel that way because the MSM is lying about how many Americans truly want Bernie‘s platform. Grrrrrrrrrr