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Well Bernie and Warren supporters can agree that most Dem senators leave much to be desired.


Yet a number of Democrats privately acknowledge that if Warren or Sanders wins the nomination, it will create immediate tension within the party.

The two progressives are to the left of many of their colleagues, and some of their best-known proposals, such as “Medicare for All” and free college education, do not have widespread support within the Democratic caucus.

If Warren or Sanders wins the party’s presidential nomination, there will be pressure in the Senate to adopt their proposals. And there could be tensions between a nominee and senators who do not back their proposals.

Another factor is the race for the Senate. Some Democrats think it will be easier to win races in conservative-leaning states such as Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia if Biden is their nominee and not Warren or Sanders.

One Democratic senator who requested anonymity to discuss the race said a number of senators neutral in the race are more aligned with Biden.

“Ideologically, they’re definitely more with Biden,” said the Democratic senator, who described colleagues as having doubts about Warren’s and Sanders’s boldest proposals.

“Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, the wealth tax — the list is long,” the senator said.

A second Democratic senator who requested anonymity predicted that if Warren or Sanders is elected president, they will likely face opposition from fellow Democrats to some of their biggest proposals.

“The senators have a great confidence in their own ability with a friendly White House to say, ‘We like a lot of that, but we don’t like all of it,’ ” the senator said. “We’re not going to just do what they ask because they ask.”

Don midwest
Don midwest

“I am going to primary them”

Bernie in an interview with the co founder of The Young Turks asked about supporting primary to members of The Party who are not with the program …

So, their support of Biden is the bid to save their own ass

Interesting to look beyond the visible leadership to the rot throughout The Party



There’s just one problem: Great swathes of the Democratic structure are permeated to their very marrow with moral rot and cowardice, unwilling to do anything but the most superficial acts to check the GOP — and indeed often conspiring with them to preserve Republican dominance, as Democrats in the North Carolina state legislature did Monday.

If America is to be purged of the Republican Party’s lawlessness and corruption, only somewhat less serious problems in the Democratic Party must also be rooted out first.


that’s the trouble with blue no matter who. We now have a majority of Republicans pretending to be Democrats. Seen as normal.


these writers need to educate themselves. Warren is NOT for M4A.


Really how so? She may not be the most effective vehicle for M4A, but she clearly said that she stands with Bernie on M4A. Biden and his Senate pals clearly believe she is for M4A.


She hides behind Bernie and is wishy washy in her response.


Stephen Colbert pressed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) during CBS’s “Late Show” Tuesday night on whether the Democratic presidential hopeful would raise taxes on the middle class if she were to win the White House.

“You keep being asked in the debates how are you going to pay for it. Are you going to be raising the middle-class taxes?” Colbert asked. “How are you going to pay for it? Are you going to be raising the middle-class taxes?”

“So, here’s how we’re going to do this. Costs are going to go up for the wealthiest Americans, for big corporations,” Warren replied. “And hard-working middle-class families are going to see their costs going down.”

“But will their taxes go up?” Colbert asked again.

“But here’s the thing,” Warren said.

“But here’s the thing,” an amused Colbert retorted. “I’ve listened to these answers a few times before and I just want to make a parallel suggestion to you that you might defend the taxes perhaps that you’re not mentioning in your sentence.”

“Isn’t ‘Medicare for All’ like public school?” he continued rhetorically, pointing to the health care proposal advocated by progressives in the Democratic race such as Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“There might be taxes for it, but you certainly save a lot of money sending your kids to school, and do you want to live in a world where your kids aren’t educated? Do you want to live in a world where your fellow citizens are dying, even if it costs a little bit of money?” Colbert added.


Yes not as good as Bernie. That is one reason I support him. But she has said she supports M4A and getting rid of private insurance. She probably would be quicker to compromise, but Bernie is going to have to compromise as long as we have the Republican Party and the moderate Dems, none of whom are going away in the foreseeable future, certainly not under President Sanders or President Warren. It’s a long-term project.


sorry i was gone. she is basically for a phase in, a long phase in, which would leave insurance companies intact, who knows how many and for how long – – she’s not saying. On the one hand, it’s great that she’s joining Bernie in her words, on the other, she totally scares me in that she will be another Obama.


why not just support Bernie’s bill, then? her daughter apparently makes good $ from her affiliation with United Health and their bad Medicare advantage plan. i wish i felt differently.

She wants the populace to believe that she is all in for Medicare for all because she knows it will help get her elected.


PB your last sentence cuts thru the BS. A false female version of Bernie. even uses his catch phrases. But if she would win, I think she would resort to keeping her donors happy and forget what she campaigned on. So no I don’t trust her at this point. Colbert did bring up her being an R in 96 but not much of an answer from her.


She is the Second Coming of $hrill–no thanks!



She’s pretty wishy-washy about it.

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