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Never heard of watermelon snow. How intriguing–and awful at the same time.

Global water supply, or lack of, is one of the reasons for the havoc in the Middle East too.–the migrations and fight for water as much as fossil fuels.


LOL that is what stuck out to me too!


..you would definitely not want to make a snow cone out of it

from a Summit Post in a SmithsonianCom article:

“In general, most algae is considered edible. Even the faint watermelon-like scent of snow algae might give that impression. The author of this SummitPost article has even tasted very small doses of snow algae, for testing purposes, without feeling sick.

However, it is possible that snow algae might be contaminated by bacteria and toxic algae that are harmful to humans.
Eating large quantities of watermelon snow has been known to cause digestive ailments, although the tolerance level of each person’s digestive system might be different.”


I know Switzerland used to experiment with giant, white sheets of something to help preserve the glaciers as long as possible. I’ll maybe look into where this experiment went since then (2008 or so).


Might this be what you are referring to?

The blankets, he said, reduce the ice melt by as much as 70 percent, explaining why the covered cave towers far above the nearby centre of the glacier tongue, which slopes lazily into a pine-green lake.

But while the blankets help slow the melting and allow the ice grotto to remain open through the hot summer, they are a very temporary fix.


Or maybe this? This article is over 10 years old by now though:

Yesterday workmen were putting the finishing touches to a 2,500sq metre (26,900sq ft) plastic sheet which has been wrapped over a stretch of ice used by skiers to get from the cable-car station to the mountain’s ski-routes.

The idea was to stop the ice melting during the summer season, organisers explained. “We have lots of snow. The problem isn’t with the snow but with the ice. It melts in the summer,” a spokeswoman for the resort, Andermatt Gotthard Sportbahnen AG, said.



Why, yes! Thanks for doing the work. :O) Neat stuff. I’m hoping to see it in use all over the place (hello, Arctic glaciers?) until we get teh warming back down.

Of course, I’ve been wishing this sort of thing for a long time now. Bernie, we need ye!


Thank you, LieparDestin. I think this should be a regular series.


I agree. This would be an awesome regular series.


Infuriating. The only candidate in the race that recognizes climate change as the threat that it is, is Bernie. I can only hope and pray that we find a miracle to help us convince the “leaders of the world” that the time is now.


Here in the Northeast one of the most important things to do is properly insulate our homes. Unfortunately very few can afford to do it and many contractors cut corners and do it improperly. It also turns out to be nasty dirty work, crawling into attics and working in mucky basements, tearing out old insulation etc. When we moved into our home we went through 7 cords of wood each winter. After sealing air leaks and only partially insulating, we are down to 3 1/2-4 cords despite increasing the footprint of the house. Once we can afford to completely insulate we should be able to cut that by at least a half cord.
Solution? Create big tax breaks for insulating, properly educate public and contractors on how to do it right, offer Federally matching funds for projects up to a certain amount so that folks can afford it.
Of course raising the minimum wage and Single Payer Healthcare would go a long way towards making everything more affordable for folks.
But the caveat is we need to do these things immediately because the global warming cat is out of the bag and the temperatures will not be going down any time soon no matter what we do.


Wonderful story, with video of the piano player.

Elegy for the Arctic: