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This is just another angle for them to use to get rid of anyone that isnt going along with the game.

The site has become like a stage hypnotist with shills to set the tone and anyone willing to go along with the act welcome on stage, but those who show they arent playing along are kicked from the stage.

Its fully become an establishment stage show, but fewer and fewer are willing to play along, so increasingly extreme measures are needed to keep the illusion from completely collapsing.


Nobody will ever be able to convince me that Brock didnt take over that place sometime in 15 and ‘old Markos management’ was retained as a guise, he let BBB and Armando (among others free reign to diss all of us berniebros), meanwhile the ever excellent Media Blades has singlehandedly kept about 70% of the population that hasnt left… there.

The good news is everyone is welcome here! I know we have our issues but they’re going away ever so slowly… and signup is pretty instant through the helpdesk.


Good post, and food for thought. Thanks