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Don midwest
Don midwest

legal rights for Lake Erie

IN FEBRUARY, MORE than 60 percent of participants in a special election in Toledo voted to establish a Bill of Rights for Lake Erie. It was a unique ballot question that would grant Lake Erie the right to “exist, flourish, and naturally evolve.” The intent was to give Lake Erie and its human allies legal standing to file lawsuits against polluters.

well, can’t stop “progress”

EARLIER THIS SUMMER, environmental activists in Ohio were alarmed by the passage of a mysterious state budget amendment that would close a new avenue for residents to sue polluters. The provision invalidated a landmark anti-pollution initiative passed by Toledo voters just a few months before. Now, emails obtained in a public records request reveal that the Ohio Chamber of Commerce secured the cooperation of a key Republican lawmaker in a successful effort to slip the amendment into an appropriations bill at the eleventh hour.

The emails depict the chamber’s environmental policy director requesting a last-minute meeting with state Rep. Jim Hoops to discuss the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, the newly minted ballot initiative allowing citizens to sue polluters on behalf of Lake Erie. A legislative aide responded quickly, scheduling a same-day meeting. Despite the chamber director’s admission that his proposal would need to be submitted after the legislature’s deadline, the aide produced draft amendment language to share with him three weeks later. The chamber’s subsequent revisions made their way into the final bill, effectively nullifying the Lake Erie Bill of Rights.

“This shows the influence of the Chamber of Commerce writing our laws and undermining the democracy of the people of Toledo,” said Bill Lyons, a board member of the Ohio Community Rights Network, an environmental advocacy organization. After the May vote, Lyons filed a series of public records requests to try to figure out which lawmaker introduced the amendment. The emails were provided to The Intercept and The New Food Economy by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, an affiliate of the Ohio Community Rights Network.



Anyone remember that lake Erie was declared dead in 1970 due to excessive and unregulated polluters?


That could happen again if the GOP continues to rule the Executive Branch.

Don midwest
Don midwest

something different – search and rescue in Yosemite

slide show given at a geography conference in UK by a mapper who used his skills

Case Studies: Yosemite Search and Rescue


Amy Goodman is nothing more than another talking head!

Yesterday she kept calling Greta Thunberg, “Thunberry”
What an effing disgrace!
I was under the impression that she was pretty good.
Now I see she (Amy Goodman) is just another talking head.
The audio has been carefully edited for replay on the Democracy Now web site.
I heard it live yesterday morning.


Bizarre! No idea what’s that was about; I would imagine she’s getting significant pushback on that.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I respect Amy Goodman

She may have had a senior moment, but for decades she has been in the fight, and reported from dangerous places around the world, to get a story out.

Here long form interviews are among the best on the web. Spending a whole program with Chomsky or Greenwald or others is a real service.

I would never call her just a talking head




Goodman/Democracy Now did great work in bringing Standing Rock to the forefront on discussion at the time


During the segment she was interviewing another student activist who was pronouncing Thunberg correctly and was still saying Thunberry! If that’s a senior moment it’s massive! It was like she was not even listening to what was being said. Perhaps she should retire.

Alex Went

Greta’s name is pronounced ‘Thunnberry’ in Swedish. Listen to how she introduced her own testimony in Congress today (18 September 2019) if you are still unsure.


I do not think it is a senior moment. I think she is ill. For around a year now, I have noticed that she has developed a persistent cough.

As she is overall very careful with her pronunciations of people’s names (a feat that I certainly could not do nearly as well), this is a surprise. There could be a myriad of reasons for it, such as a denture or hearing problem. I do not see a pronunciation problem as a reason to throw out all of the good work she has done.


Thats unfortunate as can be. I am curious to see how many outlets wrote about Gretas journey and arrival. Will donsome digging when Im not driving!

Alex Went

It is pronounced Thunberry in Swedish.





Hope all is well, orl.


Ugh and double ugh!! (grumble, grumble) 🙁 Latest skinny via Weather Underground (terrific site BTW) is it’s starting to slow down. Projected to hit the southern part of the state. Still, being an ornery natural cyclonic force, we still don’t know exactly where on landfall, or how strong it will be. Cat 4 is cropping up in knowledgeable weather circles.


comment image


This is why Der Herr cancelled his trip to Eastern Europe. If it were hitting NOLA or Brownsville, TX, he wouldn’t care.


He probably stayed so he could direct his staff who are now scurrying around securely the valuables and lawyers stashing paperwork that he doesn’t want found in case his palace is overthrown by the bigly wet, um . . . water.

Don midwest
Don midwest

“The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it,” the senators conclude. “Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.’ Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”

4 dem senators on gun control and Supreme Court

Whitehouse, Hirono, Blumenthal, Durbin, Gillibrand warn of long-term damage to the Supreme Court’s reputation in delivering for special interests despite longstanding judicial principle

the coup continues as more institutions are destroyed

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