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Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of a “transparent and pathetic attempt to bribe” seniors for their votes after Trump vowed to send $200 prescription drug discount cards to more than 30 million Medicare recipients just weeks ahead of the November election.

Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, called Trump’s highly dubious promise “bizarre” and said that “seniors and all Americans don’t need Trump cards, they need real solutions to rip-off drug prices,” which have continued to soar during Trump’s presidency despite his repeated vows to lower them.

“The solution to outlandishly high pharmaceutical prices is not to give people money to offset extortionate drug prices; the solution is to end price gouging altogether,” Weissman said in a statement.


Big F’n Deal, wont even pay for one vial of insulin. After the $200 gone then what? You know the answer….

Don midwest
Don midwest

I saw much of this speech on CSPAN

Why oh why did the democratic party not make this speech years ago?

My answer: the politicians wanted to be legitimate through the vote but did not want to do anything that pointed out the lack of election integrity.

In this regard, dems and repubs goal is to hold on to the power they have which means kissing up to neo liberal economics


Yes. Trump’s whole fear of mail in voting could have resulted in a huge movement to ban machines until we get a true open, accountable type of software, if that’s possible. In a healthy society it would have. Both Russia Russia Russia and Trump’s fear of mailing could have sparked this whole election integrity movement. but nahh

Paul ADK

You want to spark anything in this country you need a flamethrower.





A truck plowed into a Los Angeles crowd of demonstrators protesting the lack of charges in the police killing of Breonna Taylor on Thursday night, striking at least one person and forcing dozens of others to dive out of the way.

The unnamed victim was reported hospitalized in stable condition with minor injuries.

The driver of the truck was stopped by police minutes later and was taken into custody, KTLA and the Los Angeles Times reported. The driver claimed protesters attacked his vehicle first, police said.

A shocking video of the encounter on Thursday shows a large black pickup speeding toward demonstrators in Hollywood shortly before 9 p.m. The vehicle strikes one person, who falls backward on the pavement, and briefly stops. As protesters begin hitting the truck with signs, the vehicle roars away, appearing to run over the person who already had been stuck.


Sadly a lot of these drivers never get prosecuted, not even fined.


Leaked chat logs show Portland-area pro-Trump activists planning and training for violence, sourcing arms and ammunition and even suggesting political assassinations ahead of a series of contentious rallies in the Oregon city, including one scheduled for this weekend.

The chats on the GroupMe app, shared with the Guardian by the antifascist group Eugene Antifa, show conversations between Oregon members of the Patriots Coalition growing more extreme as they discuss armed confrontations with leftwing Portland activists, and consume a steady diet of online disinformation about protests and wildfires.

At times, rightwing activists discuss acts of violence at recent, contentious protests, which in some cases they were recorded carrying out. At one point, David Willis, a felon currently being sued for his alleged role in an earlier episode of political violence, joins a discussion about the use of paintballs.

Where other members had previously suggested freezing the paintballs for maximum damage, Willis wrote: “They make glass breaker balls that are rubber coated metal. They also have pepper balls but they are about 3 dollars a ball. Don’t freeze paintballs it makes them wildly inaccurate” [sic.]

Don midwest
Don midwest

manufacturing consent in Chomsky

but, manufacturing violence is right out of Hitler’s playbook

I know that using Hitler is almost always a bridge too far

a cheap slogan

but, this article describes explicitly how the game was played in Germany

will it work here?

no guarantee that it won’t work again …….


The Republican lawsuit that seeks to strike down the Affordable Care Act would save the richest one-tenth of 1 percent of Americans an average of $198,000 per year, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The case, which was initiated by 18 state attorneys general and backed by the Trump administration, is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court a week after the November election. A Texas judge ruled in 2018 that the entire Obamacare law was unconstitutional, after the Republican-led Congress eliminated the individual mandate penalty in its 2017 tax bill and an appeals court then sent the case back for the judge to decide whether the entire law needed to be struck down.

Legal experts have called the idea that the individual mandate rendered the entire law unconstitutional “ridiculous” and a “mockery of the rule of law.” But conservatives currently hold a 5-3 majority on the Supreme Court, which could soon swell to a 6-3 majority if President Trump successfully replaces the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, putting the fate of the law and health coverage and protections for tens of millions of Americans in doubt.

Repealing Obamacare would be a boon for the richest Americans, however, because of the taxes imposed by the law. Obamacare imposed a 0.9% tax on earnings over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples, along with an additional 3.8% tax on unearned income like capital gains and royalties. The analysis also includes other Obamacare revenue streams, like a $2.8 billion annual fee on pharmaceutical companies and the law’s employer mandate. These taxes were used to cover the cost of the Medicaid expansion and subsidies for those buying health care on the exchanges created by the law.

The top 0.1% of earners, who make more than $3 million per year, would see a tax savings of about $198,000 per year, according to the CBPP analysis. Households earning more than $1 million per year would get tax cuts of about $42,000 per year.


$198K is chump change to those that would benefit. Greed is the downfall of the US.


All empires fall and a two tired society Super rich and poor will not last much longer as more and more people slip from the middle class to the poor. The rich need the “drones” to have some purchasing power or else. Most people are a major breakdown of a car etc or a medical event from joining the poor.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Destruction of Gaia

By both socialists and capitalists

Interesting article about how both are focused on PRODUCTION which leads directly to resource extraction.

Not being in contact with the many beings that make up the life world, but being superior and continuing the colonialization of Gaia

Funny thing, Gaia is now appearing and is a political agent – rights of rivers, of the Great lakes, etc.

This article reinforces my sense that all current political positions reinforce the inability to take small steps like the Green New Deal. That is a small step in light of the war we are fighting with Gaia that has not been declared nor noticed nor addressed.

Enough of that.

This article is about French farmers and their entanglement with the beings that together support our life world. Our existence depends on them.

Excellent article of a new Ph. D. in France who is in the larger path of Bruno Latour’s work.

While this article is excellent and important, I will share my own gap to cross. While the farmers are not doing PRODUCTION, I have trouble imagining that the factory that PRODUCES my cell phone is not being PRODUCTIVE. Hard to get over that word. Much easier to understand the danger of GROWTH used to justify PROGRESS and being MODERN.


This is a translation from an article on AOC which is either a publication like The Atlantic, or a newspaper in France. Note from translator, Tim Howles.

I was delighted to read this very interesting article from anthropologist Dusan Kazic published on AOC. Building on aspects of Latour’s work, both in the Inquiry and elsewhere, Kazic presents a compelling vision for exiting from “The Economy”, that artificial metaphysical construction that dissociates us from the interactions that comprise real “economic” activity. Here is a translation. Kazic has a book forthcoming with La Découverte, based on his doctoral research, entitled Plantes animées. De la production aux relations avec les plantes. Latour has referred to him in some of his recent work.


You give me lots to chew on Don, thank you.


The Trump administration has announced it will move forward with a plan to roll back regulations protecting millions of acres in America’s largest national forest from logging, sparking an outcry from environmental advocacy organizations, Alaskan tribal nations, and fishermen.

More than half of the Tongass national forest – a 16.7m-acre old-growth temperate rainforest in south-east Alaska – has been protected for the last two decades by the so-called “Roadless Area Conservation Rule”, which prohibits development in designated wild areas. The US Forest Service is expected to release a final environmental impact statement on Friday which would allow for the Tongass to be exempt from the rule, moving one step closer to ending the protections entirely.

Supporters of the exemption see it as increasing access to federal lands for such things as timber harvests and development of minerals and energy projects. Republican leaders in Alaska have lobbied the federal government to reverse the rule over the last two years. In a Washington Post op-ed published last year, the Republican senator Lisa Murkowski wrote that the regulations were “an unnecessary layer of paralyzing regulation that should never have been applied to Alaska”. Under the former governor Bill Walker, the state asked the federal government to consider the exemption in 2018, and members of Alaska’s congressional delegation last fall supported a draft proposal that listed an exemption as a preferred alternative.

Development could also have a devastating impact on the native people who call the area home. Critics say the move could also adversely affect wildlife, fuel the climate crisis and hurt tourism and recreation opportunities. The sprawling wilderness is also an important source of salmon for the billion-dollar commercial fishing industry.


It was around this time four years ago — fewer than 50 days out from the election — when Wisconsin Democrats began grumbling that then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was ignoring them. But Clinton’s campaign was confident in their data, which showed Wisconsin was locked.

On Election Day, Clinton lost Wisconsin by just under 23,000 votes. The Democratic candidate had never stepped foot in the state for a general election visit. Her first TV ad there aired a mere 10 days before the election.

Four years later, it’s clear that presidential nominee Joe Biden and the Wisconsin Democrats have learned some big lessons from that loss.

The campaign has made the state a clear priority: It’s already spent $16 million on ads in the state, with other Democratic groups pouring in an additional $18 million, according to data from Kantar/CMAG. Even with his travel schedule limited due to the coronavirus pandemic, Biden has already traveled to the state twice. California Sen. Kamala Harris, the party’s vice presidential nominee, traveled to the state for her first in-person campaign events earlier this month.

And Democrats in the state can feel it on the ground. “The presence of the Biden campaign is more noticeable than any presence the Clinton campaign had when you could physically do things,” said Mike Tate, a former chair of the state Democratic Party who is now a lobbyist.

The difference is remarkable: Biden holds a clear and consistent lead in public polling, with Biden often topping 50% and Trump struggling to climb out of the low 40s. (Clinton had similar leads in polling, but there have been far more high-quality polls in Wisconsin this cycle, and there are fewer undecided voters.)



What is especially striking about Mr. Trump’s calculations is that, for a president who openly uses the levers of government to advance his re-election interests, he has proved unwilling so far to seriously consider a justice who may offer him the most political help.

Members of the Florida congressional delegation, as well as some of the president’s own campaign aides, have nudged the president to nominate Ms. Lagoa, a Miami-born appellate court judge whose parents fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba. These Republicans have argued that Mr. Trump would lift his standing in Florida and in other vital states with large Hispanic populations, such as Arizona, by effectively making a Latina his running mate in the final weeks of the race.

“Justice Lagoa would be a great pick,” said Senator Rick Scott of Florida, noting that she was the first Cuban-American to have served on the Florida Supreme Court.

Should the president substantially cut into Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s advantage in Democrat-dominated Miami-Dade County, it would all but snuff out any chance Mr. Biden has to carry Florida.

Not picking Ms. Lagoa, who was appointed to the federal bench with the support of 80 senators, would verge on political malpractice, some Republicans believe.

“As goes Florida, goes so goes the nation,” said Scott Reed, the top strategist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Yet Mr. Trump’s senior aides have all but resigned themselves to his selecting Judge Barrett, the former Notre Dame law professor the president put on the federal bench in 2017.

Mark Meadows, the president’s chief of staff, and the White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, have been especially insistent on Judge Barrett. Mr. Meadows has argued to Mr. Trump that Ms. Lagoa has an insufficient record on which to judge just how conservative she is, according to Republicans briefed on the conversations. At the same time, conservative interest group leaders have sought to derail Judge Lagoa by reminding the president that it was his former adversary, Jeb Bush, who first put her on the bench.

Another issue is that Mr. Trump’s instincts are still geared toward his political base, and he continues to behave like a candidate who is running in a Republican primary. When offered the choice between making broad appeals or burrowing further into his overwhelmingly white and largely male base of support, he almost always sides with his core voters.


it’s all egos, machines, bread and circuses at this point.



T and R, Ms. Benny!! 🐋🦋☮️😊👍



I pieced together a new future and a self in that Books-A-Million, with a notebook and cup of tea. The notebook could well have been Post-it notes, like the ones Breonna Taylor used to imagine herself into being:
This was the year of big plans for the 26-year-old: Her home was brimming with the Post-it notes and envelopes on which she wrote her goals. She had just bought a new car. Next on the list: buying her own home. And trying to have a baby with Mr. Walker. They had already chosen a name. — Breonna Taylor’s Life Was Changing; Then The Police Came To Her Door
I cannot get those Post-it notes out of my mind. We favor the public, robust forms of resistance’s material culture. We like the pussy hats and the “I AM A MAN” placards and broken Molotov cocktail glass. Those are the artifacts of social change that find places in the museums and textbooks tasked with excising the symbols from the violent oppressions that produce them.
But it is the private material culture that speaks to our survival; how we exert dominion over our imaginations in a world that constrains our bodies so violently to a place, a history, a stereotype, a disposable data point.


This may have been posted a while back but for those who didn’t see this article,this was pre-verdict.
Breonna Taylor: Louisville EMT Killed in Botched Police Raid, Lawyer Says

She was contributing to society and had set goals and dreams like any other person


+++ sometimes my recs don’t take.