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The ongoing U.S. media campaign against Russia has been so effective that otherwise intelligent people have been unable even to entertain the notion that they may have been totally misled by the intelligence community. The last time this happened in 2003, after a year of such propaganda ,



Reposting from subir’s thread yesterday. This kind of stuff scares me.

“We have been attacked. We are at war.”

So begins a video released today by The Committee to Investigate Russia, an organization founded by When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner and neoconservative senior editor of The Atlantic David Frum. The video, which stars Morgan Freeman and is rife with patriotic images of American flags, soldiers and bald eagles, continues as follows:

Thoroughly disappointed in Freeman and Reiner for being involved in this.


Money talks and BS walks. Reiner ought to know better. His father (who made him) is a democrat. African-American Freeman was born and raised in MS. Not sure how his success has altered his brainwaves?


No kidding. The nastier tweets are suggesting age has something to do with it.


Did you see this pb? From Caitlin?

Spies, Hollywood And Neocons Team Up To Create New War Propaganda Firm

Fourth, the notion that “the free world is counting” on the US for leadership is moronic flag-waving, chest-pounding bullshit. I assure you that the free world is not counting on any such thing. The idea that America is destined to occupy a dominant role in world affairs is an integral part of neoconservative PNAC doctrine, which posits that its victory in the Cold War means history has selected the United States to hold a unique position of leadership over the rest of the world. Most US military aggression since the end of the Cold War can be seen as a nonstop global disruption campaign to prevent the rise of another rival superpower like the Soviet Union, and the neocons have been responsible for spearheading this initiative.


Absolutely. :O)


Maybe Reiner acting for dad’s favor?

Reminded me of the House Un-American Committee. I realize that those two ‘committees’ do not target the same group of people.


Yes Carl their is, since $Hillary would be indicted for her emails and DWS rigged the DNC against Bernie it would be exciting to see Bernie rightfully installed as president


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