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Hopefully another incumbent bites the dust.


Thanks Benny! You’re so good at these election threads.


Thanks Benny. Life has me swamped but ultimately it will allow me to invest more $ on getting this place working correctly so I’m glad everyone is not only patient, but posting on their own! I should be here all weekend however.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Zionists remove Bedouins — crime against humanity

how much longer can US support this genocide?

Israeli Supreme Court allowing Demolition of Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar called “War Crime”

Don midwest
Don midwest

lead article from Juan Cole today, Friday 9/7

Why the Midterm Elections can’t be Counted on to end our Constitutional Crisis

The problem is gerrymandering. Rahm Emmanuel, who is no one’s fool when it comes to politics, has said that it took a couple decades for the Republicans artificially to engineer their majority, and that process would not be overturned over night.

Take Austin, Texas. In an ordinary political world that wasn’t corrupt, Austin would be represented in Washington, D. C. by a couple of Democratic representatives.

The Republicans in the Texas state legislature, however, used their dominance of the statehouse to cut Austin up into 6 congressional districts, attaching a rural hinterland to each so that the city slickers could be outvoted by more rural voters, who were disproportionately white. The minorities in Austin were particularly robbed by this crass piece of voter suppression. That this is so was one of the grounds for optimism that at long last the Supreme Court might invalidate the extreme gerrymandering. But if so, it won’t come soon enough to affect these midterms.

All around the country there has been similar gerrymandering, the bulk of it Republican rather than Democratic (some Democratic states have even put districting in the hands of nonpartisan commissions, as in California—which should be universal.)

So Mr. Kerry’s hopes that a blue wave will solve our constitutional crisis are not a sure thing. Nate Silver’s polling is showing a blue wave in the House, but the proof will be in the pudding.

this is well known to you Texas folks

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