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HomeUncategorized9/8 News Roundup & Open Thread – Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the NH Democratic Party Convention & More
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Warren is up and everybody else down. Bernie still second. Bernie and Warren together have 36 to Biden’s 27. Bernie highest favorability. Pretty high MOE at 5.5.

Biden owes much of his advantage to blacks, with 44 percent support, about double his level among whites and Hispanics alike. (Results among blacks and Hispanics are from the last two ABC/Post polls combined for more robust sample sizes.)

Biden also holds a clear lead among moderates, with 33 percent support, while he runs about evenly with Sanders and Warren among liberals. And a persistent age gap continues: Biden’s support peaks by age at 41 percent among seniors (with just 5 percent for Sanders), while Sanders in turn has 41 percent among 18- to 29-year olds, Biden about half that.

Sanders also is especially strong among those who prefer a nominee who’s closest to them on the issues, rather than most likely to beat Trump. Warren, even though she’s positioned herself as highly issue-focused, does better with those more concerned with beating Trump, as does Biden.

It’s notable that all three of the top-running candidates are well regarded in their party. Eighty-two percent of leaned Democrats express an overall favorable opinion of Sanders, 79 percent feel favorable toward Biden and 74 percent feel favorable about Warren (with more undecided, as she she’s less well-known). Harris and Buttigieg, also tested for favorability, score somewhat lower at 63 and 53 percent, respectively, but that’s chiefly because more people have no opinion of them. Indeed, all five of these candidates are seen unfavorably by just 11 percent (Warren) to 16 percent (Harris).