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Yay, Grizzlies! Yay, mags! Thanks for the thread.

I worked on an administrative review for grizzlies (tedious, tedious work, but important–trying to find anomalies and things said that might negate other things–stuff like that. In one instance, they talked about how grizzly land would make a good place for a military installment. Not quite relevant enough to use against them, apparently, but interesting as to why they might not want to protect them.

People have been working on a corridor up there forever. Let’s hope this continues.


Grizzly Man is a good, if disturbing movie about bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. Although they are not out to get us, by any means and will generally avoid us, there are those that get too used to humans and WE are the ones going into their land more and more, both physically and with climate change. Sort of pisses me off bc it makes it harder to just enjoy being in their wilderness, getting glimpses.

Actually Treadwell lived among them for many, many years. Werner Hertzog movie.


tried to get the video of it, but couldn’t. un laughs at Trump.

Just seconds into his address to the United Nation General Assembly on Tuesday morning, laughter broke out among the venerated crowd of global leaders and diplomats when President Donald Trump tried to claim that his administration has been among the most successful in the nearly 250 years since the U.S. was founded.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” Trump declared before audible laughter broke out in the hall.



When a room full of diplomats cant help but laugh AT you, man its time for a reality check.


IPCC Manipulating Climate Report Summary to Favor Wealthy Nations

Yves here. This IPCC whitewash stands in stark contrast to a report included in Links today, summarized in the Independent, US to be hit worse than almost any other country by climate change, report says. Note also that the first IPCC reports, in 2007, also suffered from pressure to water it down, but then it was China that was particularly aggressive in wanting the findings toned down, since the position of developing nations has been that since the West burned a lot of carbon in order to develop, they have the right to do so too to enable their citizens to achieve a comparable standard of living. The wee problem is that the world can’t even begin to sustain its current population living at advanced economy levels. Gaius also discusses the advanced v. developing economy conflict.

These are always a fairly intense read, so just leaving you with the summary from Yves.

Gaius’ sad conclusion:

“This building conflict between rich and poor nations, which may never be resolved, is a prescription for global war. But it won’t be one with armies fighting armies. This war will look like a global insurgency instead, not city-wide or nation-wide, but planet-wide, with armies of some countries fighting populations in others. In fact, it will look very much like what’s happening between the Israeli army and the people of occupied Palestine, but with much more chaos because the battle space, instead of being greatly constrained, will encompass literally all the world.”


What happens when online banking goes down?

this one in the UK, but it makes me glad that I mostly use checks.



Thanks @magsview. Time Warner messed up my transfer date and cut off my internet early and the new houses does not get turned on until next Monday so I’ll be posting via phone for the next several days.

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