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They’re his BFFs, a continuation of his presidency.


What did Trumpcorp say during his UN speech that caused this reaction by John Kelly?
Maybe when Trumpcorp talked about totally destroying North Korea?


What we could have won: Norway’s oil fund is now worth $1 trillion

NORWAY’S pension fund has now reached a staggering $1 trillion.
The fund chief Yngve Slyngstad stated “The growth in the fund’s market value has been stunning.

“I don’t think anyone expected the fund to ever reach $1 trillion when the first transfer of oil revenue was made in May 1996.”

On Tuesday the managers of the fund announced that shifts in the value of the currency had pushed the value of the currency over the one trillion mark for the first time.
The funding for Norway’s pension pot comes from oil production in the country, with earnings from the industry being used to support the countires pensions and additional government expenses.

The fund is recognised to be one of the biggest investors in stock in the world, owning $667 billion worth of shares in over 9,000 companies globally.
In fact, it owns 1.3% of all listed companies worldwide and also boasts a large real estate portfolio.

Since January 1998 the fund has generated an annual return of 5.9%, with that figure rising to 6.9% in 2016. If split evenly, it would give each of Norway’s 5.2 million citizens a payout of $190,000 each.

Am not a fan of oil/gas projects, but at least in Norway the proceeds go to the people!


Not sure exactly when this was, but I love it:

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