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Followed through on your click request, LD. 🙂 I’ve been watching for any halfway decent (?) name to crop up for Floridumb. Not holding my breath though. My yellow dog democrat hubby and I have had some headbutts over my not voting for $hrill. He think tRump is the anti-Christ (we are not religious). I told him I would do it again. Furthermore, I will not vote for any more lesser-of-2-evils. What ‘lesser’? Evil is evil. Latest FL update: power is back on in most of the state. There are areas being flood watched here around the St. Johns River but nothing major. The Keys got leveled. No telling when they will be fully tourist operational. They/Northern Cuba took the full brunt of Irma. That spared the rest of us. We are an oasis compared to what Puerto Rico is enduring. 🙁 T and R to the usual suspects!!


Vote to repeal ACA is officially off the table. For now.

Now the bastards to turn their attention towards cutting taxes for the top 1%.


Senate GOP abandons latest effort to unwind the Affordable Care Act

Will Bernie get any credit for this do you suppose?


R U kidding? And of course, he should get great applauds for all of his efforts while she who will not be named is out crying about excuses.


I’m thinking that they’d rather give all the credit to McCain.


Doesn’t really matter who gets the credit as long as the bill did not pass. The fact that the Republicans are buffoons certainly helps.


I just have to throw in this tweet as it is so apropos.

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