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Well, well, well, mags: T and R!! You must have seen my comment at the bottom of the 7/27 OT. 🙂 I would volunteer as one of the usual suspects to post; but, seriously, I do not know my way around cyberspace like you all do. Mucho gracias, senorita. 🙂
I’ll tell ya, this impeachment scenario has got the CTers all stirred up. Just like a gang of fire ants when someone steps on their mound. OUCH!

Don midwest
Don midwest

Do books serve a moral function, in your view? How so?

Do books serve a moral function? Absolutely. And it isn’t a question of subject matter, because fiction isn’t obliged to tackle the world head-on. If we are only interested in the now, then the past is obsolete. Reading is such an odd act — solitary, introspective, outside of time (not controlled by time) and not subject to surveillance. Reading isn’t data. Books more than ever are agents of freedom from a snoopy controlling data-driven nightmare that pretends we are free when we have never been more scrutinized. So reading certainly has moral value — and is increasingly subversive. Literature is a compass — useful to get your bearings even if you want to go in a different direction. Literature is a tool kit. Books are the most practical of endeavors. They teach us about life, about motive, about our own darkness, about why we act as we do, and they give us back real live language. Anything that frees your brain from the karate-chop syntax of newsfeed and social media is in part a meditative act.

The purpose of art changes as society changes. Sometimes art has to break us up — sometimes art has to heal us up. Literature, because it is made of language, returns language to us. If we have the words, we are not silenced, although we learn, through the enforced quiet of reading, what it means to be silent.

By The Book page in NYT Book Review this morning.

Jeanette Winterson Owns the Entire Oxford English Dictionary


All art is a mirror on human society. It always has been. Just being literate is a type of power in itself. Thanks @Don. Will check it out. 🙂


good reminder of how much books mean in our lives. thanks.

Don midwest
Don midwest

corrupt NATIONAL security system

retroactively classify document as secret and prosecute those who have it

and use the Patriot Act to charge them with treason.

and as we know, there is no defense in court under this indictment

Hence, Snowden says he would face a trial if is was a trial of his peers, not this

now being applied to democrats so the parties might begin to face up to the travesty of justice in this act

and recall that Obama was a forceful champion of the use of this to silence critics like Thomas Drake


Man, is this shitestorm getting old or what? The extreme power fruitcakes on both political sides have been pulling this ‘classified’ garbage for like, 4-ever! 🙁

Don midwest
Don midwest

as I recall, 92 million documents classified secret in one year of Obama’s presidency


Native American 2020 candidate aims to raise awareness of indigenous peoples

In a video launching his presidential campaign, Mark Charles, hair tied in a tsiiyéeł, a Native American hair knot, introduces himself in the Navajo language.

“Yá’ át’ ééh. Mark Charles yinishyé,” Charles says.

“Tsin bikee dine’é nishłí. Dóó tó’aheedlíinii bá shíshchíín. Tsin bikee’ dine’é dashicheii. Dóó tódích’ íi’ nii dashinálí.”

Roughly translated, Charles is explaining that his father was Navajo and his mother Dutch American. What doesn’t need explaining is that if Charles were elected in November 2020, he would become the first Native American president of the United States.

It’s an extremely long-shot bid. But Charles is also aiming to use his campaign to raise awareness of the historic, and continuing, abuse of Native Americans and other ethnicities, hopefully resulting in an improved constitution that he believes would better reflect the modern-day US.

“Do we want to be a nation where we the people actually means all the people?” Charles says.

“Because if we do, then we have some foundational level work to do.”

Native American people living on reservations, Charles says, have always been overlooked by politicians. The territory of the Navajo Nation covers 27,000 square miles alone – enough to make it the 48th largest state in the US. Despite that, Charles says, the territory of 350,000 people is rarely visited by politicians running for president.



Its good to finally have a second choice.

I think this is a fantastic video and would love to hear these issues discussed on the debate stage.

Once again, if I was on the Bernie campaign I would have long ago begun a tour of reservations/Indigenous lands.

PS: The 4:00 mark on the choice between Clinton/Trump. 100%


Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Wow! Beautiful! Educational! Real!! I hope he gets some publicity.


I really think this is the best political ad of 2019. Its very powerful for those of us who follow these issues.


AOC- Bernie –Interesting Development

INTERESTING meeting today in Burlington, VT:@BernieSanders sat down with @AOC.
The two were spotted at a diner in town and AOC’s team confirms they met.

No word on what they discussed….

— Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles) September 29, 2019




For some fun for our fellow space enthusiasts. “I’m Going to Mars–Well my name is any way 🙂 you can sign up for a boarding pass for the Mars 2020 rover mission. Just have to supply an e-mail address and your name will be on a micro chip of names that go on the rover mission next year.

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