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Nice Rant. If Bernie runs I’ll support him, if not then Warren and Gabbard are at the top of my list. Biden and HRC need to shutup and go away.


Not too keen on Tulsi after hearing about her LGBT stance. Evidently she has not eschewed it on a personal level, just a public policy one. Also her embrace of Modi is troubling…



The field gets more crowded


Senator Kamala Harris, the California Democrat and barrier-breaking prosecutor who became the second black woman to serve in the United States Senate, declared her candidacy for president on Monday, joining an increasingly crowded and diverse field in what promises to be a wide-open nomination process.

The announcement was bathed in symbolism: Ms. Harris chose to enter the race on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, an overt nod to the historic nature of her candidacy, and her timing was also meant to evoke Shirley Chisholm, the New York congresswoman who became the first woman to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for president 47 years ago this week.

In addition, Ms. Harris will hold her first campaign event on Friday in South Carolina, where black voters are the dominant force in the Democratic primary, rather than start off by visiting Iowa and New Hampshire, the two predominantly white states that hold their nomination contests first. She will hold a kickoff rally Sunday in Oakland, Calif., her hometown.


T and R for the Rant, @humphrey!! 🙂 One quibble: I think you meant, “…said my piece…,” not “peace.” I’m glad that there will be (hopefully) some actual choices next year for us to vote on. I have always been the Debbie Downer on here about the Bernster not running. Time will tell. I hope the country doesn’t get trapped by some fruitcase stupid like Pompeo/Bolton into thermonuclear war! I’m ready to put on my campaign working shoes again. 🙂


Hear, hear!

And M2.


Fake policy. Maybe we can make Obama a verb and use the word bomb when a politician adopts a policy you know they will not enact.

“Kamala’s bombing us with M4All again.”


Last tweet favorable to KH on Twitter has over 25k and it’s early.

God please tell me they can’t pull this off.


Insert KH.


I’m with you humphrey.

It makes me nauseous to see people like Biden, Harris, and pretty much all of the rest of them, thinking they can beat Trump. I honestly don’t think they can. But I think Bernie could. Not sure about Warren. At least I think I might be able to stomach Warren (and Gabbard, but I don’t think she has much in the way of chances this time around-maybe 2024).

Also, in addition to my not thinking they can beat Trump, I honestly don’t want any of them to win. They suck. And I don’t see my future being positively impacted by them. Them winning (the awful candidates that is, which is most of them) would just take us over the cliff a bit slower than Trump imho.


Ya know, I think we might just need that “slowdown” to recoup somewhat from the Cheeto-in-Chief and allow time for the progressives to build from the local/state levels.

I adore AOC, but she cannot counter the horrible state of the many red states with hugely GOP state legislatures. We worry too much about the national stuff to the peril of the local. At this point in time, the GOP controls BOTH houses in 32 states. It takes 38 states to ratify an amendment to the Constitution. Many are calling for a constitutional convention to re-write the Constitution for “modern times”. Unfortunately, those calling for it are NOT progressives. They are theocrats.

Unless we can take back the STATES, we are screwed, no matter who is in the Oval Office. We also need to be working on adding seats to the SCOTUS bench – the number 9 is NOT carved in stone.

I don’t like Biden, but paired with a progressive voice like maybe Castro, I’d support him, because he would probably be the best one outside of MAYBE Bernie to win back the working class who voted Trump. Trump’s base is a lost cause – they only care about power for their theocracy and white supremacy (which are closely intertwined), but the economic voters can be won.

Wallets are important. Even here in Arkansas, people consistently vote for a higher minimum wage, while voting solidly GOP for the “social issues”. Back in, I think, 2010, the tea-party takeover year, we voted in $8.50. This year, we got $11 over three years. $10 this year, $10.50 next, and then $11. This was despite heavy lobbying and mailers from the business sector.

MAKE IT LOCAL!!! We will win. And it’s probably the ONLY way we can retake the US Senate, which will stand in the way of progress as long as turtle-face is there.

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