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In A Win For Progressives, Nancy Pelosi Raises The Bar For Infrastructure Vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested Wednesday that Democrats need to agree among themselves on the text of a major budget bill before the House can vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Her comments appeared to raise the bar for an infrastructure bill to move forward, making it far less likely a vote will occur on Thursday as planned.

Progressive Democrats in the House have threatened to withhold their votes from the infrastructure bill until the House and Senate also pass the Build Back Better bill, which contains major Democratic priorities on paid leave and child care.

In response to a question about the progressive threat, Pelosi implied there does need to be an agreement on “legislative language” for the budget bill in order for the infrastructure vote to occur.

“I think that we come to a place where we have agreement in legislative language ― not just principal ― in legislative language that the president supports,” Pelosi said Wednesday.



In response to Pelosi’s comments, Manchin told CNN “that won’t happen.”

“No one has been negotiating along those lines with the other parties here,” he said.

He added, “All we need to do is pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, sit down, and start negotiating in good faith. That’s it.”

Pelosi, who can only afford to lose three Democratic votes in the House for legislation to still pass without Republican support, didn’t rule out delaying the Thursday vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill but said Democrats are moving ahead.

Pelosi said earlier this week she won’t bring the bill up for a vote without enough support to pass. After Manchin’s comments, she said she has the authority to delay Thursday’s vote.


imho, this is not enough



Progressives shouldn’t let them get away with this. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already delayed a vote on the skinny bill from Monday to Thursday, clearly in hopes that the centrists will stop reneging and the deal can be salvaged. But if centrists haven’t backed down from their unsubtle efforts to derail the Biden agena, then it’s time for progressives to make good on the “F around and find out” threat. Progressives should refuse to vote for the skinny bill, and stand by their demand that it’s both bills or none.

There are many Democrats who are panicked at this proposition, fearing that the slim infrastructure bill is better than passing nothing. But while that is a legitimate concern, it pales next to the larger problem of rewarding saboteurs and letting the GOP continue to use a handful of centrists as puppets to control the Democratic agenda. It really comes down to the very basic principles of contracts: If bad faith actors are allowed to renege on deals, they will continue to use false promises to entrap the good faith actors time and again.



Exactly they are bullies I’m getting angry. If they do it to us again, I just don’t know


as promised (ro khanna)




sounds like they’re going with the “centrists.”
i can’t say frack often enough. and frack them.


and of course, even more, you all. 🤗




Progressives are imploring fellow Democrats to stop using the term “moderate” to describe some lawmakers in their party, arguing it inaccurately labels those holding up President Biden’s agenda as merely staking out a middle-ground approach.

The rhetorical pressure campaign is escalating over what liberals see as Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema’s (D-Ariz.) lack of cooperation with their favored approach to passing social and physical infrastructure legislation simultaneously.

That reluctance has prompted some on the left to cast the duo as intraparty obstructionists with a right-of-center posture on many top priorities. One House Democrat went so far as to say the term is causing “grave harm” to the discourse.

“Referring to the small handful of conservative Democrats working to block the president’s agenda as ‘moderates’ does grave harm to the English language and unfairly maligns my colleagues who are actually moderate yet by and large understand the stakes of this historic moment,” first-term Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.) told The Hill on Tuesday.

“Moderates and progressives are united in our commitment to passing President Biden’s agenda and delivering for the American people,” he said. “Anyone trying to obstruct that agenda is, at best, behaving like a Republican.”


So, the Turd Way is going to define ‘ moderate’? Really? A bunch of craporate RWingers. I would laugh my wrinkled old self silly if it wasn’t so serious aka addressing climate chaos. 🤬


I could think of a lot of other, more create words to describe these “moderates” but I it may not make it past the censors. 😀