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Hey Hunter, you ahole: Tuff titties said Bill’s Kittie! Wonder why Mr. Craporate Boy Roberts allowed this? Hmmmmmmm. T and R, Benny!! 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

Not just American exceptionalism, but human exceptionalism

Gaia has regulated the earth for over 3 billion years

Can Humans cooperate?

A short article in Science Mag by Bruno Latour and a earth scientist. Mostly about recycling that Gaia knows how to do.

“save the earth” cannot save the earth, need to save humans and the humans need to realize that they are of the earth

Gaia 2.0:
Could humans add some
level of self-awareness
to Earth’s self-regulation?


A lot of humans don’t even realize that we are animals. I often get shocked, sometimes distasteful looks when I mention it. 😉

“oh yeah, I’m a rebel just for kicks….


When you see their shock ask them, “Why, you’re not an anthropocentrist, are you? 😉

But, sadly, anthropocentrism has a serious side as you probably already know, in that it often affects humans approach to addressing our environmental challenges.

In the 1985 CBC series “A Planet For the Taking”, Dr. David Suzuki explored the Old Testament roots of anthropocentrism and how it shaped our view of non-human animals. Some Christian proponents of anthropocentrism base their belief on the Bible, such as the verse 1:26 in the Book of Genesis:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The use of the word “dominion” in the Genesis is controversial. Many Biblical scholars, especially Roman Catholic and other non-Protestant Christians, consider this to be a flawed translation of a word meaning “stewardship”, which would indicate that mankind should take care of the earth and its various forms of life.


“stewardship”, which would indicate that mankind should take care of the earth and its various forms of life.”

I would say with stewardship we peaked in 1970 with earth day and have slowly trended downward since the corporate takeover of the Govt in this area. Grade D minus at best right now.


You’re right, but I usually just stay silent, hoping it will sink in someday. Sometimes, if it’s a friend, I’ll get an enthusiastic, “That’s right!”

And yes, religion has played its part in convincing us we’re way above the “animals.”



For those who cannot, or don’t want to, click on the video, here is a snippet:

Legendary country singer and longtime progressive activist Willie Nelson has enraged a small but vocal right-wing segment of his fans by endorsing Rep. Beto O’Rourke over Sen. Ted Cruz in the upcoming Texas Senate race, but the 85-year-old musician made clear in an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday that he doesn’t give a damn.

“I don’t care,” Nelson said of his angry fans, who are apparently unaware of his decades-long history of fighting for progressive causes like peace and LGBTQ equality. “You know, they’re entitled to their opinions and I’m entitled to mine.”

“Everybody has an opinion,” Nelson added. “Everybody has a right to an opinion. I think I have one too.”


In the face of continued right-wing backlash, Nelson’s son Lukas issued a video statement on Sunday defending his father’s decision to back O’Rourke over Cruz.

“My father has always led with his heart—in his life and his music, he’s put his energy toward building a heart-based family and community with music as a cultural glue,” Lukas said.

“The issues that are important to him have less to do with himself and what’s good for him and more to do with what’s good for the community,” Lukas continued. “Republican or Democrat, he’s always stood for the candidate that best represented his values which include love for thy neighbor no matter what color or nationality, responsibility with firearms—including some regulation to prevent unnecessary violence—and healthcare that isn’t owned by private companies who put your health below their profit.”

I like that, “music as a cultural glue”.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Marcy Wheeler, aka emptywheel, continues to do excellent work on the Muller investigation

Article out today


It follows up on NYT article that Trump’s legal team is clue less. Part of that is because he lies to them and they believed him that he had done nothing wrong, so let it slide.

At the end of the article Marcy links to her July article where she says she had info on Trump and volunteer to the FBI to describe what she knew. Interesting article in its own right, but as things evolve, more insight into Muller investigation.



Democrat Andrew Gillum holds a 6-point lead over Ron DeSantis (R) in the hotly contested gubernatorial campaign in Florida, according to a new poll.

The Reuters–Ipsos–UVA Center for Politics poll found that 50 percent of voters surveyed support Gillum, compared to 44 percent who back DeSantis.

The remaining percentage of voters said they support a different candidate or did not indicate support for any candidate.

Gillum and DeSantis are running to replace outgoing Gov. Rick Scott (R), who is term-limited and running for Senate. The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election handicapper, rates the gubernatorial contest a “toss-up.”

The Reuters poll shows Gillum with a slightly larger cushion than most other polls have shown thus far.

A RealClearPolitics average of polls in shows Gillum with a lead of roughly 4 percentage points.


They haven’t debated yet. The ecological story down here will definitely affect the elections. It’s bad.

Don midwest
Don midwest

how sick is this

How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich

A year after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, the 51st state has become the favorite playground for extremely wealthy Americans looking to keep their money from the taxman. The only catch? They have to cut all ties to the mainland (wink, wink).

Bruno Latour tells us about the new land, offshore. The land of the oligarchs.


sadly, DiNiro is one of them. let’s hope he at least pays good wages and makes it an eco resort.

it’s the American way.


Remember Dan Bacher from TOP?

He’s still a huge thorn in the side of anyone who is putting campaign donations ahead of California’s envirnonment.


George W. Bush is hitting the campaign trail ahead of the November midterms


Time to throw up. Where’s Cheney?


For polarbear especially.

Kevin de León’s New Campaign Video About His Undocumented Mother Will Break Your Heart (and Dianne Feinstein’s Not Going to Like It)

Speaking with the online outlet (HuffPost), de León said

[he] wants to remind Californians of Feinstein’s record of centrist positions not only on immigration, but also on taxes and foreign policy, which he believes show she is out of touch with California voters. Feinstein voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for former President George W. Bush’s income and estate tax cuts, and until recently, she supported the death penalty, de León noted. (By 2007, Feinstein expressed regret for her vote to authorize the Iraq War.)

Referring to her 2006 vote for the Secure Fence Act, de León said that Feinstein “voted for a wall before Donald Trump ever started speaking about the wall.”

“That’s not a critique, those are her votes,” de León said. “It’s an opportunity to introduce myself to the voters of California and allow them to make the choice.”

“The ad,” de León told the HuffPost, “is an accurate contrast ― a juxtaposition between our actions and what we do in a position of power to improve the human condition for millions of hard-working folks who deserve to become full-fledged Americans.”


Marquette poll: Tony Evers leads Scott Walker 49 percent to 44 percent in governor’s race

MADISON – Democrat Tony Evers saw a boost in support in a Tuesday poll that put him 5 points ahead of GOP Gov. Scott Walker a month after the two were tied.
The Marquette University Law School survey showed Evers, the state schools superintendent, with 49 percent and Walker with 44 percent. Another 6 percent backed Libertarian Phil Anderson.
Poll director Charles Franklin credited Evers’ improvement in the last month to Democratic enthusiasm and Evers’ backing from women.
“White college women are very heavily pro-Democratic this year,” Franklin told reporters.
Three-quarters of Democrats reported they were very enthusiastic about voting, while 64 percent of Republicans said they were very enthusiastic.
Last month’s poll by Marquette showed Walker and Evers tied at 46 percent.

Cautiously optimistic as still a lot of time left for Kochwalker inc to pull out some BS yet I expect polls to tighten to a point or two.
Baldwin up 53 to Vukmir’s 44 percent a yuge jump from the 49 -47 Baldwin/vukmir poll last time. Long way to WI voters you gotta show up and vote!!!!!!!


Very wary of polls but sometimes they’re right. Good luck to you and me in our respective states, wi60 in November.


So Gillum tweeted this last night:

and got quite an earful.

Today, this is what he tweeted:

I think he got the message? I appreciate Gillum doing that.


I appreciate it, too, and pray that he is sincere.


Speaking of Florida, this IS troubling!


Yes, i’m wondering how “wonderful” our mail-in ballots are–our only choice. I’ve been rejected b/c my signature didn’t look right, luckily not during any close races.

And now i’m reading that the optical scanners are not that hard to hack.


Two small items, both possibly climate change-related, both interesting.

The first is a video clip from North Carolina that happened on Sept 16th.

she and her friend were at her parents’ home in Asheville when her friend noticed the door to her Honda Odyssey was open. The pair went outside to close the door and her friend left. Lissenden then went back inside the home to put her daughter to sleep and noticed the windows to her van were foggy and saw a paw print.

Did the bear open up her van’s door to take refuge??

Click on the link in my tweet to see the vid with its ‘dramatic’ part.

This next one is also dramatic. These firefighters were literally in a tug of war with Mother Nature! And Mother Nature won.

Again, click on the link to view it, and stay with it til the end when the firefighter is so frustrated that he throws a rock at the firenado. Talk about symbolic.


I like this lady a lot.

“We Need a New Economy That Works for the Many”

(Jovanka) Beckles was born in Panama and immigrated to the United States when she was nine. She attended Florida A&M on a basketball scholarship and has lived in the Bay Area for thirty years. Now she has her sights set on the state house: she’s running for State Assembly in California’s AD-15.

Her opponent this time isn’t Chevron. It’s Buffy Wicks, a former Obama aide who was dubbed “Buffy the Bernie Slayer” in the 2016 primary for her efforts to defeat Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton’s California campaign director. Wicks has never held office before and moved to the district two years ago. Even without an organic local social base, she’s pulled in nearly $1.5 million, making this race the most expensive in the district’s history.

Much of the money comes from wealthy donors across the country — and a big chunk of it comes from the pro-charter, anti-union Super PAC Govern for California. You can acquaint yourself with Wicks’s donors at the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America-run website buffywicks.money.

“Buffy”, ugh. If you’ve had any experience being put in a position to have to rub shoulders with preppies, you’d understand my aversion to that name.

Anyway, needless to say Jovanka has an uphill climb on this one. Both Obama and Kamala Harris are squarely behind Buffy with their endorsements.

But Jovanka is a fighter.

We need to create a single-payer health care system that covers all Californians — not just a few, not just the elites who can afford it. The current system leaves millions uninsured, people get their claims denied all the time, and it’s ridiculously expensive. We need a system that covers for everyone and everything, no deductibles or premiums, no exceptions. California has the fifth largest economy in the world, with the highest concentration of billionaires, and we can have single-payer health care.

We also have to protect and expand existing health care access during the transition to a single-payer system. We have to protect Medi-Cal from budget cuts, and we also have to keep hospitals open rather than just letting corporations up and leave our communities without health care.

In addition to those two things, I’ll also be advocating for implementing a publicly funded care-coordination system between hospitals, social services, school districts, and other care providers. It’s hard for working people to coordinate their own care in a fragmented system. We should offer wrap-around services, so that nobody falls through the cracks.


A bit more on Jovanka Beckles.

Beckles, 54, serves as vice mayor in Richmond and also works as a mental health specialist. During an April interview with the East Bay Times editorial board, Beckles said her main priorities include “social, economic and environmental justice.”

A long shot for sure. But maybe Buffy’s support is more shallow than appearances might suggest. Buffy’s only strong point seems to be her establishment connections thanks to having been an Obama aide.


Buffy OTOH:

The single largest financial backer of Wicks’s campaign, Govern for California, has spent more than half a million dollars supporting Wicks, through both earmarked individual contributions and the Govern for California PAC, which as of last week has spent nearly $400,000 supporting Wicks.

Walmart Chair Greg Penner (Co-founder of Govern for California) and his wife, Walmart heir Carrie Walton Penner, have given thousands to Govern for California. Carrie Walton Penner sits on the board of the KIPP Foundation, EdVoice, and the Charter School Growth Fund. She also previously sat on Devos’ charter group Alliance for School Choice. Greg Penner funneled $500,000 of dark money through Americans for Job Security in an attempt to defeat Prop 30 in 2012 and support the anti-union Prop 32.

Tech investor and political plutocrat Ron Conway, who is also supporting a Republican in a key swing district that could determine control of Congress, is a co-founder of Govern for California.

David Crane, a former advisor to Arnold Schwarznegger, is the president of Govern for California. He’s also one of its biggest donors. And he’s a big supporter of charter schools.

I’m pretty sure I know which one would probably be a better choice for the people of CA AD15.

The big right-wing money in key East Bay Assembly race


Shit, posting that link made a pic of Buffy pop up, so for fair play here’s a pic of Jovanka!

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