HomeUncategorized8/9 News Roundup & Open Thread – Bernie Sanders Speaks At The #NABJ19 U.S. Presidential Candidates Forum & More
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Thanks, LD for the NAB video. It is probably something I would have missed in my travels.

Bernie and the interviewer in the gray suit were sharing one water bottle. The interviewer did not notice but the woman in the middle there did and commented on it.

Bernie’s responses did not reveal anything new, and for the most part the questions were standard including some that contained the usual push from a moderate position. Not surprising as this is the typical above 50K (I would venture to guess well over 50K) crowd.

We really need more extended interviews like the Rogan one. Who else is there that we can encourage to do something similar? The ratings themselves may encourage other non-MSM interviewers to step up.


where are you traveling?


Lol, for quite some time my travels have been limited to the Internet where I can see the sights of the world and listen to its people’s and never put a dime in some corporate pocket (other than my ISP, anyway). This also means that I get to travel daily.



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