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Don midwest
Don midwest

…: we seem to lack a shared
definition of the territory inside which we are supposed to exert our political
rights. By territory I don’t mean only the legal framework within which state and
private owners exert their sovereignty, but the very shape, composition, nature
and even, to put it simply, the very place where it is supposed to lay. Where are we
supposed to live is no longer clear cut. To say that we live on Earth, or in nature,
does not seem to clarify the situation that much.

My hunch is that the disorientation everybody feels about the dislocation of
politics — even more evident at this time of the presidential election — is the
direct consequence of this other disorientation regarding the territory. If politics
appears so vacuous, it might be because it has not a solid and shared ground on
which to raise issues of substance. How can you expectto have substantial policy
debates if there is no territory to map, no cosmos to share, no soil to inhabit? How
could we maintain a minimum of decent common institutions if we have no land
in common, literally no common ground?

In this lecture I want to diagnose the origin of such disorientation and to
imagine how this very special institution that we call the University could in
some ways help us to land somewhere, to reach a place drawn realistically enough
so that politics could start afresh. Let me look at some of the reasons why we feel
so disoriented.


I will begin with space. I find especially telling that it is a journalist(or rather an
activist qua journalist) Bill McKibben who suggested that the planet on which we
are supposed to reside is so new (Making a Life on a Tough New Planet is the subtitle
of his book) that it has to have another name altogether. The one he proposed,
Eaarth, is so horrible that it deserves to be quickly forgotten, but we should not
forget McKibben’s counter-intuitive injunction to rediscover a planet that we
thought we knew. This time it is not a novel continent in addition to the land we
used to inhabit — aswas the case at the time of the European land grab — but the
same land whose behavior has become unrecognizable. As Michel Serres proposed
to say, what we hear today is no longer


After space, what abouttime? Disorientation in space is compounded by the
disorientation in history. I am alluding of course to what can be called the “quarrel
of the Anthropocene”. The quarrel is fascinating in itself and I have commented
on it extensively, but I prefer tonight to stay away from its stratigraphic and
geological dimensions — whatis the best date? where to put the golden spike?
what is the clearest evidence?….

Who are we? New word for us: earthbounds to replace human.

And that is the third element in the present disorientation: who is the “we” that
is supposed to suddenly enter on the stage ofthe new geohistory, that is asked to
migrate to a planet that is so different it deserves a new name? If there is
something totally disorienting, it is to be said that the “human” has become also a
geological force of such a magnitude as to rival the “forces of nature”….

In 1991 Bruno published “We Have Never Been Modern.” Walking backwards, saying not primitive, but now knowing where we are going.

Now the “primitive” earthbounds are speaking up to challenge the modernization project

Thomas Frank points out that for the Clintons, globalization fills the space usually reserved for God. There is no earth that can support globalization. It has failed. It was always an illusion. In the mean time we also have neo liberal economics to distract us.

Is Geo-logy the new umbrella for all the sciences?:
Hints for a neo-Humboldtian university:
Cornell University, 25th October 2016:
Bruno Latour

Given at 40 th anniversary of founding of the sub discipline, SSS, Social Studies of Science, or also called STS, Social Technical studies. STS used in the article. Bruno was one of the founders of STS.

Don midwest
Don midwest

International Rivers ‏@intlrivers Nov 2

Honoring all river defenders who’ve paid the ultimate price for their heroism on #DiaDeLosMuertos. We remember you.


Here is the link

Murdered for Their Rivers: A Roster of Fallen Dam Fighters

Like income inequality, fighting for the environment is a global effort. No one killed yet in North Dakota, but ….

In a slide from the tweet which I don’t know how to embed

“In 2015, at least 150 environmental defenders were killed. Many of them were dam fighters and our friends.


2) Crossing the Fossil Fuel Industry Could Now Get You Locked Up – For Decades

Bam! If only the MSM would cover this 24/7, and all the other places and ways we end up dead or in jail for just being, sometimes, perhaps more people would start to protest our governments treating we, the people, as enemies, in very real, very harmful, murderous ways. This has to stop. Those mercs may be thinking of the great paycheck they get to provide for their families, but what are they really teaching their children?

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