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California moves up 2020 presidential primary to Super Tuesday

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Wednesday signed a measure moving the state’s 2020 presidential primary to March — a move likely to give the nation’s most populous state more sway in the nominating contest.


Now if he’d just back the progressive….


If anyone, that would probably help Harris if she runs


That’s what I was thinking….


Big time.

Just look at what’s gone on with Bryce vs. Myers in WI.

David Yankovich was first to announce (on May 30) and seemed to be the party estab choice, well at least he was HC campaign staffer Adam Parkhomenko’s choice (Adam is now helping to run HC’s latest PAC). But Yankovich was ruthlessly mocked on social media (he moved to WI in May just to challenge Ryan) then along comes Bryce who launched on June 18th with that huge ad, raised $100k in 24 hrs, and was making major media rounds within days.

Cathy Myers announced on the 22nd, the same day Lawrence O’Donnell featured Bryce on MSNBC. Pretty amazing how fast it all was. By July 7th Yankovich had dropped out and endorsed Bryce.

This tidbit was published on June 19th:

Bill Hyers, campaign manager for New York Democratic politicians Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Bill de Blasio, has signed on to assist Bryce.

With Harris already having the weight of the party and the rich and Clinton-friendly donors behind her years in advance it’ll be very difficult for anyone else to challenge her in CA primary (assuming she runs).


A new shock doctrine: in a world of crisis, morality can still win

Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders and Podemos in Spain have shown that a bold and decent strategy can be a successful one. That truth should embolden the left

But these transformative victories are never won by simply resisting, or saying no to the latest outrage. To win in a moment of true crisis, we also need a bold and forward-looking yes: a plan for how to rebuild and respond to the underlying causes. And that plan needs to be convincing, credible and, most of all, captivating. We have to help a weary and wary public to imagine itself into that better world.


I’m an 80-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor. Antifas Aren’t Scary. Neo-Nazis Are

At a recent anti-hate rally in Berkeley, Joey Gibson, leader of the extreme right-wing, white supremacist group, Patriot Prayer, strolled directly in front of me—his three burly bodyguards in tow. A few people nearby pointed him out, shouting his name.

It was my first encounter with the Antifas, the young militant antifascists who have been vilified in some of the media for their tactics. So even though I was afraid of Gibson and his thugs, I felt comforted, not by the presence of any police officer that day, but by the presence of the Antifas. I feel gratitude to these young people for being our first line of defense, for being willing to stand up to the hateful actions of neo-Nazis and white nationalists, like Gibson.


Throwing in a little science for some extra flava 😉

These Canadian Rocks May Contain the Oldest Known Traces of Life

The idea that life could have emerged so long ago—and in such an alien environment—is nothing short of astounding. During the Eoarchaean Era, when Earth was just 500 million years old, our planet’s landscape was littered with volcanoes, and its newly-formed crust was still too hot to support tectonic activity. Asteroids and comets pounded the surface at an uncompromising pace, delivering the chemical building blocks required for life. Back then, Earth’s atmosphere was choked in methane and ammonia, without any free floating oxygen to speak of. Even the Sun looked different, shining down with a brightness around 75 percent of what we see today.

It was in this hostile environment that early life had to emerge, take root, and survive. New evidence published today in Nature is offering further evidence that primordial Earth, despite these harsh conditions, was able to sustain life. Traces of biological activity locked inside badly-warped 3.95 billion-year-old sedimentary rocks may represent some of the earliest known examples of life on Earth, pushing back the origin of life by about 150 to 250 million years.

I have a thing for rocks and such. I think they can be beautiful and they always remind me how our earth was formed and changed over time.

Labrador rocks.png

Me, too, Mags. My son jokes that he gets rocks for his birthday because “this rock reminded me of you.” Of course, to be humorous, you exaggerate, but I did send him some beautiful rocks from a stream I got to step into where salmon were spawning on the Ho River on the Olympic Peninsula. (OK, I threw in a few hematite I found in a little shop nearby).

Thanks for the post and the pic! So inspiring, in a way, where life can thrive.


Haha, and in yet another different life I think I was a geologist. 😉

Hubby gave in many years ago to the way I have rocks here and there, a small collection on my night table, a pretty extensive collection all along the top of my rolltop desk, a nice big quartz rock on a stair step, others on top of a bookcase.. I collect them everywhere I go. A trip I did ‘out West’ many moons ago yielded smooth river rocks from Northern California, colorful striated rocks from the Grand Canyon and pieces of turquoise picked up for pennies at a roadside shop in Arizona. Other people go shopping maybe, I collect rocks, lol.


Have you ever seen pics of sand under a microscope? So cool.

The attached pic is sand from Corsica. A place called Tizzano beach which sounds like a great place to visit!


wow. look at those teeny shells. must be pretty course sand. yeah, Corsica is said to be beautiful. ya never know…. 🙂

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