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Bernie doesn’t have to show up at those DNC events.


But the reformer image can be tough to project when candidates faced with a small-donation shortfall turn to intimate gatherings organized by corporate titans, or partners in big law firms, with considerable business before the federal government.

When an African American church-based political group brought thousands of young black Christians to a presidential forum in Atlanta this summer, some prominent candidates were absent due to “scheduling conflicts.” On their schedule: trolling for donors.

Joe Biden was making a pitch at the time to donors who noshed on mini crab cakes in the resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Del., where he owns a $2.7-million vacation home. Harris was in the seaside playground of Martha’s Vineyard, where donors feted her at the home of director Spike Lee. The co-chairs for that event each had to raise at least $10,000.

Sanders and Warren, meanwhile, were at the Black Church PAC event.

A few days later, organizers of a large Native American presidential forum were irked by the absence of Biden and Harris. The former vice president was in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood, being toasted by donors at the home of Nelson Cunningham, whose lobbying firm represents several of the world’s largest corporations. Harris was scheduled to be in Los Angeles raising cash with the help of Hollywood execs. She patched into the Native American forum by Skype.

Poor image isn’t the candidates’ only worry. All that hobnobbing with the elite is also a serious time suck.

“It really warps the candidate’s schedule,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ senior adviser. “Your time is eaten up by other people with these donor calls and small events and traveling to these places to raise money. … Bernie Sanders spends more time talking to voters and packing town halls and rallies. The more voters hear him, the more small donors come. The more donors come, the more people come out to hear him. It becomes a system which builds on itself.”

Warren has been to 128 town halls. Her campaign’s selfie-taking machine is now legendary, logging 52,000 snapshots with voters. She has time to hang around after events that candidates darting off to fundraisers don’t. In Seattle last week, she stayed snapping selfies for four hours.

There has been no other presidential primary in recent history where two of the top three candidates run their campaigns by swearing off bundlers and private fundraisers with wealthy donors. That makes this election cycle a milestone for anti-corruption activists.

And the Democratic National Committee is requiring candidates who want to tap into its voter file, a key tool for campaigns, to show up at big-ticket fundraisers.

That led Warren to a rare uncomfortable place a week ago. On the stage at the party’s “I Will Vote” gala dinner in San Francisco, she spoke forcefully about rooting out corruption.

Among those in the audience? VIP donors who paid $50,000 for a table and entrance to a private reception.



The good news is that the battle for the heart and soul of today’s Democratic Party is on, with forces ready to rein in abusive corporate actors gaining momentum. One sign of that shift: five Democrats running for president – Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, and Marianne Williamson – have come out in support of a ban on the expansion of factory farms. These Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are usually massive industrial livestock operations that pollute the air and water and ruin the quality of life for people who live close to them.

Warren and Castro clarified their position in response to a candidate questionnaire from the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund, the largest grassroots organization in the state. Sanders had already declared his position on his campaign website.

Taking a stand on factory farms is the right thing to do. It’s also good politics. Unless, of course, your path to the Oval Office is dependent on contributions from corporate agriculture.


Oops a double



Strangely, the Democratic Party still doesn’t seem to have learned its lesson. So far, in the early stages of the 2020 race, candidates have finally started to focus on other under-appreciated groups, such as Native voting populations in swing states. And yet, three years into the sitting U.S. president routinely spewing Islamophobic rhetoric to the masses, the conversation around Muslim issues has only grown murkier, more dangerous, and—when it comes to the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates—unnervingly quiet.

Last weekend, the Islamic Society of North America held its 56th annual conference in Houston. Headlined by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, every presidential candidate polling at one percent or higher was invited to speak at the event. Only Sanders and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro showed up.

At the forum, Sanders—whose 2020 operations are helmed by Faiz Shakir, the first Muslim manager of a major presidential campaign—became the first presidential candidate to speak out about the Indian government’s constitutional attacks on Kashmir’s autonomy, called for a more robust discussion and reaction to domestic terrorism, and decried the United States’ role in the Yemen conflict. The speech earned him a standing ovation and positive headlines over the holiday weekend.

While the content of Sanders’s speech appeared to hit the right notes and impress the 6,000-plus who packed the auditorium, the disturbing reality remains that he and Castro were the only two available options to attendees. Part of the low participation, as many campaigns will claim, can be blamed on the nature of the campaign schedule. But there’s also a larger trend at play.

Lama Alzuhd, Vice Chair of Muslim advocacy group Emgage Action Michigan, told MSNBC in August that the inaction has come to symbolize what political leaders in the community have noticed as a long trend of hollow offerings from a party that claims to defend them but then shrinks from the task when the opportunity arises.

“I think we’re at a point where if we don’t hear enough support for Rashida [Tlaib] and for Ilhan [Omar], people are going to stay at home,” Alzuhd told MSNBC. “We finally got people who look like us, who sound like us, who pray like us, who speak to our issues, who connect with us, on the ballot and in office, and yet we are receiving no support.”



There are many additional points to be made about the content of Sanders’s campaign, and how his bold pro-worker message is likely to appeal to voters in swing states, particularly in the deindustrialized Midwest and Rust Belt. But those are for another article. On the level of basic electoral strategy, unseating Trump requires voters everywhere, especially in swing regions, turning out and pulling the lever for Trump’s opponent.

And they need to be convinced to do this not just by campaign staff, but by the people in their immediate social networks. The campaign best positioned to pull this off is the one that already boasts the most early and enthusiastic support from people who are dedicated to organizing in the nooks and crannies that official campaign staff can’t reach.

The candidate most likely to beat Trump is the one with the massive volunteer army, already hard at work all over the country, and especially in swing states and counties. That candidate is Bernie Sanders. No one else comes close.


Maggie’s Trump sources are using their favorite NY Times stenographer to push Warren when I’m sure she’s probably far from their most feared candidate.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the US Congress could get together for a debate on issues instead of just TV appearances where they need not fear being challenged?

I am not saying that the UK is healthy, but that debate is essential.


So that is what actual resistance looks like!


Yeah, who knew?


Hasn’t Rising from The Hill had a number of stories calling out other outlets doing this?


When the subject of Bernie’s age comes up as a reason not to vote for him, point to this:

‘Trailblazer in the Name of Peace’: Anti-War Hero Frances Crowe Dies at 100

It was back in 1945 that her tireless activism began—when the U.S. dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the time, her husband, the late Tom Crowe, was a physician in the Army Medical Corps.

When Crowe heard about the bombing, she told Democracy Now! in 2005, “I really unplugged the iron, left the placemat that I was ironing, and went out looking for a peace center in the streets of New Orleans.”

From Wikipedia:

Crowe was active in the movement against nuclear power and for safe energy in New England since the 1970s[3] and was one of 1414 people arrested at the occupation of the Seabrook nuclear power plant construction site in April, 1977. She was arrested for peace and justice numerous times. Three arrests: In September 2009, Crowe and three other women were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.[4] She was also arrested in Washington DC at the Veterans for Peace demonstration on December 16, 2010 (at 91 yrs of age) along with 6 other women from Western MA. She was arrested on January 15, 2014 (94 years old) again at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant [5] Her latest arrest occurred on June 24, 2017 at the age of 98. She was protesting the building of the Kinder Morgan pipeline through a Massachusetts forest [emphasis added]


(Misleading headline)

Interesting history of how the government has supported coal miners in the past.

If I were prone to cynicism, I would ask “Isn’t the government guaranteeing this income socialism?” Yes, the miners worked for these benefits, but that would be between them and the corporations they work for. Note: In the following article, the Heritage Foundation repeats this sentiment, yet Republican politicians see socialism (of course, they do not call it that) as a way to handle the issue.

Coal Miners Deserve their Healthcare Benefits

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has introduced his own bill known as the HELP for Coal Miners Health Care Act (S. 176). Although similar, McConnell’s bill points a legislative finger of blame at environmental regulation, preventing most Democrats from joining on as co-sponsors. The Manchin/McKinley bill stands the greatest chance of passage.

The Miners Protection Act requires the federal government and the coal operators to honor their obligation of lifetime pensions and health benefits for the miners. [emphasis added]

Side note:
I would like to see a poll asking coal miners if they would be willing to train for another job. A secondary question would be would they be willing to do so if the training was provided for free.


Should executives and board members involved in the theft of earned worker retirements be allowed retain resources for their own comfortable retirements?

Wondering if there is any current legal framework for redistribution of proceeds to workers. I think that the figure mentioned was $500-something a month per retiree. If it takes taxpayer dollars after that then so be it.

Not sure where that would likely happen on the JFK peaceful/violent scale of revolution.


To the first question, did the bankers who got bailed out retain their resources after ruining the lives of millions?

The amount was rather minimal considering that coal miners life expectancy is not great. Yeah, around $500 to $550/mo according to this guy.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Bernie not just important for the US, but for the world

A US journalist shot in Philippines for working with indigenous people and opposing extraction

The race for resources is part of the global olicoarch effort to get all they can as fast as they can and to hell with Gaia including the earthbound, us humans

U.S. Journalist & Activist Brandon Lee Shot in Philippines After Being Called “Enemy of the State”

This is a government action.


added tweet from my hero Bruno Latour who years ago wrote “The Pasteurization of France” describing how he became a hero and was push to the forefront by the hygiene movement. Could not see bacteria but there was a force that led to the change. Need to describe Gaia so it cannot be ignored.


So, there, Supreme Court! (In case you missed it, in June SCOTUS voted 5-4 that gerrymandering could not be challenged in federal court in response to cases brought by NC and Maryland.)

Voting Rights Advocates Celebrate ‘Huge Win for Democracy’ as NC State Court Strikes Down GOP’s Gerrymandered District Map

State officials have two weeks to redraw North Carolina’s district map following a unanimous ruling Tuesday by a state court which found that Republicans in the state were guilty of partisan gerrymandering.

Wake County Superior Court ruled 3-0 that the state’s map was unconstitutional and must be redrawn immediately—in time for the 2020 elections.

One down!


I’m sure they all will be discussing fighting climate change at those events.


Former Vice President Joe Biden is heading back to Wall Street for two fundraisers Thursday, the day after he participates in a climate change town hall.

Biden has shown a willingness to court big money and corporate-linked donors, even as his campaign tries to distance him from lobbyists. His main rivals for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have rejected hosting these kinds of top-dollar fundraisers.

On Thursday, Biden will be hosted by real estate executive Jack Rosen and his wife, Phyllis, for a cocktail party, with tickets at $2,800, according to people with direct knowledge with the matter. Rosen is the CEO of Rosen Partners and president of the American Jewish Congress, a group dedicated to defending Jewish interests in the U.S. and abroad. A video of Rosen’s accomplishments as the organization’s leader has him pictured with both Biden and former President Barack Obama.

The longtime real estate executive also has ties to Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman. In 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported that Fridman and Rosen were partnering to invest into U.S. properties worth $1 billion. Fridman and a few of his Eastern European business allies control Alfa Group, one of Russia’s largest privately owned consortium. Rosen was named to the international advisory board of Altimo, the telecommunications investment arm of Alfa Group in 2007.

That same day, Biden will be heading to the home of investment banker David Solomon, the invitation says. Solomon is a partner at family run investment firm Hildred Capital Partners. Tickets for this event also go up to $2,800. The company website says it has an interest in private equity. Solomon’s colleague Andrew Goldman was once a senior advisor to Biden when he represented the state of Delaware in the U.S. Senate.

Rosen has contributed to other 2020 candidates this cycle including Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, records show. Solomon has not given to any contender so far this year.


2014 *cough*

Hillary Clinton to do NY fundraiser with man whose ‘only agenda’ is Israel

On March 19, Hillary Clinton will be honored in New York by the American Jewish Congress. VIP table goes for $25,000; an individual can get into Cipriani for $1,000.

The Congress used to be a leading Jewish organization, but it folded four years ago and was reconstituted last year, by Jack Rosen. It’s his “show.” Rosen is a real estate guy who gave a lot of money to Bill Clinton’s campaign. And he’s devoted to Israel. The Forward reported that he gave money to the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in years gone by and raised questions about Obama’s support for Israel at a fundraiser for Obama at his house in NY in 2011 at which Obama then bragged on his support for Israel. Josh Nathan-Kazis of the Forward reported:

Rosen’s politics are driven by his support for Israel, according to New York Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf. “Jack Rosen is doing what’s right for Israel, and that’s his only agenda,” Sheinkopf said.

After Sheinkopf emailed Rosen to congratulate him on the fundraiser, Rosen responded: “It was a good evening for Israel.”

Another triumph for Trump, at least as he would see it. He did what Obama couldn’t.

And you wonder why Anthony Weiner said there is no occupation. And why Obama was livid when the Democratic platform failed to say that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish state. And why Hillary Clinton said she was 110 percent behind Israel and she would obliterate Iran if it attacked Israel. If you are in the mainstream media, you could say, These are all random facts.


I want my propaganda for free, dammit! I don’t want to subscribe for it.

Inside Bill Gates’ Hubris: Propaganda to Make America Neoliberal Again

Once upon a time, the world was run by rich men.

And all was good.

But then the world was conquered by other rich men.

And that is something the first group of rich men could not allow.

That is the reason behind Netflix’s new film “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.”

The three-part documentary goes live on Sept. 20. But the film’s aims are clear from the trailer.

It’s a vanity project about Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world.

By examining his mind and motivations, director and executive producer Davis Guggenheim will show us how Gates deserves his billionaire status and that we should allow him to use his philanthrocapitalist ventures to rule the world.

Remember how old money used to look down on the nouveau riche? Well, I wasn’t around either, but I did read about it.

The pity is that Donald Trump and the “Make America Great Again” crowd have goose stepped all over their new world order.

But instead of showing the world why we need to return to democratic principles, strengthen the common good and empower the people to govern themselves, some would rather continue the same plutocracy just with a different set of plutocrats at the wheel.

In the days of Obama, the Bushes and Clinton, it wasn’t membership in the same political party that defined the ruling class. It was holding the same ideology.

Bernie does not only offend them becasue of his ideology, but also becasue he is not rich enough for the club.


Pretty sure Bernie won’t be getting invited to the Alfalfa Club’s annual banquet anytime soon.


Obama is a consultant to Netflix now and he is in overdrive.


Is “consultant” the new word for lobbyist?


Bernie had a good discussion on The View, which I don’t normally watch. I watched this one to see how they treated him, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Note: I am using this source because the interview is in one piece. The original ABC source had a much shorter clip, and The View Twitter account broke the interview into tiny bits. I have included a bit from the accompanying article, but the clip itself should be viewed.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on ‘The View’ doubles down on Trump criticism

During his trip to South Carolina, Sanders teased an additional plan that would cancel $81 million in medical debt, prevent medical debt from negatively impacting credit scores and eliminate portions of the 2005 bankruptcy bill that make it more difficult to get rid of medical debt.

“Why should people be placed in financial duress? For what crime did you commit?” Sanders told supporters in Florence, South Carolina. “You had a serious illness. That is not what this country should be about, but I think when we move to Medicare for All, we will end bankruptcy, and we will end families having to suffer financially.”

Sanders confirmed a more detailed plan on the topic is in the works.


Partial correction::

I found a clip of another part of the interview that wasn’t so great. The complete interview may be up on YouTube at some point to see just how fair it was. The original clip I posted hopefully wasn’t the only good part.


I wish he had come out a little more in favor of Tulsi. but yeah, surprisingly good.


This comment was made during a frustrating conversation someone had with a co-worker and I thought it worth sharing re: how to respond to someone who seems as though they’ve received a toxic amount of propaganda, i.e. been indoctrinated by too much MSNBC:

and also these simple facts from Roe:

he even did more events than she did for herself during the month of August, a month in which she took three weeks off from campaigning.

And that she got 4 million less votes than 2008 Obama despite a growth in the electorate of 24 million voters.


Someone thought this was newsworthy, which makes re-posting it kind of a trap. *Sigh* While I do not want to spread the story, I do want to point out what lengths Ilhan Omar’s detractors will go to smear her. There are at least three more articles along the same vein as this one at that site. This is a Minnesota outlet. The story was repeated at MSN dot com.

D.C. consultant denies Rep. Ilhan Omar affair

(Please do not click. I copied the whole thing so you wouldn’t give the article viewership by going there.)

Washington – A Washington, D.C., political consultant has denied a claim by his estranged wife alleging that he was leaving her for U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Tim Mynett, a Democratic fundraising consultant who works with Omar, also disputed allegations that his business benefited from a personal relationship with the Minnesota Democrat.

Mynett filed a legal response Thursday in D.C. Superior Court rebutting last week’s divorce filing by his wife, who claimed he had revealed a romantic relationship with Omar in April when the couple separated.

“Mr. Mynett denies that he told Ms. Mynett he was leaving the marriage for Representative Ilhan Omar or that he was in love with her,” says Tim Mynett’s filing.

A spokesman in Omar’s congressional office reiterated Wednesday that she would not respond to inquiries about her personal life. In an interview last week with WCCO-TV, Omar responded “no I am not” to a question about whether she is separated from her husband or dating someone else.

Attorneys for Tim Mynett and Beth Mynett did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

In his new court filing, Tim Mynett acknowledged his wife’s claim that he brought their 13-year-old son to a dinner with Omar, but said it was at the request of their son. Beth Mynett had questioned her husband’s judgment in the incident, which occurred as Omar was the subject of death threats.

A consultant to several current and former House Democrats, Mynett said he regularly brought their son to dinner with his political clients.

Omar’s campaign paid Mynett’s company, E Street Group, nearly $160,000 over the first six months of this year, about $21,000 of it for travel, according to federal records. The company also worked on her bid for Congress in 2018. Last week, E Street Group said in a statement that it had raised more than $2.3 million for Omar’s 2020 re-election campaign. The firm’s statement also said it does not comment on the personal life of its staff or clients.

“Mr. Mynett denies any allegation which characterizes his work-related travel as being related to the furtherance of a relationship with Rep. Omar,” Tim Mynett’s court filing read.

The allegations and counter-allegations in the Mynett divorce case have brought new attention to Omar’s own marital history. She is legally married to Ahmed Hirsi, who is the father of their three children. Though longtime partners, the two did not legally wed until 2018.

It was disclosed earlier this year that Omar filed tax returns with Hirsi in 2014 and 2015 even though she was legally married to but separated from another man at that time.


You put enough $$grease$$ in someone’s palm, they will do/say anything!


Neera is a relentless propaganda machine.


Here’s the thing. WE may have forgiven Warren for all that Cherokee stuff (although I’m still disappointed that she played into Trump’s hands with the DNA test), but a lot of other would-be voters have not. I see it all the time in comments. Bernie can beat Trump. Warren? I don’t know that she can.

Column: Break some eggs, Elizabeth Warren: Drop out and back Bernie

Should Elizabeth Warren do the right thing and drop out of the Democratic presidential race, so Bernie Sanders can address Joe Biden’s multiple “reality issues” before taking on President Donald Trump?

Yes, immediately.

Bernie can beat Trump. Warren and other Democrats also match up well with Trump, but Sanders has the necessary authenticity. And Biden has a serious flaw.

Biden remains stubbornly on the national platter, congealing like day-old “Cold Omelets with Crab Meat,” the now-infamous dish Warren offered as authentic Cherokee fare in the cookbook “Pow Wow Chow,” back when she was climbing the political ladder as an authentic Native American Harvard law professor.

“You can’t call on Warren to drop out,” said a guy who’s been counting all the “Warren Has a Plan for That” signs sprouting in his progressive North Side Chicago neighborhood. “She’s a woman. And Democrats will need the white suburban woman vote in 2020.”

True, and I mean no disrespect to her, her gender or to the Democratic Party’s strategy to target that key suburban white female demographic through a relentless 24-7 media spin that’s been going on since 2016.

But the charade of representing herself as a Native American, and the catastrophe of her DNA test, turns off working-class families. Democrats need them too.

Now progressive Democrats seem at a loss to stop Biden.

Sanders is a true lefty, not a faux lefty, and perhaps it would be a good thing for the country to have left and right meet in the November 2020 Thunderdome and just end this incessant bickering once and for all.

The problem is Joe’s in the way.



Liz is just another YUPPIE GOPuker like the ones who bolted the Repukes, and started infesting the Dems after Raygun’s election.


Ah, yes, cooking an omelet over a campfire after spending the day frolicking in the waves collecting crabs . . . in Oklahoma.

Reminds me of a recent YouTube post that I took issue with (commented on) that claimed hunter-gatherers only worked 14 hours a week and spent their time playing music, making art, and talking philosophy. Ugh!


oops. ignore mine. 😁


It isn’t the cows (other than land use)! Cows produce Methane 12; fracking releases Methane 13. Guess which one is doing the actual damage?

Both segments are about 12 minutes long. There is some new knowledge in the second half regarding US imperialism and climate change. The first half has new knowledge on fracking and the Obama administration and Trump’s copycat policies.


Follow up on the 2nd segment:

In one part of the discussion, JP Sottile talks about nature’s revenge and points to a recent article of his in Truthout. Here is an excerpt:

After Years of Abuse, the Earth Has Sent Its Bill Collectors

It’s not surprising that ticks, like half of all species, are moving with the changing climate. What is surprising is what the lone star tick brings with it. No, it’s not Lyme disease, although warming-catalyzed deer ticks are spreading that debilitating malady into new areas. Instead, the lone star tick carries another little-known disease—alpha-gal syndrome.

The term “alpha-gal” comes from name of the sugar molecule that, according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to hives, eczema, swelling of the lips, face, tongue and throat, as well as wheezing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, headaches and even the potentially deadly interruption of normal breathing by anaphylaxis. However, these symptoms may not follow after a bite. In fact, it might take a while for an infected person to feel the full impact of a newly acquired syndrome.

That’s because alpha-gal syndrome often expresses itself hours after the infected person eats a big, juicy steak. Or pork chops. Or a cheeseburger. Yup, the lone star tick is spreading a meat allergy. It’s severe, too. One unfortunate victim profiled in Mosaic cannot risk eating the “meat of mammals and everything else that comes from them: dairy products, wool and fibre, gelatine from their hooves, char from their bones.” Alpha-gal’s delayed trigger also makes it hard to diagnose. People often don’t connect their symptoms with eating a meal they’ve eaten without consequence throughout their whole lives.



Marquette is the best poll for Wisconsin. Harris does really badly.


President Donald Trump trailed Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in hypothetical matchups, but was tied with Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, according to Wednesday’s Marquette University Law School Poll.

Biden, the former vice president, led Trump by 51% to 42%, while Sanders, the Vermont senator, led Trump by 48% to 44%, close to the survey’s margin of error.

Warren, the Massachusetts senator and Trump were tied at 45% each. Harris, the California senator, and Trump were tied at 44% each.

There’s a battle brewing for Wisconsin’s April Democratic presidential primary, with Biden the first choice of 28% of those surveyed, Sanders at 20%, Warren at 17%, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 6% and Harris at 3% All other candidates registered 2% or less.


Trump trails Democrats Biden and Sanders in newest Marquette poll of Wisconsin voters

“We’re only in the second inning,” poll director Charles Franklin cautioned He added: “These numbers are movable things on where we stand today but not predictions of the final outcome.Wisconsin will be under a microscope for 14 months as the candidates battle in what could be the key state that unlocks the electoral college puzzle. Wednesday’s numbers provide a baseline for what will undoubtedly be a frenetic campaign, which will reach a high point of drama in Milwaukee with the Democratic National Convention next July. Biden, the former vice president, led Trump by 51% to 42%, while Sanders, the Vermont senator, led Trump by 48% to 44%, close to the survey’s margin of error. Warren, the Massachusetts senator and Trump were tied at 45% each. Harris, the California senator, and Trump were tied at 44% each. There’s a battle brewing for Wisconsin’s April Democratic presidential primary, with Biden the first choice of 28% of those surveyed, Sanders at 20%, Warren at 17%, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 6% and Harris at 3% All other candidates registered 2% or less

Things to consider
1.”Many voters are not yet acquainted with the field,” Franklin said.
2. Sample size was 800 and no age break down of people polled.
3. Bernie within moe of Biden.
4. Wi like most people aren’t focusing on the election yet.
5. Bernie will be back in WI at some point soon.


From the poll

In regard to Wisconsin officials, Evers’ job approval stands at 54%, with disapproval at 34%. That’s up from a 37% approval rating in April.The Legislature’s job performance was at 52% approval and 38% disapproval. In April, the Legislature’s approval was at 50%.

I do wonder about the sample of people polled as the gerrymandered R legislature was busy this year taking power away from Gov. Evers and yet they get a positive approval rating?


🤪😜🙄Pathetic. Out of date map with with fake sharpie lines.


To the annals of American political scandal, we must now add Sharpiegate.

In the Oval Office at lunchtime on Wednesday, Donald Trump held a briefing on Hurricane Dorian. At one point, the president held up a National Hurricane Center (NHC) map from 29 August, displaying the hurricane’s track and intensity.

Bizarrely, someone had apparently used a Sharpie, a kind of marker pen, to add a black loop falsely extending the hurricane’s path from Florida to Alabama. It was apparently a belated effort to justify Trump’s previous baseless claim that the latter state could be affected.


I do not know how old the video itself is, but this is great to post when people question Bernie’s ability to work across the aisle without giving away the farm (aka Biden’s modus operandi).


I began a CNN Climate Town Hall thread for any who may want to partipate, fyi.


In today’s Wisconsin poll, it’s Bernie/Liz 37 Joe 28. I’m a Bernie fan but I do agree with the author. Right now it’s more important to gain broad consensus on progressive goals and to make sure Biden is not the nominee. Hopefully Bernie vs. Liz will work itself out later.


In the Democratic primary, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) continue to avoid direct attacks on one another. Supporters of the two candidates are not so kind. On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass called for Warren to drop out, convinced Sanders has a better chance to stop former vice president Joe Biden. “Sanders has the necessary authenticity,” he declared. Warren “turns off working-class families.” Before you go all up in arms, or point out that some polls now shows Warren in second place and Sanders in third, let me just say there are many, many people out there — many of whom are broadly sympathetic to Warren — who are equally unkind to Sanders.

Here’s some unsolicited advice for all from someone — that would be me — who likes both Sanders and Warren: Stop this argument, now. This debate serves no one — except, that is, other, less progressive contenders.

Given that Sanders and Warren’s combined support in most polls either approaches or slightly exceeds Biden’s. It’s not unexpected that many would begin to ask them to consolidate their support. But it’s jumping the gun. While many appear to lazily assume the current Warren and Sanders supporters are interchangeable, that’s just not so. Polls show Warren’s support skews older, whiter, female and more highly educated. Sanders’s base is younger, less educated and earns less money. Surveys show a not insignificant number of his supporters would turn to Biden — hardly a proponent of revolutionary change — if he pulled out. As for Warren partisans, more would go to Sanders if she exited than anyone else, but Biden and Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) combined get significantly more of them than the senator from Vermont — again, not exactly progressive champions. In other words, is not a given that Sanders and Warren voters will magically accrue to the other if one or the other drops out now. That likely goes double if voters begin to think their own candidate was dissed or insulted in the process. Voters, alas, are not always logical.

To debate the merits of Sanders vs. Warren while Biden maintains a commanding lead is a fight made for social media, where opinion is routinely passed off as fact and minor differences of opinion have a way of turning into major fights. But it’s the opposite of good strategy. It’s harmful to the greater progressive cause. Both Warren and Sanders appear capable of leading a movement for change. Show patience. There’s time to let voters work it out.


It appears that Bernie has moved Warren’s position again, which is actually a good thing. Of course as always one can debate how seriously she takes the new position. But I think in this case the best course is to congratulate Warren for joining with Bernie.


Just hours ahead of a televised climate forum with ten of the top 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls hosted by CNN on Wednesday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders urged all candidates in the race to back a federal ban on fracking—both on public and private lands—across the United States in order to address the urgent threat of the global climate emergency.

“Any plan that is serious about tackling the climate crisis we face must start with a ban on fracking. Senator Sanders gets this.” —Seth Gladstone, Food & Water Watch”Any proposal to avert the climate crisis must include a full fracking ban on public and private lands,” Sanders said in a statement.

“Fracking is a danger to our water supply. It’s a danger to the air we breathe. It causes earthquakes. It’s highly explosive. Safe fracking is, like clean coal, pure fiction. But, most importantly, methane from natural gas contributes to climate change and is setting us on a path to disaster. When we are in the White House, we will end the era of fossil fuels, and that includes fracking.”

While all ten candidates set to participant in the CNN climate forum—including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, and Andrew Yang—have all put out their individual plans for addressing the climate crisis, only Sanders, according to this overview by the Huff Post, has called for such a complete and total fracking ban.

Asked by Vox reporter Tara Golshan about the difference between Sanders call for a total fracking ban and her prescription, the campaign of Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday afternoon that she “fully supports a national fracking ban.”

As Golshan noted, however, existing statements from the Warren campaign show that while the senator opposes fracking on public lands she has not previously indicated she supports a total ban that would include drilling on private land as well.


yes! good, short article. there would be more like this in a free world.


I did not know he was a right winger that is apparently trying to sow division. Still think an article like that needed to be written.


enlargement of the eye.
Assuming peter of color knows this is not photoshopped.



Big deal. It’s a subconjunctive hemorrhage; *anybody* can get one, although he’s probably under a lot of stress and may be taking blood thinners which increase your chances. Lots of stuff to ding Biden on, but not this.

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