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This is a Horror story that I hope never happens. https://consortiumnews.com/2022/09/09/what-if-the-2024-whispers-are-right/ Queen of Chaos: Her record, and her own words, show us exactly what we can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency, write Jeremy Kuzmarov and Steve Brown‘Like a Tornado’

The Clintons’ corrupt ways and backstabbing made them many enemies in Arkansas who saw through their phony veneer.

In his memoir, Jim McDougal, who took the fall for the Whitewater scandal and died of a heart attack in prison, wrote that the Clintons were “like a tornado who came into people’s lives” and “destroyed them;” they “took without giving back in return.”

These comments should be borne in mind by voters if Hillary vies one last time to achieve her dream of the presidency.

Like a tornado, she will come into people’s lives, conning them into a vote, and then betray and destroy them, as she and her husband have always done.


Now for something more upbeat https://inthesetimes.com/article/timber-wars-workers-northwest-old-growth-forests-working-class-environmentalism

Dave Luoma, Don Zapp, and Dave Morrison had never seen anything like it. It was just past noon on May 29, 1990, and the three British Columbian loggers had wandered into a twenty-five-acre grove of inconceivably large trees hidden on the northern bank of Vancouver Island’s White River. Every major species of Northwest conifer was here — western red cedar, spruce, and Douglas fir — and most were so tall that their tops disappeared into the hanging mists above, making this entire place feel as if it belonged as much to the heavens as it did the Earth. The tallest trees gave off a sweet scent and were covered in thick, almost ironlike bark speckled with the bluish-green hues of forest lichens, which Luoma, Zapp, and Morrison knew were all signs of exceptional age. The largest conifers on the northern coast of Vancouver Island typically grow to a height of about 150 feet, with an occasional specimen reaching 200 feet. Many trees in this grove stretched more than 250 feet into the air, and the largest would later be measured at more than 285 feet tall.

The only thing more remarkable than the size of the timber was that until Luoma, Zapp, and Morrison discovered it, no one knew this grove existed. Or, at the very least, it wasn’t identified on any maps or catalogued in any land surveys, despite the fact that all the surrounding woods had been intensely logged during the preceding century. Foresters and wildlife biologists would later hypothesize that the grove’s secrecy was a product of the same topographic and geographic conditions that allowed its trees to grow so tall. The grove sits in a small depression carved out by the nearby river that shielded its trees from winds — and human eyes — for centuries. These were the realities of life and labor in the late twentieth-century Northwest woods. And yet, when Luoma, Zapp, and Morrison discovered the grove roughly halfway through their workday, they didn’t even have to talk amongst themselves before they knew what they were going to do. ​“As soon as we walked back in there and saw that stand,” Zapp later said, ​“we just couldn’t do it. That was it, right then and there.” After spending an hour wandering the elk trails that wound through the stand, the men hoisted their saws on their shoulders, checked that the laces on their boots were still tight, and began ascending the muddy slope to their pickup waiting on the ridgeline above. They intended to return to town, tell their employer about the grove, and then say in no uncertain terms that they refused to cut it.


I bet the three have families who would love to see the grove. You would not believe the heartbreak being expressed in comments, etc. now cos of ecological damage. The giant CA sequoias are an excellent example.


I think it’s really a promotion…but the humor is nice and light.


The image isn’t showing on my desktop.


Along with great compensation package😁

Don midwest
Don midwest

Have not been here for a while, so these may be repeats.

Michael Hudson on Student Debt Relief, Inflation, Ukraine Disaster Capitalism, Petrodollar Challenge

I have been spending far too much time on moonofalabama.org
on the war in Ukraine. I agree that the US/NATO were pushing Russia and Russia is pushing back. It looks like this will hasten a multipolar world.

The propaganda on my two main issues: Covid and mRNA vaccines and Ukraine is totally out of site.


I read the transcript of that interview. It was excellent. I avoid video/the boob tube cos of the propaganda. It’s hysterical screaming now.


A thankful T and R, jcb!! 🙂 Well, gee whiz, since there is no gun control in this 3rd or 4th (choose one) world country, what do you expect? People can even take loaded weapons into bars! Talk about the height of dangerous stupidity! 🙁