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HomeRegionalCalifornia9-7-2016 WED Election Updates – 13 New Links – CA, WI, TX, NC updates – FBI warns of election hacking to State Officials
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If just half of those uncounted California primary votes were for Bernie, if my memory serves, that would have won him California.

And it’s ridiculous to not do anything about computer hacking in the home state of Silicon Valley. I mean, it’s not as though top experts couldn’t drive one hour to the state capitol and teach legislators and state officials, including Padilla, all about it. GRRRR.

Nova Land
Nova Land

If just half of those uncounted California primary votes were for Bernie… that would have won him California.”

No. To be correct, your statement needs to read: “If just half of those uncounted California primary votes were for Bernie and none of those uncounted votes were for Hillary Clinton, that would have won him California.”

There were indeed about a million uncounted votes, which is troubling. And there were indeed enough uncounted votes that it’s possible Sanders could have won if all had been counted. But to do so, Sanders would need to have won a very large percentage of the uncounted votes.

The final count, according to NYTimes in August, was Clinton 2,713,259 and Sanders 2,326,030. That’s about 390,000 more votes counted for Clinton than for Sanders. So to win, Sanders needs to get at least 390,000 more votes than Clinton does out of the uncounted Democratic votes.

Now, here’s where doing the math becomes a problem. There were 1,050,165 uncounted votes, but those are Republican as well as Democratic votes.

If 100% of the uncounted votes were Democratic votes, then Sanders would need to win about 70% or more of the uncounted votes to get more than Clinton. That’s hard enough. But it’s highly unlikely all the uncounted votes were Democratic votes. It’s more likely that at least 1/4 of them are Republican votes.

So let’s say there were 750,000 uncounted Democratic votes. In that case, Sanders would need to have won about 575,000 and Clinton about 175,000 for Sanders to have won the primary. That means Sanders would have needed to win more than 75% of the uncounted votes.

And that’s assuming all the uncounted votes were countable. If there were valid reasons for rejecting some of those votes, then the percentage of the remaining votes Sanders would need to overcome Clinton’s 390,000 vote lead increases.

So while I find it very troubling that such a large number of votes remain uncounted, and hope people continue to investigate and call attention to this, it does not appear likely that the uncounted votes alone would have changed the primary outcome.


Thank you for your expert explanation, @Nova Land — I very much appreciate it, and appreciate knowing your conclusion as well. It makes a difference.

Now we need to unseat Alex Padilla as California’s Secretary of State the next time he comes up for election….

Nova Land
Nova Land


Any elected official who tolerates election shenanigans, or who runs thing in a way which leaves many important questions unanswered — as happened way too often in this year’s primaries — needs to be removed from office, so that others in similar positions get the message that if they want the job they need to do the job.

Unfortunately Padilla was elected in 2014, and it’s a 4-year term, so he won’t be up for re-election until 2018. I hope Californians remember the 2016 primaries then and that a strong challenger comes forward to unseat Padilla, but I fear most of the rest of the nation will have forgotten about all this by then.

But there is a race coming up this November where at least one of the people involved in primary shenanigans will be coming up for re-election. Helen Purcell, the county recorder for Marcopa County in Arizona, where a number of questionable things have occurred in recent years (such as the drastic reduction in number of polling places in this year’s primary), is up for re-election and she has a strong challenger in Adrian Fontes, who got in the race specifically because he was appalled by how Purcell ran the primary.

This is a down-ballot race worth paying attention to — especially since Maricopa County has a population of close to 4 million people, making it almost as populous as the state of Oregon.

And if Fontes can defeat Purcell in November, the victory can be useful as a rallying cry 2 years from now when other officials who did questionable jobs in this year’s primaries come up for their re-elections.


That would be a good thing.


It’s a sad state of affairs when Iraq has more honest elections than America.

Don midwest
Don midwest

9-7-2016 update from

article on top of page by Lori Grace that exit polls showed Bernie won CA

she recounts the stolen elections that were not challenged – asked Gore about 2000 and he was worried it would cause a revolution and he didn’t have the energy for it

I sat with with a small group of people together Al Gore one day in 2006 as a Climate Project trainee and asked him why he did not push for being president since he felt that the election was stolen. He said to us that he would have caused a revolution and just did not have the stamina to survive what would ensue.

Some of the lack of energy is because the Republicans spent years going after Clinton every which way and Gore did not want to get gored.

We learn today on a post on Naked Capitalism that Clinton’s change in tax policy helped fuel the rise of CEO pay

The (Bill) Clinton Team’s Secret Meeting on CEO Compensation

Don midwest
Don midwest

Greg Palast has been very active on the election integrity front

I follow him on twitter — his handle is Greg_Palast. You can type in twitter followed by his handle and get his tweets. He repeats himself a lot and is promoting his new movie “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and now he writes for Rolling Stone, so he is one of the top, if not the top public figure on elections.

Here are some links

Greg in RS

The GOP’s Stealth War Against Voters
Will an anti-voter-fraud program designed by one of Trump’s advisers deny tens of thousands their right to vote in November?

9-5-2016 article in

“There’s no such thing as a victimless billionaire”: Inside the shadowy voter fraud conspiracy that’s “still in progress”
Greg Palast uncovers voter suppression beneath alleged fraud in new documentary, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

Greg has a lot to say about the Interstate Crosscheck process to purge voters. This is covered in his RS article. He has a petition to sign

Here is an article on it in AZ
AZ Officials Deny Crosscheck System Targets Minority Names

Over the years more and more people are aware of election fraud. Naked Capitalism has articles about the need for paper ballots publicly counted and follows the issue. The Bernie campaign educated many people about the issue.

When even a politician who is an actual member of the democratic party, and then John Kerry also a democratic do not want to challenge the US voting system, it was probably too much to expect that Bernie who was not a democrat and challenged the entire political establishment, that in his uprising, too much to expect that he would also have forced the issue of election integrity.

The corruption is now so deep, and the stakes are so high – e.g., TPP, and the establishment likes the way things are, that it doesn’t look like any meaningful action will take place in the near term.

The Native American uprising and their dog bites like those on the blacks in the south 50 years ago, and the new activism across many issues, and …. who knows

Don midwest
Don midwest