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T and R, mags!! 🙂 Liz Cheney…..still another example of a FRightwing bad joke who never applied for a job in her life. Her criminal fruitcake Daddy “Bear” made sure of it. Bubonic Plague POX on the whole worthless bunch!



Presidential candidates will gather at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where they’ll face questions about their commitment to protecting public services and the working men and women who dedicate their lives to their communities. The forum is an AFSCME member event and will be moderated by HuffPost Washington bureau chief Amanda Terkel and Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston.

America’s public service workers will make their voices heard in this election. Whether they’re responding to emergency calls, driving our children to school, caring for our most vulnerable, or doing any of the hundreds of jobs AFSCME members perform every day, people in public service deserve respect for their work and to have a voice on the job.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Stoller continues his excellent econ work and political commentary

This is the first part of a thread. Maybe someone who knows how to get whole threads can get it


Interesting how Biden’s so called “base” of donations is real close to DC- the land of corporate lobbyist’s

Don midwest
Don midwest

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if dems could win the whole show and follow through with this

All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Justice Brett Kavanaugh Have Been Dismissed For Good
Now the only way Kavanaugh could be investigated is if Congress decided to do something about it — and so far, lawmakers haven’t

Even his lies at confirmation hearing could lead to impeachment

Wouldn’t it be a great day if dems could impeach a bunch of judges


Won’t happen until Beijing Mitch is driven out of office.

Don midwest

hope Bernie reads this.

Don midwest
Don midwest

have you no decency?

attack a teenage girl…

from a column in NYT – it is OK to have a diversity of views, but this shows a new level of trying to save the carbon economy

The Problem With Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism
Her radical approach is at odds with democracy.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Juan Cole and others — climate emergency again and again and again

Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Greenland Ice Sheets Cascading into Ocean 50 Years Ahead of Schedule

Don midwest
Don midwest

do you recall the ads for clean coal?

or all the hype that natural gas is a clean fuel?


Stop It! Fracking Can’t be Done in a way that doesn’t Threaten Human Life

And indigenous people are in the way.

On our local low power leftist radio station, they put on a program called Nuclear Hot Seat.

Driving around since can’t get over the air unless in a car which serves as a good antenna, there was a program about radioactive waste in NM. On native land. A spill 40 years ago that has not been cleaned up completely, if ever. Denied for decades and people played in the area and at old mines. This is the first time I went to their web site and on top is the link for the program I heard.

Uranium Mining Disaster – Church Rock Uranium Tailings Pond Breach – 40th Anniversary SPECIAL, Pt. 2: Navajo Nation Elders & Activists Speak Out on Cancers, Contamination, Slow-Motion EPA Clean-up – NH #423

This looks like audio part 2.

Gaia is an actor that we denied representation for too long.

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