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Bernie Sanders joins LeBron James in support of bill allowing college athletes to be paid

bill is pending vote in the California state assembly that could result in thousands of NCAA athletes being able to profit from their talents, and it now has two very notable supporters.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James tweeted a call to action Thursday in support of California SB 206, which would forbid colleges in the state from preventing student athletes from receiving compensation for use of their name, image or likeness.

A day later, Vermont Sen. and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders quote tweeted James with a simple message: “College athletes are workers. Pay them.”

Per the U.S. News and World Report, this is surprisingly the first time Sanders has weighed in on the divisive matter of paying college athletes. However, his stance probably shouldn’t be surprising to those familiar with his record.

The NCAA has made quite clear what it thinks about SB 206, having previously threatened to ban all California schools from national championships. California schools like Stanford aren’t very thrilled about the idea either.


Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Vie for Supremacy in New Hampshire

Sen. Bernie Sanders, of nearby Vermont, won this state’s Democratic presidential primary in 2016 and is eager for a repeat victory next year. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of neighboring Massachusetts, has zeroed in on the same turf, setting up a battle between the two liberal rivals over their shared backyard.

The state’s first-in-the-nation primary, and the efforts here by Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders to win it, will get a national spotlight this weekend when the New Hampshire Democratic Party hosts its convention. Both senators will attend, along with 17 other contenders.

“It is very important for us that we win here in New Hampshire. Last time we did really well. And with your help, I am absolutely going to win New Hampshire again,” Mr. Sanders told voters during a campaign event in Claremont on Monday.

Mr. Sanders trounced his 2016 Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, by 22 points in New Hampshire. His campaign is banking on inroads made with voters during that run to help lift him in a more crowded primary this time around.

But Ms. Warren’s rising candidacy comes with some built-in advantages in New Hampshire that stand to complicate Mr. Sanders attempt at a repeat victory. Her campaign, based in Boston, is close to the more heavily populated southern part of New Hampshire. Her Senate runs in Massachusetts in 2012 and 2018 put her on the airwaves in that part of the state. And her campaign has hired more staffers in the state than Mr. Sanders.

Carli Stevenson, Mr. Sanders’s deputy state director in New Hampshire, said the campaign aims to repeat their 2016 victory, but the crowded field has made for a different dynamic this cycle. She said her team, 45 staffers spread throughout six field offices, wasn’t taking anything for granted.


Bernie Sanders won’t endorse John Hickenlooper in Senate race

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders won’t weigh in on Colorado’s hotly contested Democratic Senate primary, he told The Denver Post in an interview Friday — declining to endorse former presidential rival John Hickenlooper, who is now running for a U.S. Senate seat.

“I will do whatever I can to make sure that a Democrat beats Senator Gardner,” Sanders said, referring to Colorado’s junior senator, who’s up for re-election next fall. But “I’m going to sit out the primary and let the candidates explain their views to Colorado and hope the best candidate wins. That’s a decision for the people of Colorado, not me.”

Sanders spoke to The Post in advance of his first campaign stop in Colorado of the Democratic presidential primary season. Sanders will speak Monday evening at Civic Center Park.

Sanders won Colorado’s 2016 caucus and has a slim lead among the state’s Democrats, according to an early public poll. Colorado is expected to be a hotbed during the 2020 Democratic primary. Voters here will cast their vote March 3, also known as Super Tuesday. Other candidates who have made stops in Colorado so far include Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Despite his popularity in Colorado, Sanders has been the subject of attacks from both Hickenlooper and another Colorado politician who’s still running for president, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

Both Hickenlooper and Bennet, known as moderate Democrats, have warned that Sanders’ plans — especially his plan to expand Medicare to everyone — are too massive and expensive for the American people to accept.

Sanders disagreed Friday.

“The American people understand increasingly that the function of a health care system is to provide quality care to all — not to make $100 billion in profit,” he said.


LOL. Why would he ever by expected to endorse Hickenlooper?


Nurses, Healthcare Workers Galvanize to Stop Deportation of Patient That Could Mean ‘Death Sentence’

A group of healthcare providers rallied outside a California hospital on Friday to protest a patient’s possible deportation—an action her advocates say would be an effective death sentence.

“Immigrants are human beings whose lives are not to be thrown away,” said Aina Gagui, an RN at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, in a press statement.

The case involves 24-year-old Maria Isabel Bueso, who’s been receiving life-saving treatment which is unavailable in her home country of Guatemala for the rare disease she suffers from, mucopolysaccharidosis type VI, at the Bay Area hospital since she was seven. Bueso and her parents came to the country at the invitation of Dr. Paul Harmatz, who wanted Isabel to take part in clinical trials.

While Bueso and her family have been in the country legally under the medical “deferred action” program that gives those receiving needed medical condition permission to stay. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) explained this week that the family “has followed every rule.”

“They came here legally, paid their taxes, and Isabel’s participation in groundbreaking clinical trials has given hope to Americans with rare diseases,” said DeSaulnier.

But in mid-August, the family got news that Isabel’s mom, Karla, said made her feel like “the whole world was collapsing.” The Bueso family received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security saying the deferment was not being renewed, as it had been previously, and that the family must leave the country within 33 days or face deportation.



‘I refuse to die in here’: the marine who survived two tours and is now fighting deportation

Jose Segovia Benitez survived two tours of duty with the US Marine Corps, a bomb blast, and a traumatic brain injury.

But the US is not helping him recover. On the contrary, the government may be leading him to his death.

Segovia is currently imprisoned at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) detention center in Adelanto, California where he says he is being denied critical medical and mental health care. The 38-year-old veteran is facing deportation to El Salvador, a country he left when he was three years old and where his loved ones fear he could be killed.

“I’m not going to die here. I refuse to die here,” Segovia said on a recent morning, wearing a red jail uniform and seated in a cramped room with no windows to the outside.

During his 21 months of detention in the southern California facility, Ice has failed to provide adequate care for Segovia’s serious heart condition, denied him proper treatment for his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and repeatedly placed him in isolation, according to the former marine and his lawyers. The consequences, they fear, could be fatal.

Segovia is one of fifteen current detainees who filed a federal lawsuit against Ice last month alleging medical neglect and horrific conditions that rise to the level of “torture”. He is also one of the estimated thousands of veterans who have faced deportation over the years despite their service to the country.


‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ as Pamela Anderson Takes Meghan McCain to Task Over US War Crimes

Friday’s edition of The View became the site of an argument about war crimes, the U.S. military, and WikiLeaks as actress Pamela Anderson and program co-host Meghan McCain battled during Anderson’s appearance on the hit daytime talk show.

The dispute began when View hosts attacked Anderson for her unwavering support of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. McCain pounced, claiming that Assange is merely a “cyber terrorist.”

“He hacked information,” McCain said. “His leaks included classified documents that put our national security at risk, our military, and the lives of spies and diplomats at risk.”

Anderson replied by pointing out that the U.S. military, not WikiLeaks, is responsbile for the deaths of many innocent people around the world.

“How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks?” Anderson asked. “The military has put many innocent lives at risk.”

That response spurred a cheer from the audience.

“Oh, calm down, sir,” McCain snapped at one boisterous supporter.







pretty good!!!


Certainly shows the contrast. And how the media coverage of Biden in a general would be brutal.



Former French President Charles de Gaulle once explained that “since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.”

This week, no one is more surprised than President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump succeeded in turning an innocent mistake about the weather into a giant lie and then, after days of determined effort, into a full-fledged scandal. Biden succeeded in denying his own words in support of the Iraq War. Falsely describing the path of a hurricane can be a serious matter, if not corrected. However, lying about hurricanes does not cause more hurricanes. Lying about wars is one reason we have so many of them.


This. Finally.

Democratic Candidates Must Communicate Differently to Impress a New Generation of Voters

The 2020 presidential election may turn on how adeptly the Democratic Party nominee mobilizes marginal voters. And that means crafting a digital strategy to engage and enthuse specific constituencies—particularly young and minority voters—that turned out in critical numbers for Barack Obama but did not quite deliver for Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the Democratic candidates are all using the internet to raise money as they struggle to remain viable in a crowded primary field. Yes, they are communicating over Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. But that’s not going to be nearly enough if they are serious about attracting voters who sat out 2016, or who are only now old enough to vote. Rather, they should be using every tool available, every new platform, every conceivable form of engagement, because that’s the best way to ensure that Donald Trump is denied a second term.

And they need to start now. Primary season is the R&D phase of a campaign, a time when campaigns should be learning the best ways to organize on sites like Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming platform that has over 15 million daily users, or TikTok, a short video platform that’s extremely popular with 18- to 24-year-olds.

They should be experimenting with popular messenger apps like Signal, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that are growing in popularity. WhatsApp alone has more than 68 million U.S. users and has been successfully used in get-out-the-vote efforts around the world. Campaigns should also be working to activate more of the 154 million daily users on LinkedIn.


Older campaign operatives may not know all of these platforms or their advanced advertising and targeting capabilities. But that’s no excuse. The technological landscape is changing at a dizzying speed and it is their responsibility to keep up with how major parts of society are getting their news.

An example of how fast things can change is peer-to-peer messaging platforms. The text-out-the-vote platforms (Rally, Hustle, Spoke, Megaphone, etc) that were all created in 2016 may soon be going the way of MySpace and the fax machine. This quick change is a product of wireless association. CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry, just issued its new playbook drastically changing the rules on the amount of permitted mass-messaging the carriers will allow organizations to send to consumers that are not opted into a program.

The key point is that digital media platforms are constantly evolving, the rules are changing and the ones that were popular last year, or even last month, may soon give way to new ones.


thanks for the post, mags! Brie Brie gives me such hope—She seems to burst with joyful energy.

and to answer your question, yes, i’ve logged many remote coaching hours. ?


Democrats must go to war with fossil fuel industry to take on the climate crisis

Any climate plan that doesn’t challenge the gargantuan power of the industry head-on is flatly denying several realities about our energy system



yeah. she’ll throw her support to Bernie. don’t worry. right.


She’s part of some Hindi religious group. Their beliefs are fundie. No thanks. I will NOT vote for anyone with Fundie Organized Religious beliefs!


Publicly, I would be relatively silent on that aspect. IF she endorses Bernie, it could become a liability.

PS: By publicly, I mean Twitter, etc. TPW is different. = )


With no delegates? 15% threshold. She’s not going to come close to that anywhere except perhaps Hawaii.


yeah, it’s just this drip, drip, drip, and now from someone supposedly on our side. makes me mad when we could have such a national blowout.

having their little club really is more important than our lives. it’s a sad day when that really sinks in. you know me, perpetually over hoping, then crashing.


She won’t last past Iowa. Why would people continue to support a campaign that is not going anywhere? She does have to say she is staying until the convention or she would lose here current supporters. This was a problem that Mike Gravel faced when he said he was not in the race to win.