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T and R x 2, jcb!! 🙂 Hopefully, this will be a somewhat peaceful revolt against the anti-labor horsesh!t that went into overdrive in 1981.


Gov. Greg Abbott trolls Vice President Kamala Harris by sending migrants to her home in D.C.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott had over 100 migrants who crossed the border near Eagle Pass bused to D.C. and dropped off Thursday near Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence at the United States Naval Observatory.

Abbott pointed out that Harris was just in Houston and — despite being charged by President Joe Biden with leading the effort to address the surge at the border — she has failed to visit the Rio Grande Valley or Del Rio sectors to see the problem firsthand.

Harris has visited El Paso last June and visited the Rio Grande Valley during the presidential campaign in 2020.

“The Biden-Harris administration continues ignoring and denying the historic crisis at our southern border, which has endangered and overwhelmed Texas communities for almost two years,” Abbott said in a statement announcing the new busloads arriving in D.C.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denounced Abbott’s latest move during a briefing with reporters in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

“The fact that Fox News and not the Department of Homeland Security, the city or local (non-governmental organizations) were alerted about a plan to leave migrants, including children, on the side of a busy DC street makes clear that this is just a cruel, premeditated political stunt,” Jean-Pierre told reporters.

Abbott has now sent migrants to three states, targeting Democrats who he blames for inviting them here with soft immigration policies.

Texas has bused over 7,900 migrants to Washington, D.C. since April and 2,200 migrants to New York City since August 5. Abbott also recently sent about 300 migrants to Chicago.

CHICAGO MAYOR RESPONDS: Gov. Abbott blasted by Mayor Lightfoot for ‘racist and xenophobic’ migrant busing scheme

Politically, Abbott has been getting nearly daily praise from conservative media outlets in response to his efforts. And just on Friday, national television host Bill Maher called what Abbott is doing as calling the bluff of liberal cities that praise all the immigrants coming over, but don’t have to deal with the consequences, as Texas must do.


Not reported here, but David Segal, who was running for the congress in the 2nd district, lost. He lost to a hedge fund manager.