HomeIssuesForeign PolicyA Modest Proposal: Conscript Don Jr, Jared and Eric into a combat infantry unit
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How about they give a gun to the leopard next time. A much more fair contest I’d say.

(Grrrr, that pic pisses me off to the max 🙁 )


Great idea!

The difficult part is where to station them. Perhaps we can split them up as there are multiple war zones from which to choose. Also don’t forget Ivanka as the military readily accepts women.

Subir Grewal

Good points. Though someone did note that conscripting both Ivanka and Jared might be problematic since they have young kids. But of course, there are lots of poorer families with both parents serving (out of economic necessity).


Shock & Awe crowd. But they are not patriotic to do anything for their country, it’s only personal benefit. And they think they are “leaders” because of a reality show host who happens to be their closest relative.


It appears as if the U.S. Navy secretary is OK with the idea.


T and R!! 🙂