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Head of Health Insurance Giant Aetna Slams Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Plan As “Lousy”

The Aetna CEO also ridiculed proponents of single payer, suggesting that they are confused. Some supporters, Bertolini warned, are in fact “talking about socializing all the hospitals and doctors — everybody’s going to work for the government.” He asked the room of investors and analysts to “name a country that has single payer.”

When several participants named Canada, Bertolini disputed the answer and claimed that Canada has a “government-run health care system. They’re not single payer, they’re single everything.”

The suggestion, however, that Canada has a completely government-run health care system under which all medical professionals “work for the government” is false. In Canada, medical claims for virtually all non-dental health care are paid by the government, but doctors and hospitals work in the private sector.

Lee Fang is correct. Canada’s system is not perfect, but at least the government can act as a negotiating agent on behalf of the consumers. They seem to have managed to strike a balance that works, for many decades now.

BTW, that CEO apparently pulled in $41 Million in compensation last year.


I’m sure Bernie welcomes all slams from any insurance CEOs! Political gold


Kim Jong-Un delivers rare personal address to Donald Trump

It’s somewhat coherent actually.

The speech made by the US president in his maiden address on the UN arena in the prevailing serious circumstances, in which the situation on the Korean peninsula has been rendered tense as never before and is inching closer to a touch-and-go state, is arousing worldwide concern.

Uh, yah.

A frightened dog barks louder.

I’d like to advise Trump to exercise prudence in selecting words and be considerate of whom he speaks to when making a speech in front of the world.




‘White allies’ protest of police shooting leads to stadium

Organizers called for the “White Allies Only” rally, which began at Kiener Plaza. The demonstration is the latest of several since Friday, when a judge acquitted former police officer Jason Stockley, who is white, of fatally shooting a 24-year-old black man, Anthony Lamar Smith.

Protest organizer Cori Bush said people of many races are upset and angry about the treatment of blacks in St. Louis. She said the rally will help drive that point home.

“I think it’s great for people to know there are white people that believe black lives matter and aren’t afraid to show it, that want to tear down systemic racism,” Bush said.

Jennifer Sherer, a demonstrator from St. Louis, said the city remains badly segregated.

“When you look at the history of St. Louis, the racial divide is very intentional,” Sherer said while holding a “black lives matter” sign.

Protesters marched down a busy street to Busch Stadium about an hour before singer Billy Joel was scheduled to perform in front of an estimated 50,000 fans. Metal barriers were set up and many police officers stood outside the baseball stadium, some in riot gear.

Not sure about the framing, but perhaps it might shift the narrative a little.

At one point, the crowd of demonstrators chanted “I don’t see no riot here, why are you in riot gear?”


At the risk of seeming like a Sanders ‘cultist’, I wanted to share this video with you.


Awww, he asked her to dance!


Yay Eve!!


Emma Watson Interviews The Vagina Monologues Author Eve Ensler: Part 1

I hope Eve doesn’t find herself with less invites from female liberals now!!

That would be a shame.


Heading off to join hubby for some down time, but wanted to leave you with this. Someday I hope to have a doggie of my own.

Meet Frida, the valiant Lab who’s saved dozens of lives in Mexico