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Big Brother sits back and smiles!


Tech investor John Borthwick said smart speakers have multiple “problematic” layers and claims the devices are being used for surveillance.

“I would say that there’s two or three layers sort of problematic layers with these new smart speakers, smart earphones that are in market now,” Borthwick told Yahoo Finance in an interview published Sunday.

“And so the first is, from a consumer standpoint, user standpoint, is that these, these devices are being used for what’s — it’s hard to call it anything but surveillance,” he added.

Bloomberg reported in April that Amazon workers listen to what consumers command their Alexa devices to do.

Similar products are offered by Google and Apple — and reports followed Bloomberg’s that the companies also are listening to users’ voice commands.

Bloomberg issued another report that Facebook was listening to user’s voice commands made through the Messenger app.



Wow, a ban, the law & order Dems won’t like this one bit.

But it might make some of the Yang people happy. If so, I hope they back off a bit as a result. Have noticed an uptick of people claiming to support Yang attacking pro-Bernie people on twitter lately.



Before our old Terv got sick we used to do what we called “Fun Class” for the dogs on Sundays. I wanted a class that wasn’t like anything I had ever done, so each dog does different things while the others do their own things, and they all have to be fun, or on the way to being fun. (Obviously, with a puppy there is a certain amount of stuff it has to get down first, but that should be fun, too.) So today we started up again, with just our remaining two and the addition of a fluffy puppy Cardigan named Mingus. (Fluffies have longer hair and technically cannot be shown, but damn, they are cute and I don’t like the show ring anyway.)

At the end of class we take a group picture, so here is today’s:


Great pic. Your canine cuties are so fun to look at! Look at them all posing like that, what great dogs.

But did I miss something? When did Jacquou get sick?

Thanks for sharing your pics. They always make me smile.


Jacquou was a rescue dog who we got at the age of 8 1/2. He had a lot of problems then, including obesity, strange conformation (he was far too big for a Terv), severe arthritis, compromised immune system, skin infections, and pretty bad separation anxiety. Despite all of that, he was the sweetest guy you could imagine. We got most of that under control but there was nothing we could do about the arthritis (we tried) and then he developed a mass on his liver, a slow growing cancer. He also had laryngeal paralysis and it just made for a lot of work for him (lar par also affects the back legs). To top it off, his previous owners, who we believe loved him very much since he was so trusting and lovable himself, never taught him *anything* except how to get along with people, other dogs, and the world. I don’t want to minimize that – a lot of dogs never get that. But he was the only dog I’ve ever met who simply would not respond to a clicker, and I’ve been training them for decades. It was excruciating trying to teach him new behaviors and in the end, we decided to simply give him a good home and live with him.

This decision affected all sorts of things. Our fun classes had to stop because he couldn’t do anything and yet he wanted to participate. With just two of us and three dogs, it was too hard to manage them in class with him, and if we left him in the house he really wanted to be in the class. I felt so bad for him on this that we just stopped the classes, which was bad for the other dogs, but we knew it would just be for a few years.

Last month his cancer and lar par both got worse, which was hard for us, but he never changed his disposition; he stayed happy and (apparently) pain free until his last day. But he was shutting down, his abdomen was hugely swollen, and he couldn’t get up or walk easily and we had to do something so last Tuesday we had the vet come to the house.

He was a wonderful dog, an oversized wolf really. Scary and imposing at the same time, but only if you didn’t know him because he was just an enormous teddy bear. I really, really miss him and I wish we didn’t have to euthanize him but anything else would have been even more cruel than that, given his illness.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Damn Ty. This post just brought a tear. I lost my dog Eskimo Jack on July 5th last year. Had him for 16 1/2 years. I’m too old now to get another dog. Your dogs are beautiful.


Oh, re: posing. It was *really* difficult for little Mingus (on the left) to stay still long enough to get that picture! But he’ll get there, and today I was lucky enough to get all three of them looking decent, at least.

Mingus is a “plushie” or “fluffie”; his coat is longer than the standard and he can’t be shown, but boy, is he cute!


You have unusual dogs! the way the two on the right and left stand is adorable, their little paws off to the sides like ballerinas. And Coulaine is spectacular.


Thank you. Cardigans have the cutest, fattest paws in the dog world! They are a totally separate breed from Pembrokes (the kind of Corgi the Queen of England has) and I much prefer them. Some of them are like little bears – you can see a bit of that in Biloute’s face over there on the right.

As for Tervs…I don’t even know where to start, they are so cool. The two breeds are vastly different; you get very different things from each one. With a Corgi (and I include the Pems here), you laugh every day. With a Terv, you have intelligence and beauty with you like a heat seeking missile that focuses right on you and doesn’t let up. Tervs are not for everyone; many of them are high maintenance dogs. But if you are the right person (and plainly, I am) they are incredible.


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