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A good long article/interview with Faiz about campaign strategy so I included a bunch


Bernie Sanders’ campaign Manager Faiz Shakir aims to win the early-voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire, but revealed in an interview with CBS News that the campaign has been building out its path to winning the nomination without taking the first-in-the-nation contests.

“Is there a path without New Hampshire? There is a path,” Shakir said. “You could do very well on March 3rd – California, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina – all those other states.”

On March 3, the voting day known as “Super Tuesday,” seventeen states and territories will be holding their primary elections. This includes California, which is worth twice as many delegates as the first four voting states combined.

Sanders condemns private equity firm amid staff exodus at Deadspin
Sanders tells student to “respect police officer” at forum
The trove of delegates that night could be a lifeline for campaigns that don’t perform well in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina.

It’s why Sanders has made six trips to California — more than any other candidate. Shakir considers California, the home state of Democratic rival Senator Kamala Harris, to be “up for grabs.”

But focusing solely on March 3 would be a misguided strategy, says Sanders’ campaign manager.

“You can’t just spend a bunch of money on TV ads, à la Michael Bloomberg, and decide that ‘I’m going to parade in at the last moment and try to win this nomination by buying it,'” Shakir said.

At the same time, the Sanders campaign has reportedly earmarked $30 million on television advertising alone to reach untapped voters in the first four voting states, plus California. In the last month, Sanders has spent $830,000 in digital ads on Google and Facebook, according to the marketing agency ACRONYM. Of that, 14.2% of all Facebook ad buys target voters in California.

Shakir stressed that victories on March 3 potentially buoy a previously sinking campaign. And another upside to Super Tuesday, Shakir offered, is the opportunity to empower more diverse voting blocs that counterbalance the majority-white early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

“The Democratic Party has intentionally moved the calendar in ways that compel you to campaign before a diverse audience,” he observed.

That diversity could play an important role in Sanders’ success. A large part of the campaign’s strategy includes minority outreach programs in unlikely areas, in Latino communities in Iowa and New Hampshire. It is also working to harness first-time, diverse voters, with Spanish-language ads in Nevada and California.

“In order for us to win, it will require a bunch of new people being engaged who do not call themselves likely voters in the polls right now. If they materialize, we will do well. If they do not, it will be a slog,” Shakir told CBS News.

The two senators from adjacent states have become so linked in fact, that some Sanders’ supporters have started pleading with him to distinguish himself from his longtime friend and Senate ally. Sanders has refrained from taking direct aim at Warren.

“Whatever messages we send out from this campaign have to reflect Bernie Sanders. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to be doing mudslinging and personal attacks that truly don’t reflect how he feels,” said Shakir.

And to those who call on Sanders to be be more aggressive about setting himself apart from Warren, Shakir points out that these voters are already “firstly for Bernie Sanders.” Shakir is confident that expanding that base will happen in good time.

“Everyone’s on their journey. Some of us are well ahead on our journey, and we have to be comfortable and open and welcoming on this campaign for people who are at different points in that journey,” Shakir said. “And everyone’s moving at their own rate and speed and pace.”

“We feel comfortable and confident in the candidate’s case,” he added.

The same notion was expressed by Sanders on Monday at a town hall in Salem, New Hampshire, when a supporter asked him how his base can reach out to supporters of President Donald Trump.

“Are there some of Trump’s supports who are racist and sexist? There are. Are we going to win them over? We’re not,” said Sanders. But there are some, he thinks, who could support him.

“But I think the majority of his supporters are probably people who are angry and disgusted at a political system that’s left them behind […] They’re saying, ‘Who stands up for us? Democratic leadership stand up for us? No.'”

Sanders told his supporters that they need to embrace Trump supporters, whom he says were lied to by the president.

“Our main point is to tell people all over this country that Trump is not only a liar, but he is fraud,” said Sanders.

Shakir contrasted the president with Sanders, whom he says has a consistent track record and personal authenticity. It’s a distinction Sanders hoped to highlight on the debate stage last week, but did not get the opportunity. They’re “really, really crappy debates,” said Shakir.


My ancestors came here to escape persecution (from the English) but it makes me sad that it was at the expense of the Native Americans. Sometimes I’m amazed that the native peoples don’t hate us. Much respect.


I thought that domains were controlled by ICANN.

A private equity firm is buying all of the .org domains. Here’s what that means

In a move that could shake up the internet, private equity firm Ethos Capital is buying the company that owns every .org domain on the web.

Ethos, which was founded in May 2019, is expected to close its deal to acquire the Public Interest Registry (PIR) during the first quarter of 2020. The sale price has not been released.

Now, nonprofits, which make up the majority of the .org domains, are panicking about the purchase, scampering to sign a petition spearheaded by the National Council of Nonprofits that calls for blocking the deal.

There are currently some 10 million .org domains on the internet. The petition against the sale has 8,900 signatures and counting, including organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America and YMCA.

A six month old company called ‘Ethos’, hmmmmm.

The firm’s founder and CEO Erik Brooks said nonprofits shouldn’t be concerned about big changes.

“Our motivation and intention is to grow and build this business for all stakeholders’ benefits,” Brooks told CNN Business, emphasizing that nonprofits have “nothing to worry about” regarding domain price increases.

Although it’s not a done deal, the sale will likely go through — that is, unless, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) steps in. It’s not looking likely since The Internet Society already approved the deal with Ethos Capital. The sale is expected to finalize in January.




Don midwest
Don midwest

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald 2h

Jeremy Corbyn as UK Prime Minister would be a massive blow to the hegemony of neoliberalism and all of its toxic institutional appendages.

That’s why every conceivable attack is being unleashed against him. It’s one of the last stands of the neoliberal order & they know it.


Don midwest
Don midwest

I watched the Peter Dao half of the interview posted in the Turkey Talk at the heading of this Thanksgiving blog.

My recollection of Peter was an ass hole supporting Hillary and putting down Bernie

This interview and the article he posted which I found in his tweets better explains how he grew up in Lebanon during wars, went to NYC for college and a 10 years working in the music field and being a performer, and then into on line media in Kerry campaign and others including the Hillary campaign and fighting to protect Hillary against slurs. He was at the center of power in the democratic party.

Then Trump was elected. He says “I spent 20 years at the center of power in the democratic party and the result was Trump.” That is the approximate quotation.

Then he returned to his roots and realized the corruption of neo liberal economics and the failure to address poverty, etc., etc. and returned to his roots which were with Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

Compare that to myself, and maybe some of the people here.

What we learned in 2016 election about Clintons and Obama, and continue to learn about Obama, and especially the dem party and its embrace of neo liberalism. As someone noted, maybe many have noted, it seems like the dem party would rather have a republican win the presidency than Bernie Sanders. That is what Obama is trying to do it seems to me.

Obama Privately Considered Leading ‘Stop-Bernie Campaign’ to Combat Sanders 2020 Surge: Report
“From lofty heights, Obama has now become a dampener of hope, a barrier to change, and a threat to progress.”

My hot button for the last decade has been Bruno Latour. Occasionally I get return emails from notable people I attempt to get on the Bruno path. These help keep me going on this quest. But, what if I was actually in a circle of people who were all in for him? To have made it to the pinnacle of the action? Then to have seen some of the flaws? What would I do then?

Well, Peter bought into the American Dream and was fighting a war against W Bush and then the Republicans, and located in the center of power of the democratic party, and fielding lies from Republicans, .. in the heat of the battle. The result: Trump won.

Compare what Peter is doing now. Returning to his roots.

Compare that to Obama. Returning to his roots. He lied to us to get what he got and delayed progress on Gaia for 8 years and set the stage for the final corruption of the democratic party moving away from its roots and Trump winning. Now that he is not in the middle of political wars, and collecting the spoils of protecting capitalists, he swoops in to block Bernie.

If Bernie did’t have to go up against the entire establishment, that includes both factions – not parties, he would win for sure. But could it be, is it possible, that his movement building and getting people engaged in politics, making politics relevant, will be what puts him over the top?

Bernie is saving politics


Thank you so much for your summary of the Peter Daou interview Don. Yes, it took Obama and the 2016 election to fully wake me up. Well, wake me up to at least some extent-certainly to the extent that I see that neoliberal policies aren’t the answer (that’s for damn sure!). I’ve decided to give Daou the benefit of the doubt for now and hope that his conversion is real and lasting.

And I hear ya on the worry of losing respect for those we admire. I find myself tempering my enthusiasm for Bernie by sort of facing-in-advance what he might do in the White House that would upset me. Like continuing military aggressions, for example. I also worry that he could downright be prevented from succeeding.

But I so see hope in the grassroots energy he has fostered. All those seeds planted by him over the years, culminating in the massive seed spreading he did in 2015 until now. I don’t think there is any stopping all of those young plants shooting up right now.

And your Bruno mentor, he’s obviously started a real conversation, has successfully gotten his message out there, planted seeds. I like how Latour helps people to see things in a different way, he shakes up the established paradigm. That can’t be undone.



baby plants.jpg

Don, I’m so grateful that you brought Latour to us. He is amazing. Would love to see Bernie and Latour get together for an afternoon.


I feel @chalupabatman.


My sons are coming home for the holiday, so a pretty basic day of being with them, food and football along with that WI tradition of old fashions through out the day. A pretty mellow day over all with the traditional nap after all that food!!!! Since the Mrs does the cooking I don’t invade her space with she’s in “cooking mode’. However my job is the clean up after the big dinner. An of course I glad to be a small part of the TPW nest and being more informed about political issues than ever before, Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!!!!


That sounds lovely wi61! I hope you have a great day ❤️


To you as well Mags ???


nothing more comforting than family traditions.


From Bernie himself…


thx! how did i miss this? lol. happy ? day


Also, I like the Hudson’s Bay curtain (or whatever that is) in the background. Reminds me of home. (That pattern is ubiquitous in Canada)

A Hudson’s Bay point blanket is a type of wool blanket traded by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in British North America (now Canada) and the United States during the 1700s and 1800s. The company is named for the Hudson Bay and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. The blankets continue to be sold by Canada’s Hudson’s Bay stores and have come to hold iconic status in Canada.

poundmaker wearing hudson's bay blanket.jpg

Bernie Sanders addresses Comanche Nation event in Oklahoma

Sanders, a Vermont senator, entered the powwow grounds in a procession of tribal leaders, led by a group of Comanche women dancers in traditional dress. He was presented with a Comanche Nation Blanket.

“What you understand, and what you have taught us — and it is a lesson that must be learned now or the entire planet will be in danger — you have taught us that, as human beings, we are part of nature and we cannot destroy nature and survive,” Sanders said, adding that Native Americans have “enriched the American people. You have educated the American people.”

“I know and you know that, for too many years, the needs of the American Indian have been ignored, treaties have been broken and lie after lie has been told to you,” Sanders said.

Stephanie Landeros, a Comanche Indian from nearby Apache, said she supports Sanders because of his position on issues that are important to her, including civil rights, protecting the environment and programs for the poor.

“He seems to be someone who is concerned about minorities,” Landeros said.

Picture Caption:

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders receives an honor blanket from Cornel Pewewardy at the annual Comanche Nation Fair Powwow, Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, in Lawton, Okla.
(AP Photo/Gerardo Bello)

9-23-19 BS honor blanket Comanche.jpg
Don midwest
Don midwest

things like this bring tears to my eyes



I like how Bernie insists on calling it a political revolution. 🙂

Also, is he over at his lake cabin? That mirror looks like it says ‘WELCOME’ on the top and something like cabin on the bottom.


looks like it. ?


He said on Fallon’s show that he was going to be with all of his grandchildren, so it would make sense to be at the lake place.

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