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Is it my imagination, or is there more large protests going on these days around the world?



This image is sad but it is unfortunately speaks the truth.







T and R, WD13!! Dorian Update: east central FL still in NHC cone (strike probability). However, storm is starting to slow down and angle slightly north and east. So. FL and Gold Coast starting to relax just a tiny bit. We are getting rain bands here. Dorian is one nasty work of nature–cat 5 soon. Fingers and toes stay crossed. Thoughts are with the Bahamas as somebody will get slammed by this monster. 🙁
I have been wary of Liz W since the very beginning. I will not vote for her now. She reminds me of the YUPPIE GOPukes who started infesting the DP after Ron the FRightwing turd Raygun got elected.


Latest Hurricane report.

Things seem to be getting more active.
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This does not look very good for those to be impacted.

automatically updates.
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I hope there’s no real trouble today! At least that grifter provocateur Andy Ngo has been exposed (so hopefully won’t be there to provoke trouble).

Houston: Islamic group hosts Sanders and Castro and braces for rightwing rally

In Houston, an annual Islamic convention hosting presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro is bracing for an armed far-right protest and a counter-demonstration.

Billed as one of the largest yearly events held by Muslim American advocacy groups, on Friday night the 56th Islamic Society of North America (Isna) convention featured an appearance by Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Castro and Sanders are slated to take the stage for one-on-one presidential forums on Saturday.

Rightwing groups have targeted Isna for years, apparently owing to its inclusion as an unindicted co-conspirator in the widely criticized Holy Land Five case in 2007. A US district court judge later ruled the government violated the rights of Isna and other Muslim groups.

In response to Saturday’s planned anti-Muslim rally, a coalition of civil rights groups, anti-racist organizations and anti-fascist activists announced a counter-protest.

The coalition included the Houston Socialist Movement (HSM), the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Familias Inmigrantes y Estudiantes en la Lucha (Fiel), among others.
The counter-demonstrators had obtained a sound permit and hoped to “outshout” their counterparts, said David Michael Smith of the HSM.

“This is nothing but racism and religious bigotry on the part of the fascists,” Smith told the Guardian. “Beyond that, we don’t think fascists should have a platform … so we’d like to basically drive them off the streets on Saturday.”

A Houston police spokesperson said the department was aware of the dueling demonstrations but could not provide an estimate of how many people were expected to attend.

“HPD is there to ensure citizens are able to express and exercise their constitutional rights,” the spokesperson said. “We are there to ensure that it is a safe environment, and we staff accordingly to ensure the safety of everyone involved.”