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Hey fellow TPW Birdies! 🙂 Orl hubby and I went to the Paul Simon concert Tuesday night. It was awe inspiring to say the least. He is in great shape and voice for a fella in his 70s. 🙂 It’s a rare experience to watch/listen to an iconic artistic genius. They are definitely on a different plane. Anywho, he opened the show with “America.” Talk about making a statement! 🙂 T and R to the usual TPW suspects!! I’m storm monitoring as I have a best friend in the NC foothills. She is as ready as one can be.


Still one of the best ads ever.


Agree 1000%!


yep could use it for 2020 its that good!!!!!



But whatever Trump’s intent or motivations were in his comment that the relief efforts in Puerto Rico were an “incredible, unsung success,” he unintentionally revealed a different truth.

Hurricane Maria and the near-destruction of Puerto Rico (which is still recovering one year later) was in fact a great success for the disaster capitalists who, encouraged and empowered by Donald Trump, his administration and the Republican Party, made billions during the aftermath of the hurricane.


Again vile is too kind

President Trump on Thursday accused Democrats of artificially inflating the death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year, which officials said had claimed nearly 3,000 lives, and he inaccurately stated that only between six to 18 people died “after” the storm hit the island.

Ignoring facts provided by his own government, Mr. Trump remarkably accused Democrats of padding the death toll “in order to make me look as bad as possible.”



Imagine you lost a family member in a natural disaster and the President of the United States not only displayed his typically blunt indifference, but also suggested their death was faked as part of a hoax by his political opponents. Imagine he lied while doing it, making up conspiracies about how the deaths were counted. (The figures have been certified by both the Puerto Rican government and independent researchers.) Imagine he tried to erase you and your family for his own political gain.

As reporter Daniel Dale is chronicling, Trump has lied constantly about Puerto Rico from the start to make himself and his administration’s response look better. That’s because the world outside is irrelevant to him—the solipsism at work. He honestly believes reality can be bent to his own ends, that facts can be erased or magicked out of thin air as it suits him, that the truth is whatever enough people will believe. This is not a recipe for competent leadership, and it’s not one for moral literacy.

After all, if the president can erase people’s lives out of convenience, he cannot possibly value those lives. He is not making decisions that factor in the moral gravity of their existence. He doesn’t care about them. He is not fit for the office, he cannot do the job, and every one of his spineless, disgraceful allies knows it.


Using Trumpcorp’s logic The Titanic’s maiden voyage was an ” incredible unsung success” as 750 people made it to the port of New York.


FEMA will put 1,000 displaced Puerto Ricans out on the streets this Friday

FEMA told ThinkProgress 1,002 households are currently checked into hotels through the program, and they will be losing their federal support at check-out on Friday. The federal judge who authorized FEMA to end the program, urged the agency to work with the people enrolled in the program to find alternative housing so they are not left homeless. However, according to the civil rights advocacy group LatinoJustice PRLDEF, which represents the hurricane survivors enrolled in the program in court, the federal agency has not done that.

“The concrete consequence of FEMA ending the TSA program program without ensuring a safe transition into alternative housing is, in fact, eviction,” said Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, an associate counsel at LatinoJustice.

“It’s a struggle to make sure they are not left homeless,” Bannan added. “They are going to be left on the streets and organizations are scrambling, trying to figure out what to do… This is exactly what we were trying to avoid.”



Democratic House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday ripped President Trump’s false claims about the death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, saying that her grandfather was one of the “uncounted” people to die as a result of the storm.

“My own grandfather died in the aftermath of the storm,” Ocasio-Cortez, whose family has roots in Puerto Rico, tweeted. “Uncounted.”

“Thousands of Puerto Ricans have similar stories,” she added. “They have lost children, friends, & family members. Instead of finger-pointing, INVEST in the Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico + just transition to renewable energy.”


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s former top lieutenant approved an inflammatory flier that suggested the governor’s Democratic rival, Cynthia Nixon, was anti-Semitic, the campaign said on Wednesday. And it was another former aide to the governor who crafted the mailer’s language, according to an email obtained by The New York Times.

Lawrence S. Schwartz, the former secretary to the governor, inadvertently signed off on the flier after its language was drafted by David Lobl, a former special assistant to the governor who was volunteering with the re-election effort, the campaign said. Mr. Lobl suggested the language for the mailer in an email to two campaign aides, who helped create the flier.

The correspondence, dated Sept. 1, shows Mr. Lobl outlining text that was later replicated almost verbatim on the back side of the mailer, which was sent to 7,000 households shortly before Rosh Hashana and days before Thursday’s primary.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat seeking a third term, has denied any knowledge of the creation of the flier, calling it a “mistake,” and not indicative of his campaign.

The Nixon campaign, noting Mr. Cuomo’s close ties to Mr. Schwartz, questioned how the governor could not have been aware of the mailer.

“The question now remains: What did the governor know about this sleazy smear attack, and why hasn’t he held anyone accountable for it?” Rebecca Katz, a senior campaign adviser, said in a statement.


“inadvertently”, yah right.


SGA introduces bill to recognize WSU Young Democratic Socialists of America

Student Government Association introduced a bill Wednesday that would recognize a chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) at Wichita State.

YDSA is the youth and student section of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which was founded in 1982 by American author and activist Michael Harrington.

Alex Tackett, president of the current unrecognized YDSA club, spoke during the meeting.

“The goal of the organization is to help educate and organize young students on campus who like to participate in the democratization of all things, be it society, the economy, the government,” Tackett said.

According to the YDSA website, chapters at universities, colleges, and high schools “fight for the immediate needs of workers and students while building our capacity to fight for more radical and structural changes.”

Tackett said one specific activity the goal has in mind is to campaign for James Thompson, the Democratic candidate for Kansas’ 4th Congressional District. Thompson shares some broad political ideals with the DSA, including medicare-for-all and lowering the cost of a college education.

The bill, authored by RSO Student Assistant Amanda Coon, was one of three bills read at the meeting related to recognizing student organizations. The other two bills were for WSU Math Club and Wichita State Animation Reel Coalition.

“With the new media arts program that has come together, there’s a lot of students that are interested in learning animation and all of its applicable fields,” said Alec Lang, standing president for the Wichita State Animation Coalition. “What we wanted to do is bring the community together for these media arts students, and not just for them, but for the people that maybe don’t have that major.”

If recognized as a student organization, Lang said that the group hopes to develop workshops for students related to animation as well as community-wide events.

Each of the three bills recommend recognizing student organizations after they complete the recognition process laid out in SGA bylaws and the RSO Handbook, and upon recommendation of the assistant director of student involvement.

The Student Senate is scheduled to vote on the three bills at its next meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19 in the RSC second floor’s Santa Fe room.

Join the party, Wichita State!


These ‘protesters’ were actually being paid by the CO oil and gas industry to harass people who were gathering signatures for bigger setbacks for fracking operations from places like homes and schools. Right now it’s only 500 ft. These dudes don’t believe in anything but a check.

The industry even set up a number to text to report the location of petition gatherers so they could send their goons out.


Ya gotta be desperate, i suppose. 🙁


Hearing reports of people not being able to vote in NY.

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