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Unfortunately I have little hope for her and after watching the first few minutes of that I dont see any reason to think otherwise. They asked her the key question right off the bat and though she had half a good answer when she said along the lines of ‘what difference does the experience make if you are just going to misuse it”, but she completely fubbed where she had to give some confidence she could handle the job.

Governor is one of the hardest positions to grassroots into because its such an executive position that people expect some kind of background experience and to be honest im stoked we even have 2 shots in Maryland and Florida.

I think she could have been an excellent house candidate but all along ive had the feeling shes is out of her league going straight for governor and if I feel that way im pretty sure many voters will as well. Ill be impressed if she even does as well as El-Sayed even, being an actress doesnt really help here except in name recognition.


What she could have said would have been something like ” Ronald Reagan was an actor before being governor of California as was Arnold because a good executive is not one who knows how to do everything, but one who knows how to surround themselves with the expertise to draw on and I plan on surrounding myself with the quality advisors a good executive should”

Or something along those lines….


One debate does not determine the outcome of an election. Experience helps but continued innuendos concerning corruption can hurt him.


An interesting discussion about the debate over at “Way of the Bern”.

Debate Summary, mostly my opinions: Cynthia versus Andrew from WayOfTheBern


By clicking on the above box it gives access to the comments which are also interesting.


I am sure that this is an unbiased opinion. LOL


This was prior to the debate.


A small excerpt from the debate.



T and R, Benny!! Appreciate the info. 🙂


Thank you Benny! And thanks to all who commented.

It sounds like it was a rock ’em sock ’em event.

a fiery debate, a lot of name-calling

For me Cuomo comes across as a bully. I don’t like the guy one bit. I hope Nixon can make some headway.

I’m reading a lot of Hillary diehard centrists using the “Nixon doesn’t have any experience!” defense of Cuomo. What a bunch of hypocrites.


Bingo. The corporatists always talk experience when they can’t come up with substantive criticism (wasn’t that their big issue with Obama in 2008?).


Hi Benny–thanks muchly for posting this! We enjoyed watching it.

That said, this “debate” was unfortunately little more than the “horse race” event. IMO Cynthia “won” the horse race, but the horse race isn’t the issue.

A major issue is downstate vs upstate in NY State. That’s been the case for eons and still is.

Neither the CBS sponsors of the debate, nor the venue, nor the topics under discussion had to do with any real upstate issue. All the topics were centered around Manhattan and Long Island (policing, Tappensee Bridge, the subway, homeless shelters, and many other topics).

The only “upstate” issue was corruption, and that’s only an upstate issue because Albany happens to be located upstate.

Legalizing marijuana was potentially a broader-than-NYC-issue. But in upstate, where half the state’s voting population lives–the crisis drug issue is opiates. Upstate is more rural and is suffering problems that have less to do with policing and more to do with unemployment, corporate domination of people’s lives, the wreckage of corporate abandonment, towns bending over backwards to conform to unfunded mandates that stem from Albany agencies, high cost of energy, and so on. The terrible opiate problems were absent from this debate and
none of these related problems were addressed last night.

Many just get cynical–“You can’t run the state unless you’re corrupt and Cuomo certainly is that, so he’s the only choice.” It’s true, Cuomo wins elections–he doesn’t bother to win popularity. Or trust, for that matter.

I remember something that Katie Wilson said during the Democratic primary debate in the candidate race for NY 21. Wilson (who did not win the primary) was asked if she supported Nixon in the governor’s race. She said no, that Nixon has shown no interest in upstate, and upstate is hurting badly. So, while nobody likes Cuomo, NY 21 has a much better chance of getting SOMETHING from Cuomo than it would from Nixon.

Lots of upstate voters just vote Republican in order not to vote for corrupt Democrats. But here, too, Nixon is sadly not going to swing those voters to her side. They can perhaps see that she’s right on the issues, but she also shares NYC’s biases against the rest of the state.

I like Nixon and I think she’s right on all the issues and she doesn’t seem to have a hankering for corrupt dealing, as Cuomo does.

But I also think that the voters are between a rock and a hard place, and I don’t see Nixon pulling this out.


I watched the debate on Youtube this morning. It was quite entertaining and she certainly stood her ground. I wouldn’t right of chances of winning just yet.

The debate did inspire me to create three memes.The first was because she was wondering what the temperature would be in the debate hall, This morning someone asked what the temperature ended up being and someone else said it was like a meat locker.

View post on imgur.com

Then there was the Whole “stop interrupting! Stop lying! OH SNAP!

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And finally, she said “He used the MTA like an ATM an we can see the results.”

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