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Woohoo! Ill add her to the candidates list, and then when I finally get the links working… add those as well.

RIght now I am profiling two kinds of candidates: ones that are better than the alternatives in their district but I dont agree with all of their platforms stances. The others are through and through Berniecrats or at least 75% there… and Im ok with that and I try and add them to the list. If Ive added anyone I shouldnt… please call me out!

I should have at least two more to profile tomorrow.


I know absolutely nothing about her but I came across this.


With political tensions getting more heated in Texas, Sema Hernandez—former nursing assistant, mother, and baseball coach— is campaigning against Ted Cruz for US Senate.

Hernandez decided to run against Cruz after watching the healthcare debate between the Texas Senator and Senator Bernie Sanders on CNN in February.

“Cruz has single-handedly tried to bring down healthcare,” Hernandez told Truth Against The Machine. “He may represent Texas, but he doesn’t represent me and countless other Texans.”

Hernandez’s platform includes raising the minimum wage to $15, universal basic income, environmental justice, Medicare for All, College for All, Immigration Reform, and Net Neutrality.


All the best Diane!

I hope she wins. Someday Mainers will get tired of that megalomaniac LePage.

I love the image of Maine as defiant fist!

An outspoken progressive, she is the 7th Democrat to declare her candidacy for the 2018 race.

Seventh Democrat! That’s a worry, way too much room for party shenanigans, but:

She has also proven herself to be prolific fundraiser. Through her grassroots work on marijuana legalization, ranked-choice voting and other progressive causes, Russell already has a ready-made email list of more than 100,000 people that she used to raise nearly $90,000 in her unsuccessful bid last year to win a bruising, three-way primary for one of Portland’s state Senate seats.


gawd, hope we luck out here in Floridumb with some halfway decent choices!! T and R to the usual suspects!! 🙂

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