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Rachel Leip
Rachel Leip

The campus of Westminster College is quite lovely. I live just down the road, so to speak, in Jefferson City, MO. It’s been some time since I have visited the museum there, but it was quite a learning experience. The way the church came to be located there is quite a story, too. And there’s also a section of the Berlin Wall nearby.

I wish I could have obtained a ticket for this event, but they were quite limited because of space in the auditorium.


If the weathers nice it might be worth it to hang out outside and perhaps catch an ‘overflow’ speech! He certainly loves to do those.

And welcome Rachel Leip!


The applause for Bernie! Much beloved.


knock on wood but this is one of the best quality live streams Ive seen of Bernie’s

Don midwest
Don midwest

why does Bernie go to the Russia engagement in the election???

the elections have been hacked by ourselves

if he using the easy path of hating Russia so that his entire message won’t be discounted

Russia vs democracy

and while we are the leading force of violence in the world as MLK said decades ago and was assassinated as a threat to the MIC

is Bernie worried about being knocked off??

he is now on the USA is good guy in the world when, ……


I think he brings it up enough to hush his critics on the matter, but meanwhile states we should strengthen election security throughout the world, kind of pointing a finger at us at the same time. Liked the call to work together where we can, and his bringing up the sister citHy program, clearly he is not anti-russia all of a sudden. He clearly isnt making it a front and center issue, but I can understand your criticism.

Don midwest
Don midwest

as his presentation goes on, have some ideas about why he has done it

1. many democrats still holding onto the Russia card and has to make sure that they are not pissed off too much

2. many democrats vilify North Korea, needs to make sure the establishment democrats are not pissed off too much

3. the Israel policy which Trump seems to want to implement has been pushing for a war with Iran for years. As Juan Cole points out, and others, Iran is 3x population of Iraq and larger. Insanity. One of main reasons not already started war with Iran during W Bush admin is Sy Hersh’s article describing preparations for war.

Interrupted by a call that I had to take, but in balance, has there been someone this prominent making such an important foreign policy speech in last 10 years, 20 years..

Will look forward to responses.

Hillary — your full of shit tour and attempt to maintain Clinton neo liberal effort is futile


Like the call to work with Russia in areas of agreement. And to resolve conflicts peacefully, not by mass murder.


While people go hungry arms manufacturers make trillions of dollars.

This is going to be a must re-watch


Thank you Benny!!!

I can’t watch where I am right now, so very much appreciate what you’re doing here! XO


Here is a link to his prepared speech. Not sure if he strayed from that of course.

The World’s Common Humanity and US Foreign Policy

‘A sensible and effective foreign policy recognizes that our safety and welfare is bound up with the safety and welfare of others around the world.’


Ultimately this whole thing leads me to believe that Sanders is running in 2020 (or will work strongly w/ one of his big allies), and that 2) depresses the hell out of me because he should be president and putting these policies in action, not still being mocked by not only the other side, but Dems as well.


It’s patently absurd, of course, that Dems mock him.

I still thinking he has no plans to run in 2020. OTOH, if no one good enough steps up, or if the Dem party tries to anoint another neolib centrist, I’m pretty sure he would run.

I thought this line-up was interesting:

Sen. Bernie Sanders to Address Major Nurses’ Convention in San Francisco September 22

Bernie is to do a ‘public address’ tomorrow, 9/22, at 1pm.

“We are enormously proud of Sen. Sanders for his sponsorship of S. 1804 and want to welcome all the activists and supporters who have worked so long with Sen. Sanders and nurses’ fight in our common fight for healthcare for all and social justice,” said CNA and NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro.

Sen. Sanders and Lt. Gov. Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco, both have a long legislative record promoting Medicare for all type legislation, which has gained increasing public and legislative support across the U.S. It is a signature issue for CNA/NNOC and NNU.

About 1,000 people, including RNs from 27 states across the U.S., will be on hand for the CNA/NNOC convention. CNA/NNOC, with over 100,000 members, is an affiliate of National Nurses United, the largest U.S. union and professional association of RNs with 150,000 members.

Note the rest of the line-up:

Thursday, September 21
•Jane O’Meara Sanders, founder, fellow the Sanders Institute, in conversation with NNU and CNA Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro, 9 a.m.
•Eve Ensler, playwright/activist, performer, 7 p.m.

Friday, September 22
•California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, CNA endorsed candidate for California Governor in 2018, 9:30 a.m.
•Van Jones, commentator, co-founder Dream Corps, 6:45 p.m.
Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, an organization founded by leaders and activists of Sanders 2016 Presidential campaign, 7:15 p.m.

Nina is closing it out. Hmmmm. 😉

Btw, that event will be livestreamed:



I’m glad to see that Van Jones is in the mix, although I don’t always know how to read him.

I’m kind of curious about what Eve Ensler might talk about though. She’s the writer of the Vagina Monologues of course and is, mmmm, very passionate.


lol :O)


Yeah, while I was watching this I was thinking “My God, I wish he was our President right now.”

It was a really great speech that should be shared. Nice review in The Nation: https://www.thenation.com/article/bernie-sanders-just-gave-the-progressive-foreign-policy-speech-weve-been-waiting-for/



Bernie Sanders is back – and he wants to reshape US foreign policy

The writer begins his piece by agreeing with LD ( 😉 ) about the speech being related to whether or not Bernie will run in 2020:

If there was any doubt that Bernie Sanders is gearing up for another run for the presidency, his speech today in Fulton, Missouri removed it. Sanders appeared at the very spot where Winston Churchill pronounced in 1946 that Stalin was creating an iron curtain in Europe. Sanders, however, enunciated a more emollient message than the British prime minister, laying out the framework for a progressive foreign policy around the globe. He took some shots at Trump, but his real target was the Democratic establishment. Will he be able to push the Democratic party to the left on foreign affairs, just as he has on healthcare?

And the writer noted the Russia part:

This is the sort of thing that Jeremy Corbyn might deliver in his sleep. But Sanders parted company with him (and Trump) in his indictment of Russia.

(I tend to agree with LD on the part. There is SOOOO much focus on Russia these days, I’ve even seen neolibs suggesting that Bernie is some kind of Putin agent for crap’s sake, that I think Sanders may have ‘gone there’ as a kind of offense-is-the-best-defense kind of thing.)

If Trump does mire Washington in a land war in Asia or engages in hostilities with Iran, then Sanders’ hand will be immensely strengthened. For now, he has put the Democratic party on edge, signalling that the dominance of the liberal hawks such as former United Nations ambassador Samantha Power will not go unchallenged. In the new EOT (Era of Trump), it is no longer unthinkable that a bilious and cantankerous former socialist mayor from Vermont turned Senator could win the presidency in 2020, once more upending American foreign policy. For the foreign policy solons yearning for a restoration of the old order, the sight of Sanders inveighing against American global hegemony in Fulton, Missouri can only come as a rude shock.

I looked up “solons” and the best I can come up with is:

(sō′lən, -lŏn′)
1. A wise lawgiver.

2. A legislator.

I’ve never seen the word solons before. And I’m not sure that I would call anyone who yearns for “a restoration of the old order” a wise lawgiver unless my tongue was pressing against the inside of my cheek, which for all I know was the case with Jacob Heilbrunn. This is the first time I’ve heard of him too!


T and R, Benny!! I didn’t watch this but I follow the posts. You guys know a BIG reason why I campaigned for Bernie is that he connected world security/wars with climate change. I recall his talking about the deserts no longer supporting the Middle Eastern farmers whose families had cultivated those areas for generations. They are fleeing into the cities so they don’t starve, and the pressure is making an already explosive situation worse. Climate change should be the number one issue on everyone’s plate. I should know since I’ve been enduring another hurricane season which is setting records. 🙁

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