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Don midwest
Don midwest

well, well

‘Why is this still held secret?’ Phoenix FBI agent who wrote 9/11 memo wants truth revealed

and more on the financial support of Saudi Arabia

along with what we have known for years from Thomas Drake – another whistle blower threatened with life in prison for telling the truth — followed the legal path and got zapped. His experience is why Edward Snowden knew he had to get out of the country.

That was 20 years ago. What if the internet was a staple of life. Would this story get out? The story of the memo linked above …

As an aside, a scientific expert, inventor of mRNA vaccines, says that the vaccines were “low hanging fruit” i.e., go after easiest area and stay focused on the goal, but don’t ask the tough questions about danger from the vaccine. The bad stuff is coming out from them.

He also says that he has seen credible evidence that 450,000 deaths could have been avoided if ivermectin and HQC had been used for early treatment at home and with primary care doctors. So the already failed policy of vaccinate everyone is going full speed ahead and not addressing alternatives.


The Saudi rich had no problems flying out of towns like Tampa immediately following the attacks. The Bush Crime family made sure of it.


Had to protect the O I L !!!


Report: Unions weaker, wages stagnant in Wisconsin in recent years

Unions in Wisconsin are significantly weaker than they were a decade ago and wage growth over the past quarter-century was stagnant, according to a new report from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, a left-leaning policy institute housed at UW-Madison.

The center’s annual “State of Working Wisconsin” report found that two policies implemented in the last 10 years weakened both public and private labor unions. Act 10 — a controversial bill signed into law by then-Gov. Scott Walker in 2011 — limited “the bargaining of public-sector unions to only wage and wage increases,” hampering unions’ abilities to to negotiate about things like scheduling and benefits, according to the report.

Accordingly, the report says, public-sector unions have seen a drastic drop in membership over the past 10 years. In 2011, roughly 50% of public employees were union members, according to a database maintained by two economic professors. In 2020, just 22% of public-sector workers were union members.

Statewide, unionization in the state decreased by one-third, the report found, with only 8.8% of Wisconsin workers belonging to unions. “The Wisconsin decline is four times as fast as national de-unionization,” it also noted, and substantially faster than in all neighboring states besides Iowa.

The Walker legacy continues to haunt WI.


20 years ago two US cities were attacked by a bunch of religious extremists with rather medieval views on civil and women’s rights.
I’m wondering why the GQP isnt celebrating the attack with more excitment, We just went thru 1/6 on the US capatial and the USSC basically sat by and let R v W be overturned in Tx… The GQP fits my opening sentence IMHO


Hopefully a loved one doesnt need non covid critical care in a lot of areas in the US


t&r benny! ❤️🦋🐻🌝
having a busy day.


at the ER vet with kitty Abi and it’s diarrhea????!!

glad it’s not critical but thot her anal glands were going to tear. In 14 years she’s never had diarrhea.

Anyway, this is one of the most blissed out things I have seen.