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I appreciate your effort. Hopefully it will stimulate participation. What I find missing here is actual conversations. A back and forth or agreement seems to be lacking. It would be nice to see an occasional rant where people get things off of there chests.

Eileen R
Eileen R

I think that would be a positive thing, thanks for suggesting it, Benny.

Also, there has not been a Science Sunday for two weeks. I hope bebimbob is OK. Maybe he decided it was not worth his effort for the little response he got. I would not blame him, but I sure do miss his Science Sundays.


I have mentioned this previously but it makes sense to me. A simple click on the rating box is important. It does not take much effort(that is when it is functioning lol) shows that people are participating even if they do not comment.


I was on the road all day today returning my nice, long holiday in the cheap seats 😉 I had some time to think during this time, and especially on the road today. I was thinking of this in terms of TOP – to attempt to diary following the ABC’s of Socialism series on the Jacobin podcast – to ask people to listen to the podcast and then comment. Maybe that would be a good fit for here.
You see, I studied socialism and understood it from that perspective – I even believed in it as a system, but having recently joined the DSA, I realize I don’t know much about being socialist or really figured out what that means or even what others think of socialism. It is a conversation that I would like to have, and I like the idea of this podcast listening to generate the discussion, because I don’t think I am knowledgeable enough to generate such a discussion?


I also am still learning about socialism, Ciganka. Growing up in Canada I think it was less of a ‘thing’ since that country is quite socialistic. But even in Canada, to talk about ‘pure’ socialism was frowned upon from what I recall. As though it was not much different than communism!

But Harper took Canada to the right, and now Trudeau is wallowing in neoliberalism, so even Canada could use a primer.

I like a lot of what I read in Jacobin. I’ve never heard a podcast though.


Sounds like a great idea. I haven’t really settled into any deep thought about it all, either.

Although I must admit I often prefer the written word because listening to things can take so long, so if we could have a transcript, too, I’d like that.


Hope bebimbob makes a return and is just enjoying some summer! I miss his posts, and well… cant live up to his knowledge but will try and create a science sunday thrad if he does not return, I’ll also start back up the mixtape mondays so people can share music, whatnot.

While I do want to be an information clearinghouse… I also want to be a community and certainly my favorite part of the BNR was the comment sections, so hopefully more people chime in (and the site continues to let them).

I think Im going to seperate pipeline/water protector news into their own diaries as well, not sure if it will be daily or a couple times a week thing. I know some people enjoy them… but also others scroll right over… so hopefully that makes it easier for everyone.

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