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Our Revolution is now 1 year old!

It has been a good start. More work to do.


Can you imagine this being done here?


True, but could also show how they’ve lost their ability to feed their citizenry a variety of items. It’s very corporate, now, which has its pros and cons. I know that my local large chain is not carrying many of my favorite items b/c they don’t sell scads and scads of them.


This will not come as a surprise to anyone here!


The Vermont senator is the only national politician a majority of voters from both parties actually like, according to a new poll.

A new poll found that among all other notable American senators, representatives, and even the president, Bernie Sanders reigns supreme as the most popular politician in the nation—the only one a majority of voters on both sides of the aisle view favorably, the Hill reports.

The Harvard-Harris Poll—an online survey conducted from August 17 to 22—culled responses from 2,263 voters who lean both left and right, along with those who identify as nonpartisan. It asked about their feelings on the Democratic and Republican parties, the biggest political moments of the past few weeks, and what issues matter most to them. It also quizzed them on America’s politicians, asking how favorably or unfavorably they viewed certain lawmakers.

For those who want to see the numbers.



Geebus. Pence got 44%? Ouch.


And the baroness was below that…42%.


Another reason why some people dislike cops.



Tim Black interviews Ben Jealous.


Short but good interview. Touche’ TB!

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