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Sadly this is the response from corrupt Cuomo after his victory.

I assume it will be echoed by other establishment Democrats.


Andrew Cuomo says progressive wave is ‘not even a ripple’ after primary win.

Democratic New York governor Andrew Cuomo has said the so-called insurgent progressive wave in his party is “not even a ripple”, arguing that it’s pragmatists like him who can get things done who are the true progressives.

Cuomo, a two-term Democratic incumbent, on Thursday defeated challenger Cynthia Nixon by a 30-point margin – turning back the latest attempt by a newcomer from the left to unseat a Democrat favored by the establishment.

The governor, viewed as a potential 2020 presidential contender, used a victory lap press conference on Friday to make a forceful case for his own vision of the party.

New York primary: governor Andrew Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon
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“I’m not a socialist. I’m not 25 years old … I’m not a newcomer,” he told reporters at his Manhattan office. “But I am a progressive. And I deliver progressive results.”

Cuomo was fighting back against another narrative that has taken hold in the party: that the upset win by New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic socialist who knocked off powerful representative Joe Crowley, set off a domino effect in primaries around the country, including upset wins by progressives running for governor in Georgia and Florida and for a congressional seat in Massachusetts.

“Where was that effect yesterday? Where was it?” Cuomo asked.

Instead, he said the win by Ocasio-Cortez in Queens in June was merely “a fluke”, explained by the timing of the vote which resulted in low turnout.


Ha! This could wipe the smirk from Cuomo’s face.


Leaders of the Working Families Party rejected a potential deal to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo in November’s general election after the two-term incumbent trounced their candidate, Cynthia Nixon, in the Democratic primary, according to sources.

The issue came up during a conference call among WFP activists Thursday.

The WFP, which was founded by labor unions and progressive activists in 1998, backed Cuomo in his prior runs for governor in 2010 and 2014 despite disagreements on some policy issues.

But the relationship ruptured this year when the party went with Nixon.

The rift prompted all the major pro-Cuomo unions to pull out of the WFP.

That left the activists in control — and they don’t like Cuomo.

The WFP activists said “no way” would they back the governor and would prefer to keep Nixon — even though she had said she would not be a “spoiler” in November.


A couple of tweets showing what we are up against.


I don’t think that the “lesser of two evils” strategy is the way to get where we want to be.

Kucinich was the strong progressive.


Obama to Ohio: Cordray as governor is ‘the kind of leadership we need.

CLEVELAND — Former President Barack Obama used a stump speech on Thursday night to boost Ohio’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Richard Cordray, and more of the party’s candidates in the state, while at the same time bashing Republicans who control Congress and the White House.

Obama urged supporters here to not only back Cordray, the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in his administration, but to also rally voters to back the nominee regardless of party.

“Rich is someone who has always been committed to solving problems,” Obama said, adding that Cordray “represents the kind of leadership we need.”


Not everyone was impressed by Obama’s pitch.


Bernie has the right idea in this op-ed


The full op-ed can be found here. Included is this response to it.


We asked Yanis Varoufakis to comment on Bernie Sanders’ piece. Here is his response:
Bernie Sanders is spot-on. Financiers have long formed an international “brotherhood” to guarantee themselves international bailouts when their paper pyramids crash.

More recently, xenophobic rightwing zealots also formed their very own Nationalist International, turning once proud people against another so that they control their wealth and politics.

It is high time that Democrats from across the world form a Progressive International in the interests of a majority of people on every continent, in every country.

Sanders is also right when he says that the solution is not to go back to a status quo whose spectacular failure has paved the ground for the rise of the Nationalist International.

Our Progressive International must lead with a vision of the green, shared prosperity that human ingenuity is capable of providing – as long as democracy is given a chance to enable it.

To that end we need to do more than campaign together. Let us form a common council that draws out a common blueprint for an International New Deal, a progressive New Bretton Woods.


I’m wondering about the following possibility: Bernie won’t run for US Pres. Instead he’ll become the head of a Global Left-Wing United Political Front. Wouldn’t that be a good job for him? Isn’t he just the guy for this type of world-unified Left?


would be awesome.


Interesting concept.

I know I already have a kinship with the Labour-left in the UK. What they’re going through with the ongoing smear campaign against them right now is quite something.

In Canada the NDP still has a ways to go, but has made quite a bit of progress. The pathetic state of the Liberal party right now has definitely led to the rise of authoritarianism in the province of Ontario, for example.


What we need to do is rally behind candidates who are not afraid to speak like this!


What’s going on in Syria shows what a total sham the ‘war on terror’ has been and is.

Our tax dollars are being fed to those we used to fight against. We’re giving money to al-Qaeda! Openly.


Looks like Trumpcorp has influenced Wi’s very own Governor Skippy

DOJ urged employees to sign secrecy agreement same day ED Wall’s tell-all book was released

Wi’s State Department of Justice officials discussed having employees sign a secrecy agreement last month, the same day its former top criminal investigator released a tell-all book accusing Attorney General Brad Schimel of botching a response to alleged abuses at the state’s youth prison. The Justice Department said Thursday the practice of employees signing such non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) predates Schimel, a Republican elected in 2014. The agreement, barring employees from revealing “confidential” information about their work, is based on ones used by other state agencies, Justice Department spokesman Alec Hanna said.
The department’s recent NDA push was spearheaded by human-resources officials and is meant to ensure all employees sign a uniform agreement, Hanna said. He added the effort began in 2016, preceding the release of Ed Wall’s book.The report said Justice Department staffers were sent an email on Aug. 10 instructing them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement stipulates they not divulge confidential information about their work even after leaving state employment. The newspaper reported the Aug. 10 email “included a spreadsheet with the names of 129 employees who had yet to sign” the agreement.

The Lincoln Hills fiasco must be worrying Walker and Schimel to use NDA’s as it unprecedented in Wi history for Gov’s to require these NDA’s. Also the Article says alleged abuses, but an inmate recently “settled” for an 18 million dollar settlement agreement.



Thank you Benny! This is certainly something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. Overall I must say that I’m discouraged. But, I’m not done yet.

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